The Meaning Of The Name Alsou

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The Meaning Of The Name Alsou
The Meaning Of The Name Alsou

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Alsou

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Alsou
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The short form of the name Alsou. Alya.

The origin of the name Alsou. The name Alsou is Tatar.

The name Alsou is of Tatar origin and means "pink color". But there are also more free interpretations of the name Alsou, close to the original - "rosy-cheeked", "rose water". In a figurative sense, this name means "beautiful". Al's affectionate appeal is also a short or diminutive appeal to various other names.

Alsou's plans are fickle, as they depend only on curiosity and interests, which can change quickly. The girl is interested in the people themselves and their lives. Alsou loves to analyze, explain and prove what is interesting to her. Alsou is a leader in any dispute, which is explained by her ability to interest the topic of the dispute and give strong arguments to prove her innocence. Such a belief in one's righteousness and the correctness of one's arguments can cause serious problems, since Alsou's arguments may turn out to be just a fantasy and a beautiful dream. For the same reason, Alsou's advice may be of little use, although she loves to give them.

Alsou often has an attractive appearance, she is kind, modest and tolerant. Alsou avoids conflicts, she is unforgiving and not inclined to envy and revenge. Her actions are difficult to predict, she is impulsive and can suddenly get ready for a trip that she did not plan at all. Alsou always sets goals for herself, on the achievement of which her self-esteem depends. Praise and approval is very important to her, but not an end in itself. Her life is determined by what interests her.

Since Alsou is a born leader, dreamer and lover of giving advice, she is suitable for such a job where it is possible to show her interest and achieve leadership at the same time. She loves working with people and is a good administrator, educator, politician and leader.

Usually at school these girls are very talented, have good academic performance, but are often inattentive and distracted. They are very mobile, they love sports. From an early age, a penchant for creativity is visible, especially vocals. Having an excellent memory, they are able to master several languages at once.

Girls with this name, born in winter, love power and can provoke discord among their peers without personally participating in conflicts. Their actions are rash. Brave girls in childhood, in adulthood, very carefully consider their decisions and actions. They are not offended, in a dispute they are always calm and know how to act. The only thing to avoid when talking to them is raising their tone - this can easily piss them off.

Alsou, born in autumn, is distinguished by composure, attentiveness and perseverance in striving for the set goal. She is very punctual and expects it from others. Congenital shyness does not prevent her from having many friends, as she is always ready to help out in difficult times. Sometimes Alsou can be very emotional. Fairness is very important to them. Such women are acutely concerned about their failures. In their work, they behave thoroughly, about everything they always have their own opinion and are calm about long-distance business trips.

Alsou treats family, everyday life and money as the norm of life - without much enthusiasm, so her family can be replaced by friends and work. Alsou's temperament can change dramatically to the exact opposite - either she is cold as ice, or in the grip of unbridled passion. This can cause problems in finding a husband, since the spiritual world of a person is very important to her, but not everyone is able to calmly relate to her inconstancy.

Birthday Alsou

Alsou does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Alsou

  • Alsu Abramova ((born 1983) maiden name - Safina; Russian pop singer, Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan (2000), People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan (2010))
  • Alsu Gazimyanova (psychic, participant of the "Battle of Psychics" program)

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