The Meaning Of The Name Altyn

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The Meaning Of The Name Altyn
The Meaning Of The Name Altyn

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Synonyms for the name Altyn. Altynai, Altyngul, Altynzhan, Ayaltyn, Zhanaltyn.

The origin of the name Altyn. The name Altyn is Tatar, Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Altyn means "gold". The etymology of the word "altyn" is derived from the Tatar language. It was a monetary unit - the accountable gold dinar. Semantic analogues - Zlata, Ariana, Zarina, Dinara.

By calling their child that, the parents wished their child a long life of wealth and abundance. It is often part of compound names, both female and male (Altyngul, Altynai, Altynbek, Altynkhan, Zhanaltyn, etc.). The name Altyn itself is also feminine and masculine. For example, the name Altynai means "gold of the moon" or "golden moon".

The owner of the name Altyn is quite emotional and sensitive nature, she is guided by intuition, very sensitive. Her charm and sensuality are a manifestation of femininity in all its glory. Although she may seem somewhat superficial and changeable, she is actually a rather idealistic and even somewhat utopian girl. She looks for the meaning of her life in feelings, and this allows her to make sure that she exists.

Altyn can find his destination in different directions. These can be social groups with a humanistic, political, artistic, spiritual component. If she does not manage to find her niche, then the girl may be tempted to live her ideals in an extravagant and fantastic life, spending her potential in pursuit of the rainbow.

The owner of the name Altyn constantly craves new impressions, she must experience strong emotions and can never be satisfied with a routine, mundane existence. A quirky and bohemian life only seems to be worth living if it resembles a theatrical production, and Altyn is often disappointed when it is not, due to a certain emotional imbalance. Nevertheless, Altyn is much better adapted to manifestations of happiness than to torment over failure.

Possessing a shrewd and razor-sharp intellect, often with a touch of humor, Altyn loves verbal battles and interesting conversations, where she can feel superior, and this gives her additional strength.

As a child, her emotional fragility is strongly influenced by other members of her family. The girl seeks to please, even if that includes self-sacrifice. Curious, she can be quite unpredictable. Parents are encouraged to encourage this talented young girl to pursue artistic hobbies such as singing, music or dancing, and introduce her to foreign languages.

This girl strives for beauty, art and harmony, she really needs a peaceful environment and does not tolerate conflict or violence. In her romantic life, she lacks clarity, and expectations are so high that it will be difficult for one man to meet Altyn's requirements. The choice is often difficult, if not impossible. On the other hand, she is full of fresh energy and imagination, and is ready to do anything for the one she loves.

The most important thing in life is love, and the professional sphere can recede into the background, but only if Altyn does not discover his true vocation. Occupations that may be suitable for this woman include humanitarian or social fields (medicine, law, justice, education). Altyn has a large field for activity among creative professions in combination with aesthetics (actress, singer, dancer, artist) or related to oral or written expression and contact with the public (speaker, journalist, writer). She will enjoy professions related to travel and contact with people.

Name day Altyn

Altyn does not celebrate its name day.

Famous people named Altyn

  • Altynai Temirova ((born 1960) Kyrgyz poetess, playwright, screenwriter and translator)
  • Altynai Nogerbek ((born 1976) Kazakh actress)
  • Altynai Asylmuratova ((born 1961) Soviet and Russian ballet dancer and teacher. She was a soloist of the Leningrad Opera and Ballet Theater (later - the Mariinsky Theater) for over 10 years, as well as a prima ballerina of the Royal Ballet (London) and the Marseilles Ballet. artist of Russia, was awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation in 2001. Since 2016, she became the rector of the Kazakh Academy of Choreography.)
  • Altyngul Kubenova (Kazakh girl, participant of the Miss Kazakhstan 2010 contest)
  • Altynai Zhorabaeva ((born 1978) Kazakh pop singer)
  • Altynai Sernikli ((born 1942) Turkish librarian, also a translator)

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