The Meaning Of The Name Aisylu

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The Meaning Of The Name Aisylu
The Meaning Of The Name Aisylu

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Aisylu
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Synonyms for the name Aisylu. Kamarsylu, Mahisyl, Aislu, Aisulu.

The origin of the name Aisylu. The name Aisylu is Tatar, Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Aisylu has Turkic roots. This name is used among the Tatars, who are descendants of the Bulgars, as well as some other Turkic peoples - Bashkirs, Kirghiz. This name consists of two semantic parts: "ay" is "moon" or "month", and "sily" means "graceful", "beautiful". Therefore, the translation of the name Aisylu may be different. The most common options are "beautiful as the moon", "lunar beauty", but you can also say "graceful like the moon", "graceful month".

Synonyms for the name Aisylu will also be the names Kamarsylu and Mahisylu, where “mahi” is Persian, and “Kamar” is the Arabic analogue of the Turkic “ai”, i.e. "moon". Other names corresponding to this meaning are the names of Luna, Lunara, Indira, Aisun, Aydara, Selena, Aileen.

In the Turkic language, there are many female names containing the "ay" component. For example, Ainur, Aigul, Aibanu, Aizada, Aisima, Ayaru, Aishukhrat, Aigerim and many others.

Aisylu is an attractive girl, elegant, it is important for her to be fit, well dressed, which gives her self-confidence and solidity. She dresses tastefully, maintains the style that is needed in a given society and under the given circumstances. She evokes sympathy for herself.

Aisylu's soul is very tender, her heart is full of love and compassion for her neighbors, she wants to protect them all from trouble, so she will make every effort that is possible on her part to accomplish this, even to the detriment of her own interests. She does not need reward and gratitude, this is her position in life, her internal motivation to do good.

She will show her concern on a daily basis, which can cause discomfort for those for whom Aisylu cares so persistently. Her desire to do good can turn into a flip side for her, they will begin to avoid her, shun her, so as not to lose her own independence and independence. Therefore, Aisyl needs to learn to restrain his impulses, and be help and friend only where it is really needed.

Self-sacrifice to the point of oblivion can only bring heartache to Aisyl, reproaches, refusals and accusations - this will be the reward for sincere concern. Aisyl should limit himself to reasonable limits so as not to receive the cruel blows of real life. She needs to see in people not only those who need help, but also those who are simply looking for friendship.

The owners of this name are not devoid of common sense, therefore, even in childhood, they will begin to comprehend the science of life in society. And Aisylu will begin to embody all her spiritual potential, all her love for the world around her in other forms, with the help of art. This is one of the ways of self-expression and self-realization available to her. Painting, design, construction, sports - all these are variants of its creative embodiment.

Aisylu bribes people with her sincerity, frankness and willingness to help. She likes to be useful, so she can also find her vocation both in social activities and in medicine and culture.

For Aisylu, marriage is a completely new life, where new sensations, new activities, everything new will await her. Therefore, when choosing the owner of this name for your wife, it is worth remembering that your spouse will expect constant something new from you. It can be a new gift, a movie ticket, a bracelet or a trip to the Canary Islands, but it is important for her to receive signs of attention, and not only on significant dates, but regularly, constantly, daily. She loves selflessly, appreciates her husband. She needs inner peace of mind, so this girl will fight for her family happiness.

Aisylu's birthday

Aisylu does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Aisylu

  • Aisylu Leron (Tatar radio host)
  • Aisylu Kaymirasova (Bashkir scientist (geology, mineralogy), laureate of the USSR State Prize)
  • Aisylu Salmanova (Bashkir composer)
  • Aisylu Lukmanova (Bashkir theater actress)
  • Aisylu Kadyrova (Tatar journalist)
  • Aisylu Yagafarova (Bashkir writer)
  • Aisylu Iksanova (director of the Bashkir State Opera and Ballet Theater)

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