Meaning Of The Name Ainur

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Meaning Of The Name Ainur
Meaning Of The Name Ainur

Video: Meaning Of The Name Ainur

Video: Meaning Of The Name Ainur
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Synonyms for the name Ainur. Ainura, Ainuria, Einura, Nuray.

The origin of the name Ainur. The name Ainur is Tatar, Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Ainur is formed by two Tatar words “moon” (Ay) and “ray” (Nur), therefore the name Ainur is translated as “moon-faced”. For a girl, it is sometimes interpreted as “soft, beautiful”. There is also a masculine name Ainur, which can also be phonetically pronounced Einur, while the feminine is sometimes pronounced Ainura and Ainuria.

In the Turkic language, female names with the semantic part of the name "ai" are widespread. These are such names as Aigul, Aibike, Aigerim, Aizhan, Aisun, Aisylu, Ayaru, Aizada and many, many others. And in terms of meaning, the name is close to the names Luna, Indira, Aydara, Eileen, Lunara, Selena.

It would not be a great exaggeration to say that courage is the main trait of Ainur. Everything that Ainur does as a child already shows her future character. On the playground, Ainur acts as a real leader and ringleader, not at all afraid to gather around not only girls, but also boys. Ainur can skid a little if she is very addicted. The presence of an advisor or a particularly devoted friend who will have her own opinion will be very useful to her, since with such support, Ainur is able to move mountains, achieve incredible success in life.

Ainur usually has a very cheerful disposition, which, combined with innate courage, makes her fall into all sorts of unusual and funny stories. Usually Ainur is in control of herself, she always uses her strengths. Justifying her name, Ainur is beautiful, but her beauty is not flashy. Ainur is very vulnerable, does not like criticism and can react painfully to comments.

In some situations, especially when there is a "conflict of interest", Ainur may show anger. It happens that this is of great importance for her, and Ainur should work on herself in order to overcome this quality in herself.

This is not always visible from the outside, but Ainur needs support and security - if she is criticized all the time, she can lose faith in herself and even become withdrawn. Ainur is never deceived by appearance, but tries to grasp the essence of the issue. She is moderately self-confident, prefers not to sit idly by, but to act. Carried away, she is capable of stupid risks.

Ainur often gets married late. Even after getting married, Ainur can allow himself adventures "on the side", however, not being very carried away by this and very much afraid of exposure. Ainur does not have a simple life, she constantly has something going on. Her gaiety and recklessness scares off many, because they do not even imagine that this is just a mask behind which a very delicate soul is hiding, which wants warmth and comfort. Ainur is very economic, her house is always in order. She is most often hospitable. Ainur loves children very much, there are usually many of them in her house.

Ainur is a creative person. She is talented in art, sports. A girl can become an outstanding poetess; often Ainur chooses a career as an artist or actress. If desired, Ainur can become a biologist or a politician, but for this she will need hard work.

Ainur's birthday

Ainur does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Ainur

  • Ainura Salakhidinova (Kyrgyz singer)
  • Ainura Kerimbetova (Russian singer)

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