Meaning Of The Name Ainagul

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Meaning Of The Name Ainagul
Meaning Of The Name Ainagul

Video: Meaning Of The Name Ainagul

Video: Meaning Of The Name Ainagul
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The short form of the name Ainagul. Gulya, Aina.

The origin of the name Ainagul. The name Ainagul is Tatar, Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Ainagul consists of two semantic parts. Translated from the Kazakh language, "aina" means "mirror", and "gul" means "flower", "beauty". At the same time, the Kazakhs combine the symbol of "mirror" with the concept of "purity" not only in its direct meaning, but also in the meaning of "purity of the soul", "purity of thoughts" and in the introduction to some kind of secret. Therefore, the name Ainagul has various interpretations: "mirror flower", "wise beauty", "flower of wisdom" and others.

Also, the name Ainagul is translated from Persian as "devotee".

Ainagul is a rather creative person, not indifferent to flattery, filled with artistry and rich in active imagination, while she is not a fantasy, but a person who knows how to deeply sympathize and empathize. The girl prefers to hide her romantic nature behind external practicality, and genuine humanism - behind ordinary kindness and simple care.

Ainagul is always firm in her judgments, does not always adhere to the rules adopted by society. But the owner of this name has one trump card, which is one of the amazing natural qualities of this girl: she knows how to please others, even the most distrustful will trust her and even the most intractable will negotiate with her.

The owner of the name Ainagul loves harmony and stability; for her, a tit in her hand is preferable than a crane in the sky. She has a great affection for home and family, she is very responsible and does not throw words down the drain. Sometimes it happens that her sense of duty turns into excessive sacrifice, and her love for the family hearth into excessive homebody.

Ainagul is not quick to make decisions, her work is more suitable for the executive plan, where decisions will be made for her. But the owner of this name will turn out to be an excellent performer, you will not find a better assistant - the order in the papers, the reports made on time, the excellently prepared exhibition, Ainagul will not forget about a single trifle in your business. Everything will be done with taste and on time. Her conscientiousness and attention to detail are the main hallmarks of Ainagul as an employee.

Ainagul's birthday

Ainagul does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Ainagul

  • Ainagul Suyunshaliyeva (participant of the project "Teacher of the Information Technology Century")
  • Ainagul Arstanova (young singer, participant of the festival of young maestro "Golden Key")
  • Ainagul Tazhi (Kazakh singer)
  • Ainagul Suleymanova (choreographer and head of the dance ensemble "Aina")

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