The Meaning Of The Name Aigerim

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The Meaning Of The Name Aigerim
The Meaning Of The Name Aigerim

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The origin of the name Aigerim. The name Aigerim is Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Aigerim has Turkic roots and consists of two semantic parts. "Ay" means "the moon", and "kerim" ("gerim") - "beauty", therefore most often the name is translated as "moon-faced beauty", "girl like the moon", "moon beauty". The names Luna, Selena, Ayaru, Indira, Aisun, Aydara, Aileen, Lunara and many others will be analogous in meaning in this interpretation.

There is also another interpretation of the name, where the first part of the name "ay" means admiration, then the name is translated as "oh, how beautiful." Literally, the name can be perceived as a shout of admiration: "Hey, beautiful." The name Aigerim is used among Muslims, and parents, giving the girl this name, wish her to be such a beauty, from which any man will be crazy about her, will always pay attention to her beauty.

From the Arabic language, the second part of the name (“kerim”) is translated not only as “beautiful”, but also “generous”, “noble”, “wonderful”. And then the name has several more interpretation options - "oh, what a noble", expressing admiration for these features of the girl.

The name Aigerim became popular after the famous Kazakh poet, thinker and educator Abai Kunanbayev began to call his beloved wife not by her real name, Shukiman, but Aigerim. This episode in the life of the great Kazakh public figure was mentioned by his fellow countryman Mukhtar Auezov in his novel "Abai's Way". After that, this female name became popular among the Kazakhs.

Among Kazakhs, female names containing the semantic part "ay" are widespread. For example, Aigul, Ainur, Aibike, Aysel, Aizhan, Aisylu, Aizada and others.

The girl Aigerim is a bright personality, a leader from a young age, she prefers to lead, to propose games on her own, and not to follow someone's desires. She will not mind giving orders, making remarks, but also offering an interesting activity. With age, this character trait will be reflected in her preferences and lifestyle.

Aigerim is a purposeful girl, she loves to show herself, therefore she strives to be in full view of everyone, so that she will be noticed. To do this, she develops diversifiedly, studies successfully, understands many modern directions. I have always heard about everything and can keep up a conversation not only about fashion trends, but also about the technical aspects of various modern devices.

The owner of this name is easy to communicate, quickly finds a common language not only with her peers, but also with people older than her. Aigerim is benevolent, you can turn to her for advice, but she is not averse to gossip and willingly share her impressions, therefore, without noticing it herself, she can make someone unpleasant by telling what she should not.

Aigerim is a good worker, diligent and diligent, loves to bring the work started to the end, learns a lot along the way. But still, she prefers to be a leader, rather than having someone lead her. She is ready to endure someone's leadership only until she realizes that she can start an independent business.

In choosing a profession, the girl relies on perspective and publicity. Aigerim can make a career as an actress, singer, journalist, but he will also find his calling in the role of a teacher, teacher.

In her personal life, the owner of the name Aigerim is like a bird. While she is free, she uses her to the fullest - she can flirt, she is light and elusive. But as soon as her heart is occupied by someone, she will not even look at other men. She will belong entirely to her beloved. And the cage in which she will be, like a caught bird, will not be for her, but for others, so that they do not encroach on her, keep at a distance from her. But after marriage, Aigerim will play the main violin in the family. If she wants to make a career, then the family should not be a hindrance to her, and she will be able to organize this issue with great care, so as not to lose face, but also to achieve her goals.

Birthday Aigerim

Aigerim does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Aigerim

  • Aigerim Zheksembinova ((born 1993) Kazakh synchronized swimmer, multiple champion of Kazakhstan, participant in the 2012 Olympic Games, bronze winner of the XVI Asian Games and 2012 Asian Championships)
  • Aigerim Rasul kyzy, Aigerim Rasulova (popular Kyrgyz singer)
  • Aigerim Tynystanova (Kyrgyz beauty, First Vice-Miss "Internet KG 2012")
  • Aigerim Nazarbekova (Kyrgyz model)

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