Meaning Of The Name Aisun

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Meaning Of The Name Aisun
Meaning Of The Name Aisun

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Video: Meaning Of The Name Aisun
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The short form of the name Aisun. Suna, Sunya.

Synonyms for the name Aisun. Aisuna.

The origin of the name Aisun. The name Aisun is Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Aisun has Turkic roots, it translates as “like the moon”, “like the month”, “like the moon”, “beautiful like the moon”. Among the Turkic peoples, the moon is one of the symbols of beauty and fidelity, despite its external variability. Therefore, the name Aisun is also translated as "yellow", and this color symbolizes such qualities as love, sympathy, mercy among the Mongols, which, accordingly, are the wishes for the owner of this name.

The name Aisun is also masculine. More often this name is found among Turks, Kazakhs and Azerbaijanis.

Among the Turkic peoples, female names containing the "ai" component were widespread. For example, some of them are Ainur, Aigerim, Ayaru, Aizere, Aigul, Aizada, Aibanu, Aisima, Aishukhrat and many others. The semantic meaning of the name Aisun corresponds to the names Luna, Lunara, Indira, Eileen, Selena.

Aisun is a charming but rather proud girl. Her strengths of character are self-control, iron will and ambition, negative - high self-importance, lack of patience.

If she is able to live in harmony, then progress to the top will be very slow for her, and she would like to get everything at once, as soon as she thinks about it. Her creativity, ability to work and perseverance help her in life. Aisun is not devoid of prudence, although she does have emotional outbursts.

This strong-willed girl, perfectly aware of her sense of duty, is very stubborn in achieving her goal, which in the long term is very good for her if she cope with the adolescent request “everything is here and now”.

As a child, Aisun was a very disciplined and gifted girl. It would be advisable to encourage the study of foreign languages or develop her artistic talents (singing or music). This will help her shape her personality, learn to be tolerant and control herself, not to strive to dominate everywhere. Aisun loves to win, to feel admiration and approval from other people, and to be held in high esteem. Loves luxury.

She knows how to be an excellent housewife, but, nevertheless, she can be very selective and authoritarian. Her partner will see her not only seductive and brilliant, but also willing to participate fully in everyday life, both financially and emotionally. Aisun's ideal man should respect her need to be the best, but still it is the man who should dominate the family. For Aisun, this will be a dilemma, but after a period of rough grinding, a state of harmony in the relationship can be achieved.

Aisun's heart and soul will be turned to creative activities (aesthetics, art, fashion), but she will also be able to achieve success in areas that require communication and expression (journalism, teaching). Science, accounting, management, administration, entrepreneurship - in any field, Aisun will seek to hold a position of power or be an independent agent.

Aisun's birthday

Aisun does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Aisun

  • Aisun Ozbek ((born 1977) Turkish volleyball player, winner of bronze in the team at the 2003 European Championships and gold in 2005 at the Mediterranean Games)
  • Aisun Kayaji ((born 1981) Turkish model, actress)
  • Aisun Kocatepe ((born 1962) Turkish singer)
  • Aisun Metiner ((born 1972) Turkish actress)

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