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Ayaru Name Meaning
Ayaru Name Meaning

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Synonyms for the name Ayaru. Aruay.

The origin of the name Ayaru. Ayaru's name is Muslim, Kazakh.

Ayaru's name in 2017 rose to the second line of the ranking of the most popular female names in Kazakhstan, although in 2016 it was not included in the top ten.

By its origin, the name Ayaru has Turkic roots, by morphology, this name is two-part. Consists of two parts, where "ai" means "moon", and "aru" - "beautiful", "beauty". Therefore, the name Ayaru has different interpretations - "beautiful as the moon", "moon beauty", "beauty of the moon", a more free interpretation - "like the moon".

Names similar in meaning, but also two-part, can be Aisylu, Aidana, Aidai, Aruay, Aizhamal. The names will be similar in meaning - Kamaria, Indira, Mitsuki, Lunara, Mani (Scand.), Nargiza, Selena, Edua (Hungarian), Luna (it.).

Among Kazakhs and Uzbeks, female names with the components "ai" and "aru" are widespread - Aruzhan, Ainur, Aruzat, Aigul, Aruuke, Aigerim, Aisun, Aibanu and many others.

There is also a Japanese name Ayaru, which can be written in various versions of the characters - 아야 루, 綾 流, あ や る. In the Latin alphabet, the name Ayaru is also written in different ways - Ayaru, Ayyaru, Ayayru, so the pronunciation may be different (Ayaru, Ayar, Ayra, Ayru). Kanji character combinations combine the concepts of love, affection, vast, complete, complete, complete, universal, and stay.

The owner of the name Ayaru, despite her complaisance, prefers not to change her own point of view and is ready to defend it, up to a quarrel and a break in relations. She is not often offended, but she considers it quite right to stop communicating if the insult hurt her very much.

Ayaru loves his family very much. In childhood, they treat her very favorably, forgive her pranks and leprosy, many consider this girl the favorite of their parents. This opinion is further supported by the fact that Ayaru is not often burdened with household chores, such as ironing, cleaning, parents prefer to spend time with her talking and talking, because Ayaru loves her parents very much and is strongly attached to them, in every possible way shows her love and respect for him.

But this does not mean that Ayaru is not at all familiar with everyday difficulties, she prefers to find a compromise way, combining career and housekeeping in equal proportions. Among her strategic goals is to find a husband, her man, whom she can always rely on, a real man of business, and not a promise in words.

Ayaru has plenty of ambitions. Her versatile hobbies help her find work in various fields of activity. Abilities for foreign languages, passion for the humanities, creativity - Ayaru has all this. But she does not seek to turn all this into her professional occupation. This girl chooses a profession for herself according to her inner call and personal needs. At the same time, the opinion of others about her own choice does not bother her much, she will prefer to do the business that she likes.

Ayaru's birthday

Ayaru doesn't celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Ayaru

  • Ayaru Rakhat (Kazakh singer)
  • Ayaru Tokhtonova (Russian journalist)

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