The Meaning Of The Name Alevtin

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The Meaning Of The Name Alevtin
The Meaning Of The Name Alevtin

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Alevtin

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Alevtin
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The short form of the name Alevtin. Alevtinka, Tina, Alya, Ala, Tinka, Tinochka, Tininchik, Tinonka.

The origin of the name Alevtin. Alevtin's name is Russian, Ukrainian, Orthodox, Greek.

The name Alevtina has Greek roots and means "rubbed with incense", there is also a translation option as "alien to evil." According to some reports, the name Alevtin is a variant of the name Valentin, which gained its distribution in Russian territory.

As a child, Alevtina is a sweet girl. Both outwardly and in character, the girl looks like her father, to whom she is much more attached than to her mother. The girl is quite talented, she draws well, has an ear for music. Parents often send their daughter to a music school.

Adult Alevtina is intolerant of the opinions of others, overly categorical in her judgments. The girl is always unhappy with everything, it is extremely difficult to please her. The leader from Alevtina is bad. Such qualities necessary for a leader as self-confidence, independence, firmness, willpower, in Alevtina's case, are replaced by imperiousness and arrogance. In a team headed by Alevtina, conflicts are inevitable.

Alevtina puts herself very highly. She chooses a life partner very carefully and for a long time. Alevtina is a homebody, a good mother and a good housewife, but, nevertheless, it is difficult to marry her. He always monitors his appearance, not wearing makeup or dressed on the street. With her husband, she often uses a commanding tone, and not everyone can stand it. Alevtina, who was brought up in severity, has a softer character. In any case, having chosen a life friend for herself and starting a family, Alevtina becomes an excellent housewife and wife.

There are many friends around Alevtina, but she trusts only a few. She has too high requirements for others. Alevtina is not inclined to gossip with other women. From this, she keeps well the secrets entrusted to her by acquaintances. Alevtina is caustic, when communicating with her, be prepared for barbs.

Alevtina's birthday

Alevtina celebrates name day on July 29.

Famous people named Alevtina

  • Valentina (Alevtina) Caesarea (Palestinian) (martyr)
  • Alevtina Olyunina (Smirnova, Panarina) ((born 1942) Soviet skier, Olympic champion (1972), two-time world champion, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1970))
  • Alevtina Dobrynina ((born 1973) Russian theater and film actress)
  • AleVtina Egorova (Russian singer, songwriter, ex-soloist of the group "FM")
  • Alevtina Kolchina ((born 1930) outstanding Soviet skier, Olympic champion (1964), 7-time world champion, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR)
  • Alevtina Leontyeva ((born 1977) Russian singer, former member of the Melnitsa group, currently performs solo with her own team, hosts the Consumer School program on the Stolitsa TV channel, works as an announcer on radio and television)
  • Marya Levtina ((born 1945) real name - Alevtina Nesterova; Chuvash poetess, playwright, publicist. Laureate of the 2nd All-Union Festival of Folk Art, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great October Revolution (1988). Laureate of the First International Competition of Leaders and Performers of Entertainment and Games programs (Moscow, 1991). Awarded with the sign "Winner of the socialist competition", the medal of the laureate of the Second All-Union Festival of Folk Art, Honorary diplomas.)
  • Alevtina Fedulova ((born 1940) Russian statesman, political and public figure)
  • Alevtina Rumyantseva ((1929 - 2011) Soviet and Russian film actress)
  • Alevtina Aparina ((born 1941) Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the first, second, third, fourth and fifth convocations)

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