The Meaning Of The Name Alexander

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The Meaning Of The Name Alexander
The Meaning Of The Name Alexander

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Alexander

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Alexander

Short form of the name of Alexander. Sasha, Sasha, Alexandrushka, Sanya, Sandra, Aleksanya, Aleksana, Alya, Asya, Sanyura, Sanyuta, Sanyusha, Aleksakh, Aleksasha, Sana, Sashukh, Sashulya, Sashunya, Sashuta.

Synonyms for the name Alexander. Alexandrina, Oleksandra, Alasrina, Alistrina, Alesta, Alejandra, Alexandria, Alexandrina, Sandra, Sandrina, Alessandra, Alexandra.

The origin of the name Alexander. Alexander's name is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name of Alexander in translation from Greek means "courageous", "protector". The paired male name is Alexander. In Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian, this name has various forms: Leksandra, Lyaksandra, Oleksa, Alex, Alesya, Olesya, Lesya.

Under the influence of the French language, the name Alexander acquired a sound, after which new female names appeared, which later became independent - Alexandrina, Alexandria, Alesta, Sandra and Sandrina.

Sasha is the most commonly used short form of the name Alexander, which also received an independent status in many countries of the world. For example, since the 1970s, it has been very popular in the United States, where it is mainly called girls (in Latin - Sasha, Sacha or Sascha). But in Belgium, France, as well as in Quebec (Canada), the name Sasha is much more often given to boys.

Character and destiny. A girl named Alexander is simply woven from contradictions. It is very difficult for an outside observer to determine her type. At the same time, she attracts to herself by her tirelessness and agility, and repels herself with a prickly character. Very often, Alexandra acts recklessly, which is largely due to her concern, and, as a result, she often finds herself in hopeless situations.

In many ways, Alexandra's character is more masculine than feminine. At the same time, as if trying to get away from her "masculine" name, the girl attaches much importance to maintaining a feminine, elegant and mysterious look. Alexandra is, indeed, extremely charming. However, throughout her life she will try to demonstrate complete indifference to everything in the world.

Communication with the world is a necessity for Alexandra. She has a well-developed imagination, with a touch of extravagance. Sasha seeks to turn those around him, including his parents, into his slaves. At the same time, she is sincere and fair and expects the same from others. However, Alexandra's morality cannot be called stable. It is easily modified along the way to the intended goals.

For friends, Alexander is a person who is always there. The girl is unusually accommodating, seeks to smooth out any conflict. Although she has a lot of friends, she rarely reveals her soul. Often, being the only child in the family, Sasha from just a somewhat closed person becomes too stubborn and capricious. It is not difficult to lose Alexandra's friendship and trust. It is enough to lie to her once, she will never forgive this.

Alexandra is generally subject to violent impulses. She needs either everything or nothing. In a relationship with a man, a girl is often lacking in initiative. Alexandra is more familiar in male society. She marries late, but becomes an exemplary wife and mother. For her husband, Sasha is a friend, and for children - an authority. Alexandra is ready to do a lot for her family. She is able to create a comfortable life and home comfort out of nothing.

However, housework is not a girl's favorite pastime. Rather, the opposite is true. Alexandra strives to travel or play sports. Resting outside the city or watching hockey or football with her husband are the favorite pastimes of this woman. In sports, Sasha shows determination and can achieve solid results.

In an effort to feel more confident, Alexandra goes to study at a higher educational institution. She perfectly adjusts to any situation, but easily yields to someone else's attention. As a rule, Sasha chooses medicine or travel-related professions as a profession. Less commonly accounting or education.

Over the years, from a tomboy, Alexandra turns into a business woman, and this determines her career. She can achieve solid success, thanks to her efficiency, but at the same time she will lose the remnants of tenderness.

The popularity of the name of Alexander. The name Alexander today does not leave the top ten female names in Moscow, in some regions this name takes 13-15 positions, but the number of girls named with this name is quite large. This name is currently one of the most popular female names. This name reached its greatest popularity at the beginning of the twentieth century, when it occupied the third line of the rating. There is a natural (century-wide) decline in interest in the name, although the level of attention has slightly increased over the past twelve months, peaking in April 2016.

Sound. Alexandra is a rather long name, consisting of four syllables. The absolute majority of people pay attention to its strength. In addition, many note the beauty (94%), majesty (93%) and sonorousness (89%) of the sound of the name. Names similar in phonosemantic profile are Vladislav, Dinara and Renata.

Alexandra's birthday

Alexandra celebrates her name day on March 22, April 2, May 6, May 31, July 17, October 13, November 19, December 23.

Famous people named Alexander

  • Alexandra Feodorovna Romanova (Russian Empress)
  • Alexandra Petrovna (Grand Duchess, founder of the Kiev Intercession Convent (1838-1900))
  • Alexandra Kollontai (leader of the international and Russian revolutionary socialist movement)
  • Alexandra Pakhmutova (composer-songwriter)
  • Alexandra (mythical character, the name of the prophetess, better known as Cassandra)
  • Alexandra Goncharova (Russian actress, one of the first actresses of early Russian cinema)
  • Alexandra Zabelina (Soviet athlete, three-time Olympic champion in fencing)
  • Alexandra Zakharova (Russian theater and film actress, People's Artist of Russia)
  • Alexandra Dorokhina (Russian theater and film actress)
  • Alexandra Yablochkina (actress of the Maly Theater, People's Artist of the USSR)
  • Alexandra Glagoleva-Arkadieva (physicist who created the so-called mass emitter (1884-1945))
  • Alexandra Efimenko (historian, ethnographer, the first woman honorary doctor of Russian history (1848-1918))
  • Alexandra Groth (Russian flute player)
  • Alexandra Dahlström (Swedish actress)
  • Alexandra Zaretskaya (Israeli figure skater)
  • Alexandra Pivovarova (Russian top model)
  • Alexandra Snezhko-Blotskaya (Soviet director of animated films)
  • Alexandra Timoshenko (rhythmic gymnastics athlete)
  • Alexandra Exter (painter, avant-garde artist)
  • Sasha Gradiva, also known as Sasha ((born 1979) pseudonym, full name - Alexandra Antonova; Russian-American singer, model, choreographer)
  • Sasha Barresi ((born 1981) American actress, worked as a model)
  • Sasha Carter ((born 1974) nee - Sasha Bergner; Canadian curler. Winner of various world awards.)
  • Sasha Banks ((born 1992) pseudonym, real name - Mercedes Kestner-Varnado; American professional wrestler)
  • Sasha Embeth Peters ((born 1996) American actress)
  • Sasha Project ((born 1986) pseudonym, real name - Alexandra Ginzburg; Russian singer)
  • Sasha K. Gordon ((born 1989) real name - Oksana Tishchenko; American actress)
  • Sasha Irbe ((born 1980) real name - Elena Lykhina; Russian poetess, director. Explores the literature of the XX century.)
  • Sasha Samsonova ((born 1991) Ukrainian photographer and clip maker)
  • Sasha DiJulian ((born 1992) is an American climber. In 2012 she became the first American woman to climb the most difficult climbing route of that time - 9a.)
  • Sasha Samolia Goodlett ((born 1990) American basketball player, member of the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA))

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