The Meaning Of The Name Alesta

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The Meaning Of The Name Alesta
The Meaning Of The Name Alesta

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Alesta
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Short form of the name Alesta. Alya.

Synonyms for the name Alesta. Alistrina, Alastrina, Alexandra, Sandrina, Alex, Sandra.

The origin of the name Alesta. Alesta's name is English.

The name Alesta is the feminine form of the male name Alastair, used among the Celts, whose descendants are now Scots and Irish. The name Alastair has variants of pronunciation Alistair, Alistair, Alistrin, Alsander, Alasder, which are the Irish and Scottish forms of the name Alexander.

In this case, the name Alesta is one of the types of the name Alexander, which means "courageous", "defender of humanity." The closest to the name Alest are the female names Alistrina and Alastrina, although such forms of the name of Alexander as Sandra, Sandrina, Alex, which are used in various countries of the world, can also be attributed to related names. Alesta's name days correspond to Aleksandra's.

The owner of the name Alesta has an unusual character: she is both a sensitive and a very emotional woman, but at the same time she is firm in her intentions. Alesta is strong-willed, resourceful, courageous and assertive, especially an active person. She is a passionate woman who turns a difficult task into an achievable just so that everyone understands that independence for her is not an empty idea. She is a desperate individualist, full of enthusiasm and seeks to assert herself and succeed in life, loves to impress others.

It happens that Alesta can quickly flare up, become aggressive, especially if something prevents her from achieving her goal or realizing her grandiose aspirations. In such cases, this girl changes her communication style, becomes authoritarian, her ambitions take over her mind. She will be characterized by a rapid change in mood and behavior: hyperactivity, excitement and enthusiasm, change to more rare periods of carelessness and passivity.

Alesta is a woman of action who is in the possession of a practical mind and a solid understanding of specific, material goals. She was born to create and fulfill, and although she is an idealist, she is also a materialist with a natural flair for business. Lively, impatient and often in a hurry: she may not have enough subtlety and tolerance, she will be too passionate about her work. Alesta is a real hard worker, she is ready to move mountains for the sake of her goal. Her ambition will be backed by practicality, creative approaches, developed intuition.

As a child, Alesta shows signs of activity, she is cheerful, sociable, loves to take part in sports. This girl is never bored and there are always many things to do, she has many interests. It is not easy to argue with her, already in childhood she shows signs of pride and vanity, she wants to be the best in everything. If she fails to achieve the role she desires, then Alesta will try to win by becoming the leader of the opposition.

Alesta's sensitivity is hidden deep inside her, but shaking her with emotions is much easier than trying to break her by force. An emotionally oriented woman, she is essentially looking for romance and a kindred spirit, although this can sometimes be very challenging for her. She can be uncompromising and is unlikely to obey anyone. But she will admire those and respect those who are stronger than her. She is a loyal friend, and although she may be self-centered, she is still a generous person, considerate of others, always ready to give advice or help if she can.

In matters of the heart, Alesta is an idealist, for her it is almost an impossible task to cope with shocks. If Alesta loves, then this is a passionate and attractive love. Only a strong passion for something else will help to survive a break with a loved one. In family life, Alesta prefers to be in charge, she tries to keep the last word.

When choosing a profession, Alesta will rely only on her own opinion, she is ready to learn many things, it is not shameful for her to be self-taught. At the same time, success is her personal life, it will be extremely important for her, because Alesta wants to win everything. Therefore, she may be inclined to choose liberal professions or those that would allow her to maintain her autonomy - an indispensable element in her eyes. Professions that may be relevant are in the world of business, management, finance and banking, law, sports.

Alesta's birthday

Alesta does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Alesta

Alesta de Mar ((XII century) daughter of the first Mormair Earl Morgan Mara, wife of Alan Fitz-Walter, the second Lord Steward of Scotland, the second ruler of the Scottish noble family of Stewards, whose dynasty later became the kings of Scotland and England)

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