The Meaning Of The Name Aliya

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The Meaning Of The Name Aliya
The Meaning Of The Name Aliya

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Aliya
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The short form of the name Alia. Aaliya, Alya, Aliya, Alka, Leah.

Synonyms for the name Alia. Galia, Aliye, Eliya.

The origin of the name Alia. The name Aliya is Tatar, Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Alia has different versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Aliya is an Arabic female name, widespread among Muslim peoples, the female form of the male name Ali. The name Alia means "exalted", "high". There is a variant of pronunciation of the name Alia - Galia.

There is a variant of the pronunciation of the name - Elia, used in English-speaking countries. The diminutive Leah is also an independent name, and the Al is a short form of many names.

From an early age, the girl Aliya is distinguished by her independence and cheerful disposition. She is gifted by nature, and, moreover, she is invariably cheerful. True, Aliya's weak and selfish nature does not allow her to make responsible decisions.

Aliya does not occupy a leading position in her life and work. Rather, she herself needs a mentor who will guide her and whom she will trust. Being unsure of her abilities, Aliya often underestimates her goals and limits her activities to work and life. Then the problem of material well-being becomes one of the most fundamental in her life. This, in turn, completely deprives the girl of success and luck. However, she does not care about the desire to achieve a wealthy position in society.

Aliya has an analytical mindset, she knows life. She is quite capable of becoming a genius writer or scientist. However, for this, it is important for Aliya to believe in her own luck, otherwise luck will turn away from her. The tendency to create problems for herself and constant reflections on the bad often interfere with the girl's life.

There is a contradiction in the character of the girl. On the one hand, she is closer to the desire to analyze and plan, but such tactics will often bring her failure. She should rely more on luck, because at heart she is a big lucky one.

Since the character of the girl does not allow her to take responsibility for herself, in her career she needs a leader, whom Aliya can safely follow. She will make a good assistant, deputy or secretary.

The most important thing for Aliya is to prove to everyone and everyone her irresistibility, to be the most feminine and beautiful. She strives to be in sight near the powerful. By virtue of her character, Aliya is looking for a wealthy, self-confident man with a strong-willed character as her husband. At the same time, possessing transcendental femininity, Aliya requires constant attention from men. When a girl is immersed in passion, morality and ethics are of little concern to her. As a life partner, only a man who knows how to insist on his own is suitable for her.

Just like work, family for Aliya is just a way to achieve a position in society and leadership positions. For her, this is a certain norm in life, but not the goal of her whole life. Only a husband, no less respectable and wealthy than her, who will become an authority for Aliya, will be able to earn respect, equivalent to love, from this woman.

Aliya is not envious or vindictive. From this she is saved by forgetfulness and a weak memory, reaching the point that Alia has to write down everything that should not be forgotten. In her interests, the girl is stable. In society, he strives to be in the public eye, trying to be closer to the rich and famous. She does not forget about the indispensable demonstration of her own femininity and irresistibility.

Aliya's birthday

Aliya does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Aliya

  • Alia al-Hussein ((1948 - 1977) was the Queen Consort of Jordan and the third consort of King Hussein of Jordan from marriage in 1972 until her death in a helicopter crash in 1977. Amman International Airport is named after her.)
  • Elia Shoukat ((born 1989) American actress)
  • Alia Dana Houghton ((1979 - 2001) American singer, actress and model. In 2000, Alia starred in her first film, "Romeo Must Die", the song to which ("Try Again") hit the first line of the Billboard Hot 100 charts exclusively thanks to radio rotations, setting a record for a singer. For the song Aliya was nominated for a Grammy in the category "Best R&B Singer." After filming in the film "Romeo Must Die", Aliya starred in the film "Queen of the Damned." She released her third and final album, Aaliyah, 2001. On August 25, 2001, after filming the music video for “Rock the Boat,” Aliya and eight others were killed in a plane crash in the Bahamas. Since then, Aliya's music has become very popular. "R&B princess".)
  • Aliya (real name - Aliya Salakhova; popular singer, songwriter. Aliya became popular thanks to the first released single "Remember me", which was actively rotated by radio stations in the CIS. At the moment Aliya is working on creating new songs and recording her debut album, and also participates in joint recording projects. In addition to music, Aliya is also filmed in various TV programs, is engaged in journalism.)
  • Aliya Moldagulova, also known as Liya Moldagulova ((1925 - 1944) sniper of the 54th separate rifle brigade of the 22nd army of the 2nd Baltic Front, corporal. Hero of the Soviet Union (1944, posthumously).)
  • Aliya Mustafina ((born 1994) Russian gymnast, 2012 Olympic champion in uneven bars, silver and two-time bronze medalist at the 2012 Olympics, 2010 overall world champion, 2010 world champion in the 2010 team championship, three-time 2010 vice-champion of the world on individual shells; champion and two-time silver medalist of the 2010 European Championship; winner and medalist of the World Cup stages; multiple champion of Russia and winner of the Russian Cup; laureate of the Silver Doe prize. Honored Master of Sports of Russia.)
  • Aliya Venyaminova (PhD in Chemistry, Leading Researcher at the Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the RNA Chemistry Laboratory. Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation for the work "Oligonucleotide derivatives - biologically active substances and tools for studying protein-nucleic acid interactions" 1999.)
  • Aliya Yakubova ((born 1981) Russian writer. Author of a number of works, the heroes of which are mainly vampires and werewolves.)
  • Aliya Aminova ((born 1992) Russian Bashkir drafts player, master of sports of Russia. Included in the reserve of the Russian national team. Champion of Europe and Russia among girls, multiple winner of international and All-Russian tournaments. By decree of the President of the Republic of Bashkortostan, she was awarded a scholarship for gifted students 2008-2009 academic year.)
  • Aliya Yusupova ((born 1984) is a Kazakh athlete. Plays for the national team of Kazakhstan, represented rhythmic gymnastics in individual exercises. At the Olympic Games in Athens, she qualified fifth.)
  • Aliya (winner of the National Championship of Kazakhstan in individual all-around in 2000-2005. In 2006 at the Asian Championship in Surat, India, Aliya won six gold medals, including four in apparatus performances, gold for the team competition and gold for the individual all-around.)
  • Aliya Rumyantseva (Rector of the Institute of Economics and Finance. Honored Worker of the North-West of Russia in the field of education, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Vice-President of the Association of Non-State Universities of the North-West Federal District, member of the Council of Rectors of St. Petersburg, member of the Union of Rectors of Russia, laureate of the nomination " Rector of the Year - 1998 ". The Main Department of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region for her personal contribution to the fight against drug crime Aliya Rumyantseva was awarded a commemorative sign" 10 years of the Department for Combating Illegal Drug Trafficking of the KM Main Internal Affairs Directorate of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. "
  • Aliya Garayeva ((born 1988) Azerbaijani gymnast, multiple medalist of the World and European Championships in individual and team championships. Until 2005, Aliya played for Russia. Represents rhythmic gymnastics in individual and group championships. Two-time Azerbaijani champion in 2006 in individual events. Bronze winner of the Moscow Grand Prix 2007 in all-around and two separate events, 6th place in the all-around at the 2006 European Championships in Moscow, winner in the ribbon exercise and bronze medalist in the all-around match meeting Azerbaijan-Russia, third medalist of international tournaments in Russia, Greece and Italy. In 2006 she took 4th place at the World Club Championship in Japan. In February 2007, Aliya Garayeva's team won the Italian Club Championship Tour. In 2012, she finished her sports career, taking 4th place in the Olympics.)

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