The Meaning Of The Name Alla

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The Meaning Of The Name Alla
The Meaning Of The Name Alla

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Alla
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The short form of the name Alla. Alka, Ala, Alya, Alyunya, Alyusya, Allochka.

The origin of the name Alla. The name Alla is Russian, Orthodox.

The name Alla has several versions of its origin. According to the Arabic version, the name comes from the pre-Islamic goddess Allat. Translated from the Arabic language, Alla means "goddess".

According to the Greek version, the name Alla is not a name at all, but a Greek word used in the meaning of “different, different” (Sozomen's text about 26 Gothic martyrs). This did not mean a specific woman, but simply "one woman whose name has not been established." Perhaps this mistake of a translator or scribe of an ancient source gave an incorrect interpretation of this word, which is now used as a name.

According to the Gothic version, the name Alla means “everything” or “who knows everything”, “jack of all trades” (comparison with the English “all”, meaning “everything”). In addition, Alla is also used as a diminutive of other Icelandic and Gothic names.

According to the Hebrew version, the name Alla means "goddess", which echoes the Arabic version of the origin. But in the modern world among the Israelis, the name Alla has changed its vocalization and meaning and is more associated with pistachio. Therefore, in Hebrew, the word can mean both "goddess" and "pistachio tree".

Perhaps the name has Proto-Indo-European roots. So, among the most ancient deities in the Caucasus, the names of two goddesses of fate - Alla and Bella - have survived, the power of which was sometimes placed above the power of the Supreme God.

Since childhood, Alla is a very energetic girl, she always tries to attract the attention of others. In childhood - these are toys, outfits, in adulthood - her actions and deeds. She is very strong and strong-willed, she has an unbending firm position in life. At times she can be harsh, rude and completely obnoxious that many simply stop dealing with her and consider her an arrogant upstart.

But with her hard work, perseverance, Alla will still achieve success. And often her path will be lined with cobblestones, but each of them will only have her work and she will be proud of it. Alla does not accept any handouts, she has a grasp in business and perseverance. She makes only realistic plans and always gets them out of the way. Alla has a tendency to give orders and give valuable instructions. It is very difficult to work with her, she herself works to the point of depletion of her strength and demands the same from employees.

To be independent from everyone and everything is Alla's credo. But, as often happens, it is impossible to abstract from society and people. She won't have many friends. She is not looking for gratitude and benefits for herself.

Alla attracts to herself by her dissimilarity to other girls. She thinks highly of herself, even if she does not shine with beauty. But family life does not work out for Alla easily and cloudlessly. The first marriage may be unsuccessful. And the main reason for this will be Alla herself. The firmness of her character and the requirement to work and work all the time do not give her the opportunity to simply enjoy family happiness, comfort and solitude with her husband. Alla is able to drive her husband "under the heel" or be disappointed in him, as soon as he recognizes her primacy and superiority. Alla is domineering. But in order to save the family and find family happiness, she should become a little softer. And the people around her should see her as just a woman who needs warmth, affection and simple participation.

Alla's birthday

Alla celebrates her name day on January 31, April 8, October 23.

Famous people named Alla

  • Alla Pugacheva (Russian pop singer, People's Artist of the USSR, prima donna of the national stage)
  • Alla Kazanskaya (actress, theater teacher)
  • Alla Surikova (Soviet and Russian film director, screenwriter, People's Artist of Russia)
  • Alla Bayanova (singer, performer of romances)
  • Alla Andreeva (Russian Soviet artist, wife of Daniil Andreev)
  • Alla Larionova (Soviet theater and film actress)
  • Alla Tarasova (great theater and film actress)
  • Alla Demidova (actress, roles in the films "Two Comrades Served", "Shield and Sword", etc.)
  • Alla Mikhalchenko (ballet dancer, soloist of the Bolshoi Theater)
  • Alla Osipenko (ballet dancer)
  • Alla Sigalova ((born 1959) ballet master)
  • Alla Nazimova (real name - Miriam Leventon; American cinema and theater actress originally from the Russian Empire, producer and screenwriter)
  • Alla Budnitskaya (Russian theater and film actress)
  • Valeria Perfilova (at birth - Alla Perfilova; popular Russian singer, Honored Artist of Russia)
  • Alla Rakha Rahman (Indian film composer, singer and music producer. Best known for his score for Slumdog Millionaire)
  • Alla Epifanova (Russian cyclist, repeated champion of Russia in mountain bike, participant of the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games)
  • Alla Manilova (journalist, vice-governor of St. Petersburg)
  • Alika Smekhova (real name - Alla; Russian actress, pop singer, TV presenter, Honored Artist of Russia (2008))

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