The Meaning Of The Name Ay

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The Meaning Of The Name Ay
The Meaning Of The Name Ay

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Synonyms for the name Ay. Ai, Aiko, Aina.

The origin of the name Ay. The name Ai is Japanese.

The name Ai is a Japanese and Chinese name. Means "love", "affection", "one who loves." In China this name is used among women and men, and in Japan it is almost always used as a woman's name, and sometimes it is interpreted as "blue-violet", "indigo".

In Japanese, it is written in hiragana as あ い, in katana as ア イ, in kanji as 愛. In China, symbols are used - 爱 / 愛, 艾.

Among the Turkic peoples there are many names that meet the semantic component "ay", which means "moon", "lunar". It is believed that the moon is very beautiful, so the "ah" in the names adds to their owners lunar beauty and charm. As an example, it is found in such names - Aigul, Ainur, Aigerim, Aisylu, Aidar and many others. As the full name Ai is found among the descendants of the Turks, but not very often.

The owner of the name Ai is a woman of a high level of intelligence, she is endowed with a strong will, courage and ambition. This character can hardly be called angelic, there are notes of bile and negative traits in it, but the girl's certain magnetism allows the people around her to find many virtues in her. Her excitability is a consequence of interest and motivation, the desire to do something always drives her.

The original appearance, reflected either in clothes, or in makeup, or in her hair, always emphasizes her courage and self-confidence. She appreciates material wealth, money and can turn out to be an excellent business woman. Insight and intuition help her in the business arena.

A girl named Ay, often due to her great imagination, tends to exaggerate insignificant facts. The extraordinary energy and hyperactivity give her real superiority over others, which she will definitely use.

As a child, the girl Ai shows her intelligence, learns to manipulate, but is rather impatient and easily irritated. The ability to be sensitive to others is given to her with great difficulty, it is difficult for her to share not only with other children, but also with her own brothers and sisters. Ai emphasizes her own importance and independence with pocket money, with which she will very quickly learn to use it wisely.

Ay loves comfort and coziness, loves to win hearts. She is very demanding of her chosen one. He should be worthy of her - attractive, successful, wealthy, with a modern outlook on life.

If Ai chooses a profession related to what is close to her heart, then, most likely, she will be attracted by the artistic or aesthetic sphere, medicine, as well as psychology, graphology, and pedagogy. She can work in an association or in a family business, or be interested in the extremely profitable side of her work and choose professions related to business or finance, management, banking.

Birthday Ay

Ay does not celebrate the name day.

Famous people named Ay

  • Ai Fujinuma ((born 1982) Japanese tennis player (table tennis))
  • Ai Shimizu ((born 1981) Japanese voice actor and singer)
  • Ai Sugiyama ((born 1975) Japanese tennis player, former world number one in women's doubles, has won four Grand Slam tournaments and won 44 WTA tournaments.)
  • Ai Takahashi ((born 1986) Japanese idol singer, member of the pop group Morning Musume)
  • Ai Shishime ((born 1994) Japanese judoka, gold winner of the 2017 World Judo Championship)
  • Ai Kobayashi (Kobayashi) (born 1973) Japanese actress)
  • Ai Kato ((born 1982) Japanese actress)
  • Ai Ogawa ((1947-2010) real name - Florence Haynes, Florence Anthony; American poet, won the National Book Award for Poetry in 1999)
  • Ai (Aiko) Iwamura ((born 1984) Japanese actress)
  • Ai Weiwei ((born 1957) Chinese artist and architect. Founder and director of China Art Archive & Warehouse. Time magazine listed him as one of the most influential people in the world.)
  • Ai Jing ((born 1969) Chinese folk singer)

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