The Meaning Of The Name Alina

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The Meaning Of The Name Alina
The Meaning Of The Name Alina

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The short form of the name Alina. Alinka, Lina, Alya, Ala, Adya, Lin, Line, Alli, Ali.

Synonyms for the name Alina. Aline, Aliina.

The origin of the name Alina. The name Alina is Russian, German, Catholic.

The name Alina, translated from the Latin language, means “other”, “alien”. This name is also common in Scandinavia, where it is considered a form of the name Adeline, meaning "noble", "magnanimous", "majestic". The name Adeline has French and Germanic roots, therefore, the names Aline, Adele, Adelaide are related to the name Alina.

In Slavic countries, the name is associated with the word "scarlet" and the artistic images of Scarlet Sails and the Scarlet Flower, that is, with the expectation of happiness and hope. In Christian baptism, Alina is given the name Angelina, less often - Alla. Also named Elena.

There are other versions of the interpretation of the name Alina. There is a possibility that Alina is a form of the Latin name Albina, and in translation (from the Latin “albus”) means “white, fair, blonde”. In Scotland, the name Alina is interpreted as "honest" and is used as a paired name for the name Alistair, and in Greece - "sunbeam" (as one of the affectionate appeal to Elena). Lin's diminutive is also an independent name.

Picture with the name Alina
Picture with the name Alina

The name Alina sounds very soft and tempting, but don't be fooled. Alins are very irritable, capricious, stubborn and impudent. They do not tolerate any comments, and everything should be just the way they want. Alins are conflicted and it is very difficult for them to find contact with others. In childhood, her negative traits are especially noticeable, but with age they soften, Alina can find the strength to control herself, but only if this is her interest.

Alina is proud and strives to command. Stubbornness, intolerance, the ability to go from one extreme to another make her not a very pleasant companion and a very unreliable friend. Many find her cunning and lacking in flexibility, whatever she thinks, she will definitely express.

But Alina also has advantages. She has a good memory, she catches everything on the fly. She has creativity and loves to draw. Alina is so capable and sometimes can channel her stubbornness into a peaceful channel. She is suitable for such professions that require perseverance in achieving the goal, hard work. Engineers, musicians, athletes, doctors, journalists, actresses. Alins work in different areas, but the above are the most advantageous for such a complex and very difficult character of this woman.

Alins get married a little late. The older they get, the more intolerant they are of interference with their privacy - and it doesn't matter who is interfering, mother-in-law or their own mother. But men in Alina are attracted by her ability to present herself to a man as a superwoman. But he will remain under this impression as long as Alina wants, until she shows herself in all her glory. Alina always tries to look attractive, she has a taste, she is always up to date with the latest fashionable novelties. She can create a unique outfit out of almost nothing and will not forget to draw everyone's attention to herself. He also likes to show off his culinary achievements.

Sound. Alina is a short name in which all consonants are voiced. Beauty is his most prominent characteristic. Almost always they also note the tenderness (87%), mysteriousness (83%) and strength (78%) of the sound of the name. Sometimes a certain femininity is also distinguished in him (84%). The names most similar in phonosemantic profile are Snezhana, Ksenia and Ulyana.

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Alina's birthday

Alina celebrates her name day on March 23, April 26, May 29, June 14, June 16, July 2, August 4, September 29.

Famous people named Alina

  • Alina Kabaeva (Russian rhythmic gymnast)
  • Aline Charigot (wife of the French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir)
  • Alina Moradei ((born 1928) Italian film actress)
  • Alina Vitukhnovskaya (Russian poet)
  • Alina Grosu (Ukrainian pop singer; the only Ukrainian singer who has been working on the professional stage since the age of 4)
  • Alina Alexandra Dumitru (Romanian judoka)
  • Alina Zagitova ((born 2002) Russian figure skater (single skating). Olympic gold medalist in 2018, multiple winner and winner of various medals in world-class competitions. She became the first figure skater from Russia to win all the titles in world figure skating.)
  • Alina Fernandez (daughter of Fidel Castro)
  • Alina Pogostkina (German violinist of Russian origin)
  • Alina Yanovskaya (Polish actress, participant of the Warsaw Uprising)
  • Alina (character of the novel "Alina, Queen of Golconda" by J.-C. Bouffle, which served as the basis for the libretto of the opera of the same name by G. Donizetti)
  • Aline Duval ((1824 - 1903) French theater actress)
  • Andrea Alina Vergara (Argentine ice hockey player)
  • Alina Gut (Polish politician)
  • Alina Dunaevskaya (famous singer and songwriter, dancer, actress and model. She actively participates in joint projects with other artists. In 2010 and 2011 she undertook a European tour with singer Tarja Turunen.)

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