The Meaning Of The Name Aysel

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The Meaning Of The Name Aysel
The Meaning Of The Name Aysel

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Aysel

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Aysel
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The short form of the name Aysel. Asya, Selya.

Synonyms for the name Aysel. Aysel, Aysel.

The origin of the name Aysel. The name Aysel is Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Aysel is a female Kazakh name consisting of two semantic bases. "Ay" means "moon", and "sat" - "stream", therefore the name literally translates as "lunar stream", also translated as "flooding with moonlight". This name refers to the original Kazakh names-wishes. Also the name Aysel is used in Turkey and Azerbaijan.

According to the semantic meaning of "moon", the name Aysel corresponds to the names Luna, Ainur, Indira, Aisun, Aydara, Ailin, Lunara, Selena, as well as close to many names containing the component "ai" in the name (Aigerim, Ayaru, Aigul, Ayana, Aisylu, Ayperi, etc.).

The very charming and energetic Aysel is full of courage and fierce determination. Emotional in nature, she can quickly change her mood. The owner of this name has great moral restraint. Her outlook on life is very broad and idealistic, and her aspirations are lofty and noble. However, she lives a quiet life most of the time.

Aysel is an honest, frank and straightforward girl, she does not see the point in deception, and when she finds out that she was treated unfairly, she can become very angry. And yet, to a greater extent, this is a smiling and bright girl, loves to talk and is capable of spontaneous actions. She is an altruist with a great love for humanity, she is not completely indifferent to the material sphere, and sometimes she can be very sensitive to external symbols of wealth and comfort. She cares about her appearance, loves gems and beautiful clothes.

Already in childhood, Aysel becomes noticeable qualities such as cheerfulness, talkativeness and her overwhelming energy. She is not afraid to say what she thinks, but any story, both real and fictional, can completely and completely capture her. She loves legends, fairy tales, stories. She needs attention and love. Aysel loves to make others happy and maintain harmonious relationships with the people around her. She loves communication, which leads with warmth, generosity, not devoid of a sense of humor. She has a deep sense of friendship and is always happy and ready to help others. Plus, she is smart, adaptable, and resourceful.

When it comes to love, Aysel often sees her chosen one quite idealistically, which can lead to disappointment. She is able to live her life in a seemingly dependent position - to adapt to others, to be flexible, submissive and passive. But this is not her true nature, because in fact Aysel is a completely authoritarian person. She will allow her man to be the master only for a while, but sooner or later she will return control over her destiny into her own hands.

The owner of the Aysel name can make a career in the social sphere, in working with children - a teacher, psychologist, educator, nurse, consultant, social worker. She is also suitable for professions that include communication - sales and marketing, secretary, translator, public relations. She can be successful in management, business, finance, community and humanitarian work.

Ayseli's birthday

Aysel does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Aysel

  • Aysel Mahomet kyzy Teymurzade ((born 1989) Azerbaijani R`n`B-singer, participant of Eurovision-2009, took third place)
  • Aysel Manafova ((born 1990) Azerbaijani representative at the Miss Universe 2013 contest, who represented her country at this contest for the first time)
  • Aysel Ozgur (Turkish weightlifter, winner of silver in the weight category up to 75 kg at the 2002 European Championships)
  • Aysel Gurel Chinar (Turkish composer and singer)
  • Aysel Guliyeva (Azerbaijani International Relations Manager of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation)
  • Aysel Tughluk (Turkish politician)

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