The Meaning Of The Name Alena

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The Meaning Of The Name Alena
The Meaning Of The Name Alena

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Alena
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The short form of the name Alena. Lena, Lenochka, Lenusha, Lenusya, Lesya, Elena, Elya, Ela, Elyusha, Elyusya, Lusya, Elenka, Alyonka, Ali, Alya, Lena, Lesya, Lyolya.

Synonyms for the name Alena. Alena, Olena, Olena, Helen, Helen, Helena, Lean.

The origin of the name Alena. The name Alena is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Alena has different versions of the origin. According to the first version, the name Alena (Alena) is a folk, not a church version of the name Elena. The name Alena began to be used more actively apart from Elena's name in the last decades of the twentieth century, and later became a completely independent name. Also, the vernacular version of the name Elena was the name Olyona.

According to the second version, the name Alena is of ancient Greek origin and means "sunny", "shining". There are some other variants of translation - "exciting", "inspiring", "attractive", "bewitching".

The name Alena is the female version of the European male name Alan.

In addition, the name Alena is a short form or a diminutive appeal of some female names - Magdalena (Madeleine) and Alina. The addresses Les and Alya are also independent names. In some cases, in addition to spelling the name through the letter "ё", different pronunciation is possible, both through "ё" and through "e".

From an early age, Alena has her own opinion on everything. Her personal view of the world helps her to better discover it for herself. She is interested in absolutely all spheres of life, but nevertheless philosophy, psychology, archeology, design and economics are closer to her. Alena loves to explain something to someone in detail, but she herself cannot stand explanations, especially when it comes to such concepts as technology and exact sciences.

Alena is a person of mood, but in general she is a very cheerful and cheerful person. If you offend her or hurt her with a word, she seems to withdraw into herself, climbs into the capsule, and you need to have remarkable patience and ingenuity to get her back from there. Alena needs changes, she loves to travel, change the environment. She gets tired of monotony and thus entertains herself.

Alena knows how to deliberately perfectly manipulate people, but sometimes she does it unconsciously. She has a strong character, envy and vindictiveness are alien to her. Alena is an open and simple person. She does not depict feelings, but simply and directly experiences and experiences them.

Alena has high self-esteem, but not overestimated. She can choose one thing: career or family. Alena has a great inner charm, she is well versed in men. But she doesn't really like to do everyday life, she prefers to spend her time more creatively - she will like going to the cinema much more.

Sound. Alena is a medium-length name in which all consonants are voiced. Almost everyone pays attention to his tenderness. The beauty (90%), lightness (88%) and mysteriousness (81%) of the sound of the name are also often noted. Some also distinguish a certain femininity in him (87%). The names most similar in phonosemantic profile are Olesya, Nina and Asya.

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Alena's birthday

Alena celebrates her name day on January 28, June 3, June 8, July 24, November 12.

Famous people named Alena

  • Alena Arzamasskaya (Erz. Erziamasson Olyona) (in Russian chronicles she is called Temnikovskaya; comrade-in-arms of Stepan Razin, one of the leaders of the peasant uprising of the 17th century)
  • Alena Sidko (Russian athlete, member of the Russian Olympic ski team at the Turin Olympics)
  • Alena Sviridova (nee Leonova; Russian singer, actress, TV presenter, author of the book "Suitcase Mood")
  • Elena (Alena) Khmelnitskaya ((born 1971) Russian actress)
  • Alena (Elena) Babenko ((born 1972) maiden name - Baranova; Russian actress)
  • Alena (Elena) Apina ((born 1964) surname at birth - Lyovochkina; Russian pop singer, Honored Artist of Russia (2002))
  • Alena Telpukhovskaya (photographer)
  • Alena Ivantsova (singer)
  • Alena Lanskaya (Belarusian singer; winner of the International Competition of Young Pop Singers "Atlantic Breeze-2010")
  • Alena Vysotskaya ((born 1980) Russian singer)
  • Alena Bondarenko ((born 1984) Ukrainian tennis player, the first racket of Ukraine. Winner of the 1st Grand Slam tournament in doubles (Australian Open-2008), semi-finalist of the 1st Grand Slam tournament in doubles (Roland Garros-2008), winner of 6 WTA tournaments (2 - singles).)
  • Alena Vinnitskaya ((born 1974) according to passport - Olga Vinnitskaya; author and performer of pop-rock songs, former soloist of the female pop group VIA Gra. Stage name - Alena Vinnitskaya)
  • Alena (Elena) Yurkovskaya ((born 1983) Ukrainian athlete, multiple champion of the Paralympic Games, Hero of Ukraine)
  • Alena Kartashova ((born 1982) Russian woman wrestler, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, in the Russian national team since 1998. Silver medalist of the 2008 Olympic Games. World Champion 2002, European Champion 2004. Champion of Russia. After completion in 2011 year of sports career - coach of the Russian national team, responsible for working with the regions.)
  • Elena (Alena, Olyona) Shoptenko ((born 1987) two-time world champion in 2006 in ballroom dancing among youth under 21, champion of Ukraine in 2007 in ten dances among youth under 21. Winner of the Ukrainian project "Dancing with the Stars".)
  • Alena Torganova ((born 1980) singer, soloist of the group "Reflex")
  • Alena (Elena) Azernaya ((born 1966) is a Russian artist working in the genre of naive art. In her dream-like and allegorical paintings she describes her personal world, where Slavic mythology, traditional Russian folk tales and biblical motives are mixed. a naive art style with a confident use of light, color and rhythm.)
  • Alena Khomich ((born 1981) Russian hockey player, playing as a defender, participant of three Winter Olympics (2002, 2006 and 2010). Master of Sports of international class. Three-time champion of Russia, Bronze medalist of the Youth World Ice Hockey Championship (2001), Cup winner European Champions of the 2008/2009 season.)
  • Alena Akhmadullina ((born 1978) Russian fashion designer, creator of the Alena Akhmadullina brand. Participant of various Russian and international fashion competitions. Participant of the Snob project since April 2009.)
  • Alena Shulga ((born 1983) former Minister of Economic Development of the PMR (January - March 2012))
  • Alena (Elena) Zvantsova (Russian screenwriter and director. She made her film debut with a small acting role in the television series "Strawberry". Later she began writing scripts, took up directing work.)
  • Alyosha (Alyosha) ((born 1986) real name - Elena (Olena) Kucher; Ukrainian singer. Alyosha won the national selection and represented Ukraine at the international song contest "Eurovision-2010" in Oslo, where she took 10th place.)
  • Alena Sviridova ((born 1962) nee Leonova; Russian singer, actress, TV presenter. Member of the Writers' Union of the Russian Federation (2002), Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (2004).)
  • Alena Sidko ((born 1979) is a Russian athlete, a member of the Russian Olympic team in cross-country skiing at the Turin Olympics. Bronze medalist of these Games, a medal in the 1.5-kilometer sprint race. In addition, the winner of the bronze medal at the World Ski Championships. races in the sprint relay (Obestdorf-2005), which she won together with Yulia Chepalova.)
  • Alena Savchenko ((born 1984) Ukrainian and German figure skater. She has been performing in pair skating for Germany with the Robin Sholkovs since 2004. They are bronze medalists of the 2010 Olympics, four-time world champions (2008-2009, 2011-2012) and four-time European champions (2007-2009, 2011). Earlier, playing for Ukraine with Stanislav Morozov, Savchenko was the world champion among juniors in 2001. As of May 11, 2011, the pair is ranked 1st in the ranking of the International Skating Union.)
  • Alena Vrzaneva ((born 1931) also known as Aya Vrzaneva, and after 1957 as Aya Zanova; a former Czechoslovak figure skater who performed in women's single skating. Two-time world champion (1949 and 1950), as well as European champion in 1950.)
  • Alena Egorova ((1905 - 1971) Soviet actress, Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1935))
  • Alena (Elena) Zubrilova (Ogurtsova) ((born 1973) Ukrainian and Belarusian biathlete, winner of 17 world championship awards in 1996-2005, including 4 gold. She ended her career in professional sports in 2006, moving to the position of a coach youth biathlon team of Belarus.)

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