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Eileen Name Meaning
Eileen Name Meaning

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Video: Eileen Name Meaning

Synonyms for the name Eileen. Eileen, Elena, Evelyn, Evelina, Elina, Alana, Alina, Alena.

The origin of the name Eileen. Eileen's name is Tatar, English, Muslim.

Eileen's name has different versions of the origin. According to one of them, the name Ailin has Turkic roots, part of the name "ai" in this case can have two interpretations - "moon" and "inspiration", the second part is interpreted as "light". The name can have different meanings - "moonlight", "light of the moon", "inspired radiance" and others. This name is used by Tatars, Turks and other peoples. In this semantic interpretation, the name Aileen corresponds to the names of Luna, Selena, Lunara, Indira, Aisun, Aidara.

The name Eileen is used among Europeans, more often among the English-speaking population. It is found in use, in particular, among the Irish, Scots. There are various variants of the origin of the name in Europe. According to one of them, the name Eileen is a variant of the name Evelyn, her derivative, in her homeland it is pronounced through "e" - Eileen, but in Russian pronunciation, in addition to the native pronunciation, it also appeared through "a". According to the second version, the name Eileen is the Irish pronunciation of the name Helen, Helen (in Russian - Elena).

Also the name Eileen, pronounced and like Eileen, is the Breton version of the Hebrew name Abel (Hevel), meaning "breath."

Eileen's name may have common roots with the male name Alan, and is a variant of the pronunciation of the female name Alan, which has various origins.

Due to the different pronunciation of the English spelling of the name Eileen in Russian, it is also possible that the name Eileen is just one of the pronunciation options for other names, such as Elina, for example. It is easier for Europeans to pronounce Russian names in their own way, so Alena and Alina can become Eileen.

A girl named Eileen is very perceptive, endowed by nature with an aristocratic appearance. She is gentle and refined, wants to be admired, but because of vanity, but because she sets a good example for others. Eileen is a strong personality, she is a strong-willed woman, very disciplined, not devoid of ambition, can be authoritarian if you need to achieve a certain goal.

Eileen is sociable, capable of great generosity, extremely sensitive, caring a lot for others. She can become a victim of her gullibility and arrogance, therefore it is very important that there are always real faithful friends with her.

Eileen is fond of various fields, she quickly and easily masters art and languages. Most often, the owner of this name finds her “I” in creative activity, or in other areas where creativity is required, for example, in sports - rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming, dancing, etc. Eileen can be successful in the social field, she likes to contact people. The occupation associated with responsibility and justice is also important for her - this is politics, jurisprudence. She is fascinated by travel, Eileen will be able to make a career in television.

In family life, Eileen will be quite demanding of her partner, she deeply respects the feelings of others, and therefore requires an appropriate attitude towards herself. An exemplary order will reign in her house, this girl is a real perfectionist.

A girl named Eileen is a tactful person, not devoid of ingenuity, moderately thoughtful and does not take rash steps.

Eileen's birthday

Eileen doesn't celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Eileen

  • Eileen ((born 1982) pseudonym, real name - Pilar Jimenez Garcia; Spanish singer, vocalist of the gothic metal band "Sirenia")
  • Eileen McDoge ((1962-2012) American actress who starred predominantly as a child in the 1970s)
  • Eileen Heckart ((1919-2001) American actress, winner of various film awards, such as Oscar (1973), Golden Globe (1957), Emmy (1994), Tony (2000). She starred in such films like "Butterflies are Free", "Someone Up There Loves Me", "Sudden Love", "The Last Betrayal", "First Wives Club" and others.)
  • Eileen (Eileen) Vartan Barker ((born 1938) English sociologist, expert at the Center for Human Rights Research at the London School of Economics. Founder of INFORM (Information Network Center for Religious Movements). Author of the books "Cults Among Us", "The Creation of the Moonit: Choice or brainwashing?".)
  • Aileen Khachaturyan ((born 1978) Armenian-Lebanese singer, performer of songs in various genres - from jazz and rock to folk and traditional folk songs. Her album won the Armenian Music Awards in the nomination "Best Rock Album."
  • Eileen Chaiken ((born 1957) American screenwriter and producer, winner of the 2008 GLAAD Media Awards)
  • Eileen Atkins ((born 1934) English actress, has appeared in more than 80 films and TV series, winner of the Drama Desk Award (1978, 1991))
  • Ailin Aslym ((born 1976) Turkish singer, also writes songs herself, in 2010 her album was included in the 50 best Turkish music albums. She acts in films, activist of various campaigns for the protection of women's rights, supports the organization Greenpeace.)
  • Eileen Essel ((born 1922) English theater and film actress)
  • Eileen Brennan ((1932-2013) American actress, originally appeared in musicals. 1981 Emmy Award-winning Academy Award, BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations. She has starred in films such as American Divorce., The Last Picture Show, The Scam, Private Benjamin, The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking, Finding Dr. Zeus, The Tooth Fairy, Rascals from the Comics, Miss Congeniality 2: Beautiful and Dangerous, and others.)
  • Jacqueline Ruth "Eileen" Woods ((1929-2010) American singer and actress, best known for voicing the role of Cinderella in the Disney animated film Cinderella. 2003 Disney Legends Award Winner)
  • Eileen Davidson (born 1959) is an American actress, starred in the soap operas Young and Daring, Santa Barbara, Days of Our Lives, Daring and Beautiful. Winner of the Daytime Emmy Awards in 1998 and 2003.)
  • Zhang Ailing, also known as Eileen Chang ((1920-1995) Chinese and American writer. Author of the books "Golden Shackles", "Love on the Scorched Earth", "Songs of Rice Shoots", "Gossip", "Love in the Fallen City", "Eyes Wide Open", "How the Flowers Faded Over the Sea", "Continuation" and others. Films were shot based on her books. She translated a number of Chinese works into English.)
  • Shania Twain ((born 1965) real name - Eileen Regina Edwards; Canadian singer, performs country and pop songs. Originally performed under the pseudonym Eileen (Eileen) Twain. Shania is the only performer in the world who has three times in a row albums went Diamond. Winner of numerous American awards such as the Academy of Country Music Awards, American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, and Canadian awards such as the Canadian Country Music Association Awards.”In 2003, she had her own star on the Canadian Walk of Fame, and in 2005 she was awarded the Order of Canada.)
  • Eileen Adelaide Bruce ((1905-1955) English botanist, curator of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. She also studied flora in Africa. Several plant species were named after her.)

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