The Meaning Of The Name Aksinya

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The Meaning Of The Name Aksinya
The Meaning Of The Name Aksinya

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Aksinya
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The short form of the name Aksinya. Aksinyushka, Aksyusha, Asya, Aksya, Aksyunya, Aksyuta, Aksyukha.

Synonyms for the name Aksinya. Ksenia, Oksana.

The origin of the name Aksinya. The name Aksinya is Russian, Orthodox, Greek.

The name Aksinya (Aksinia) comes from the Greek name meaning "foreigner", less often - "guest". Sometimes translated as "hospitality". A variant of this name is Russian Ksenia or Ukrainian Oksana. There is also an opinion that Ksenia, Oksana and Aksinia are different names.

Aksinya is an obedient, calm child in childhood. She studies diligently, accurately and efficiently. She loves to win and takes defeat hard. She prefers to fight for rights and is ready to help others in the fight for their rights. She has a fickle character, she is fidgety, she lacks stability and poise.

Aksinya is very smart, it is important for her that everyone understands this, she is not averse to showing off her intellectual abilities. She is charming and successful with the stronger sex. The owner of this name does not have very many friends, because Aksinya can be quick-tempered and unresponsive. It is very difficult for her to make peace, she is touchy and principled.

Aksinia is conscientious and ready to do any job. Prefers managerial positions and does not like business trips. For her, work is her home, where all employees are her family. She is demanding and strict with her subordinates, does not give concessions to herself or to them. But she is fair and does not make any decisions until all the circumstances are clarified.

Aksinya is a born mistress. It is important for her to have her own home, a large family and a beloved husband. Although she perfectly knows how to cook, canning, and do needlework, it is very difficult to get along with her - she does not tolerate interference in her affairs. Aksinya is a dreamy and amorous woman. If she chooses a man, then most often this marriage will be happy and long. For the sake of her beloved, Aksinya is ready to adapt to him, but only within the framework that she has determined for herself.

Aksinya's birthday

Aksinya celebrates its name day on January 31, February 6, August 26, September 15.

Famous people named Aksinya

  • Aksinia Mikhailova (Bulgarian poet and translator from French)
  • Aksinya Astakhova (the main female character of the novel "Quiet Don" by M. Sholokhov)

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