The Meaning Of The Name Aida

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The Meaning Of The Name Aida
The Meaning Of The Name Aida

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Aida
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Short form of the name Aida. Ida, Aya, Ada, Aidka, Idusya.

Synonyms for the name Aida. Aita, Aeta.

The origin of the name Aida. The name Aida is Russian, Muslim, Catholic.

The name Aida, according to the first version, was invented by the French Egyptologist Auguste Mariet, who convinced Giuseppe Verdi to write an opera on an ancient Egyptian theme. The name was formed from the name of the priest Aetos, mentioned on the Rosetta stone. But it is also possible that the author of the opera borrowed it from the Arabs or among African names, because the main character of the opera is an Ethiopian princess. In the African Igbo language “Ada” means “the first daughter”, in the Yoruba language in the names the element “Adé” is interpreted as “royal power”.

According to the second version, the name Aida is of Arabic origin, which means “guest”. And translated from the Swahili language, the name is interpreted as a "reward".

The name Aida appeared in Russian after the October Revolution of 1917, but had nothing to do with the revolution. It is possible that the name began to spread due to what could be an affectionate appeal to the owners of such names as Ada and Adelaide. And it is also possible that interest in the name appeared after the opera was staged at the Bolshoi Theater in 1922.

The name Hades has nothing to do with the Greek name Hades, which was carried in mythology by the god of the underworld.

Aida is not mentioned in the Orthodox calendar, but among Catholics her name day can be celebrated in honor of Saint Aidano in Italy on August 31, and in Poland two dates - January 2 and July 28.

The owner of the name Aida is a charming and attractive woman who strives to please and be loved. She is an emotional and sensitive nature, responsive and attentive, ready to make significant efforts to maintain peace and harmony not only in her own family, but also at work, and among friends, even just in a store or cafe, without going into conflict, but in every possible way trying to avoid it or to make amends.

Aida prefers to be stylish, cares about her appearance, and usually impeccably chooses her image, down to the smallest detail. Aida's good imagination can play a cruel joke with her, make an elephant out of a fly, but this will unbalance her, can bring to an alarming state.

Aida is a rather docile and sociable person, loves to have fun, knows how to communicate with ease and charm, using diplomatic techniques and humor. Aida does not strive to be the very first and lead people, but even this modest and timid girl can achieve tremendous success, because she does not take patience, and her determination can manifest itself after certain circumstances.

As a child, Aida can be somewhat temperamental, but this manifests itself as a consequence of her impressionability, although this girl is usually rather timid. She prefers to feel protected and dependent, as this position gives her the opportunity to feel safe, and creates a temptation for parents to succumb to her whims, only to avoid drama, tears or tantrums. You should avoid this infantilism and from childhood teach Aida responsibility, understanding the consequences after making decisions or lack thereof.

Aida loves to spend time with the company, collaborate and interact, and do a common cause together. Love is simply necessary for her, although she can often deny it. It is quite difficult to maintain a romantic relationship with such a girl, because Aida often switches her attention from one to another. There are two different options: either she becomes an ideal housewife and fulfills the role of mother assigned to her, or she prefers to devote herself to others, to all of humanity, relying too much on other people. Therefore, the example of the family in which Aida grew up can have a significant impact on her future.

If it is possible, then Aida will prefer a profession of a humanitarian nature or related to creativity. Otherwise, she will turn her attention to professions related to communication, counseling, childcare, medicine, health care, ecology and social assistance. Professions in aesthetics, arts and crafts will help her express herself.

She loves to feel needed and to be surrounded by people who love her, and to them she shows more love and devotion than to a secret admirer. Aida is a true friend who knows how to listen and is happy to give advice. For this girl, the opportunity to make a career, to be successful in anything is of fundamental importance. Even if it will be an atmosphere in her house that will be comfortable not only for her, but for which she will hear praise.

Aida's birthday

Aida celebrates her name day on January 2, July 28, August 31.

Famous people named Aida

  • Aida Shanaeva ((born 1986) Russian foil fencer, won gold at the 2008 Olympics, multiple medalist of various world and European competitions)
  • Aida Vedishcheva ((born 1941) birth name - Ida Weiss; Soviet singer (lyric soprano), sang many famous songs from films and cartoons; known as the performer of the military song "Comrade")
  • Aida Bella ((born 1985) Polish short tracker, bronze winner of the 2013 European Championship in relay)
  • Aida Markosyan ((born 1952) Armenian linguist and philologist, author of many works, including on the methods of teaching languages. Author of the Armenian language textbook for Russia.)
  • Aida de la Fuente Penaos, Aida Lafuente ((1915-1934) Spanish communist)
  • Aida Lapshina ((born 1926) Soviet athlete, three times was in the top ten runners in the world at a distance of 800 meters)
  • Aida Mohamed ((born 1976) Hungarian foil fencer, participated in six Olympic Games, multiple winner of the World and European Championships)
  • Aida Imanguliyeva ((1939-1992) Azerbaijani Arabist, philologist, orientalist. Author of monographs, more than 70 scientific articles.)
  • Aida Ndochi (Albanian singer, represented her country at Eurovision 2007)
  • Aida Roman ((born 1989) Mexican archer, silver medalist at the 2012 Olympics)
  • Aida Garifullina ((born 1987) Russian opera singer (soprano), soloist of the Vienna Opera, winner of the Russian National Music Prize 2015)
  • Aida Zyablikova ((born 1940) Soviet and Russian director-animator, who made a huge contribution to animation. The most significant and famous works were the cartoons: "Shakespeare in Animation", "Bible in Animation", "Moomin and the Comet", " Once upon a time there was Saushkin "," Koloboks are conducting the investigation "," Kuzya's brownie. A house for Kuzka "," In the country of the Bobbers ", and" Canterbury Tales "were nominated for an Oscar.)
  • Aida Chernova ((1937-2012) Soviet and Russian theater actress, choreographer, was the artistic director of the New Ballet Theater of Plastic Ballet)
  • Aida Manasarova ((1925-1986) Soviet and Russian film director)
  • Aida Smolyanskaya ((1920-2006) Soviet and Russian microbiologist, organizer and head of the bacteriological group at the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Oncology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences for 40 years. Author of more than 150 scientific papers, 3 monographs.)
  • Aida Ayupova ((born 1970) Kazakh violinist, participant and diploma winner of many international competitions)

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