The Meaning Of The Name Albina

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The Meaning Of The Name Albina
The Meaning Of The Name Albina

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Albina
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The short form of the name Albina. Albinka, Bina, Alina, Alya, Lala, Alvinka, Bella, Binet, Albininya, Bininya, Binka, Ala, Alba, Alba, Albushka.

Synonyms for the name Albina. Alvina, Albine, Albin, Albinnen, Albella.

The origin of the name Albina. Albina's name is German, Catholic.

The name Albina has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name comes from the Latin cognomen (personal or generic nickname) Albinus, which comes from "albus" - "white". The Roman family name Albinius is also derived from the cognomen Albinus.

According to another version, the name Albina is a form of the name Alba, which is a related name for Albina. These names are used as diminutives to each other.

The name Albina has various pronunciations. The name Albina is most often used among Czechs, Poles and Americans. In Russian, the name Albina can be analogous to some Slavic names, such as Belyana, Belana, Belyanitsa, Bela. Sometimes Albina is called Albella, Bella. In Russia and the CIS, this name is widespread among the Tatars and other Turkic peoples.

Some diminutive variants of the name Albina - Alya, Alina, Bella, Lyalya - are also independent names and are used independently.

The name Albina is not customary to use among the Orthodox. For Albin's name, Catholic name days will be indicated.

Albina's personal qualities contradict each other. On the one hand, she may seem like a cold and strong-willed girl. On the other hand, charm and gentleness of character are manifested in her. She is sweet and calm only as long as her pride is not hurt. At this point, she becomes arrogant and arrogant.

Albina really likes her rare name. She is proud and proud. Some representatives of this name have a pronounced sense of their own uniqueness. This illusion can awaken arrogance and a sense of superiority in Ale.

The girl does not like conflicts, but not rarely is she herself a provocateur. Ali's opponent usually reacts violently and splashes out all negative emotions. Albina, in turn, usually shows contempt and indifference to such an interlocutor. As a result, such a quarrel is kindled even more. At these moments Alya feels her “elevation” above the others. In Albina, unreasonable self-conceit very easily develops. She is not always able to understand another person, which often leads her to the manifestation of "boorish" character traits. Therefore, from childhood, a child with such a name should have a respectful attitude towards others.

Albina's balance in a conflict situation, the ability to remain calm and arrogant behavior contribute to Albina's advancement on the career ladder. Her personal qualities make Alya a leader in the team and provide her with an advantageous position in the issue of dispute resolution. Albina is the leader not only at work, but also in the family. She's doing great. This woman does not show her emotions in vain, but knows how to find the most painful point of the interlocutor.

Albina is capable of achieving success in almost any field. She must not forget about the ability to sympathize and accept people as they really are. Only in this case will Albina be happy and warmed up with spiritual warmth.

To establish communication with Albina, you do not need to impose your society on her, insult her or try to prove anything. Any mockery directed at her can bring Alya out of balance. Then she at one point changes and becomes vindictive, cold and arrogant. Better to avoid such situations with her.

The owner of the name Albina is inclined to choose a profession for herself, associated with direct communication with people. She will make a good teacher, a great sales representative. She will reveal her abilities in the field of trade, public catering or education. The prestige of the profession has absolutely no meaning for Albina. She chooses a profession based mainly on her desires.

Albina's birthday

Albina celebrates her name day on December 16.

Famous people named Albina

  • Albina Deryugina ((born 1932) Ukrainian rhythmic gymnastics coach)
  • Albina Akhatova ((born 1976) Russian biathlete, Honored Master of Sports of Russia (1998))
  • Albina Dzhanabaeva ((born 1979) Russian-Ukrainian singer of Kazakh origin, soloist of the Ukrainian female pop group "VIA Gra" ("Nu Virgos"))
  • Albina Shulgina (Mikhailova) ((1937 - 2009) screenwriter, poet, playwright)
  • Albina Shishova ((born 1966) Soviet gymnast, master of sports of international class. World champion in the team championship (1983). Bronze medalist of the European Championship in all-around (1983). Champion of the USSR in exercises on the balance beam (1982), silver medalist in all-around (1982).)
  • Albina Lucy Charlotte Van Aiken ((1911 - 1964) American swimmer, two-time Olympic champion in 1928)
  • Albina Osterman ((1856 - 1936) Moldavian ethnographer)
  • Albina Apanaeva ((born 1981) popular Tatar pop singer)

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