The Meaning Of The Name Aisha

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The Meaning Of The Name Aisha
The Meaning Of The Name Aisha

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Aisha

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Aisha
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Synonyms for the name Aisha. Aisha, Oisha, Oisha, Aishan.

The origin of the name Aisha. The name Aisha is Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Aisha is one of the most famous Muslim female names, because it is the name of the third wife of the Prophet Muhammad, who is very beloved not only by her husband, but also by many Muslims. Aisha's name can also be written as Aisha.

This name has Arabic origin. The name Aisha means "life", "living", "alive" in the meaning of "active", "energetic", "full of life." There are variants of pronunciation of the name Aisha - Aisha, Oysha, Oisha, for example, among Uzbeks, Tajiks, Kazakhs. The form of the name is found in Azerbaijan - Aishan. Aisha's name becomes widespread in the United States.

The owner of the name Aisha is a completely extraordinary girl. Her conversations are all full of logical conclusions, but she knows how to present them in such a way that they seem to appear by themselves in the thoughts of the interlocutor, that is, Aisha herself is allegedly not their primary source. Therefore, everyone considers Aisha to be an excellent companion, with whom it is not at all boring. At the same time, she does not seek to show off her mind, preferring to be invisible, to be in the shadows. This woman is worthy of glory, but not the one that is shouted about at every corner, but the one that will be passed from mouth to mouth, real glory and recognition among the people.

She has a humanitarian character, mathematics, physics and chemistry are completely difficult and incomprehensible subjects for her, literature, painting, languages, and other artistic and creative professions are much closer to her. This is a sensitive and very emotional nature, has good intuition. Aisha tries to restrain her impulsiveness and rich fantasies, preferring to be pragmatic and consistent.

She has enough patience and perseverance, she is very stubborn, especially in those cases when she understands that time is on her side, and the situation is in her favor. But this path is not without pitfalls, since, walking along it, she experiences a great nervous tension, which cannot later affect, it can even result in an obsession and fanaticism. Because she prefers to follow her designs to the limits of the possible.

Aisha has tremendous self-control and is very careful, especially in the area of her ambitions. Motivation is undoubtedly the magic word, and it will only completely and completely move Aisha towards the intended goal. If she fails to achieve her goals, she is likely to become sullen, hot-tempered, envious, and sad. But if there is even the slightest chance to bring her projects to life, then Aisha will skillfully combine intuition and creativity with her talent for organizing and landscaping, while never looking back.

As a child, Aisha is extremely receptive and highly emotional, which makes her especially sensitive when it comes to inner harmony. She has a great need for security and love due to a certain lack of confidence. She can become lethargic at the slightest emotional shock, lose all interest in studying at school. She learns to control her emotions, makes an effort on herself, often with the intention of pleasing her parents. At least at first glance. Her creativity should be encouraged, because in the future she can prove herself as a talented girl.

Aisha has a gentle and romantic soul. She appreciates true friendship, loves collaboration with her colleagues. When it comes to love, she may try to hide because of her extreme modesty and shyness, which introduces certain difficulties in personal, non-work communication. She hopes that her partner, who can understand her anyway, will be very patient and considerate. Having found her love, Aisha will not even have thoughts of infidelity to her husband.

Aisha's birthday

Aisha does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Aisha

  • Aisha bint Abu Bakr ((612-678) the third wife of the Prophet Muhammad. During her life she was considered one of the greatest scholars of Islam.)
  • Aisha Syed Castro, Aisha Sayed ((born 1989) Dominican violinist and violist, winner of the 2009 Kasandra Prize)
  • Aisha ((born 1986) real name - Aya Andreeva; Latvian singer, participant of Eurovision 2010)
  • Aisha Tyler ((born 1970) American actress and comedian)
  • Aisha Dee ((born 1993) Australian television actress, has appeared in television series)
  • Aisha Hinds ((born 1975) American actress, starred in both TV series and big movies)
  • Aisha Galimbaeva ((1917-2008) Soviet and Kazakh artist, painter. Became the first professional artist among Kazakh women. Winner of the titles of Honored Art Worker and People's Artist in her native country.)
  • Aisha Gaddafi ((born 1976) former Libyan political and public figure, also formerly a UN Goodwill Ambassador. Diplomat and lawyer.)

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