The Meaning Of The Name Adil

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The Meaning Of The Name Adil
The Meaning Of The Name Adil

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Adil
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The short form of the name Adil. Adya, Adi, Ada.

Synonyms for the name Adil. Adil, Adile, Odilya, Gadilya, Adele, Adelya, Adilia.

The origin of the name Adil. Adil's name is Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Adil has Arabic roots, means "fair", "honest", is the feminine form of the male Muslim name Adil, also used as an epithet for the ruler.

There are variants of pronunciation and spelling of this name. So in Central Asia the name of Adil will sound like Odilya, and among the Tatars - Adel (Adelya). Among Azerbaijanis, the name Adil is translated as “beloved”. The stress in the name can be placed on both the first and the last syllable.

Also, Adil is a dialect variant of the name Gadil, can be pronounced as Adile. There is a European name Adele, which has its own origin, which should not be confused with the name of Adil.

A girl named Adilya does nothing by half and her decision is usually justified. She is straightforward, honest and courageous, she is able to take the initiative, to be quick in making decisions: where most people see "difficulties", she sees "opportunities". Driven by the desire to win, Adilya will be pragmatic, since she sees the world not in pink glasses, but perceives it as very realistic.

Little Adilya is a rather obedient child, but can be quite temperamental. It is still not worth arguing even with little Adilya directly, she needs to be convinced, proven necessary, convincing arguments given. For her, a fair approach to choosing the right decision is important. She loves the team very much, and is quite curious. Parents should broaden her horizons. Exercise and sports are highly recommended by Adila, such as yoga, martial arts, fencing, as this will allow them to combine the spiritual and the physical in an incredibly beneficial way.

Adilya is wary of various assurances and requires material evidence before she believes what has been said, and she does the same with respect to various ideas. She has high moral principles, the owners of this name are quite loyal, which is very important for them. Although the girl may be somewhat worried that sometimes she cannot be flexible, and acts quite straightforward.

On the other hand, Adilya is not at all a superficial person and cannot imagine her friendship with just anyone. However, as soon as she decided that you are worth her time, then she begins to show increased attention to your person. Active by nature, looking for a job that gives her the opportunity to express herself. As long as Adilya feels motivated, she will tirelessly move towards achieving her goals.

At the same time, completely contradictory personalities can live in Adil, which can be reflected in her balance, concentration. Feelings of duty and the importance of work, her desire to acquire a certain level of wisdom, make her be more specific and dynamic, to act and strive for a goal, which can be reflected in a loss of enthusiasm and outbursts of anger. When these two tendencies are in harmony with each other, then the owners of this name are well balanced emotionally, although very demanding and sometimes intolerant, but still present themselves as an example for others.

Adilya values simplicity and sincerity and rejects anything that is unnatural or artificial. She loves nature, its calmness and serenity. Safety and physical comfort are important to her, so she does not give the last place to money in her life. When it comes to love, you are unlikely to see Adila very sentimental or too romantic, she chooses a partner for life with a pragmatic approach, even if it seems rather arrogant and awkward. A reliable and loyal partner, a spouse who can be trusted is the foundation of her family.

Adilya is a responsible and hardworking girl, not devoid of ambition, so she seeks to occupy positions related to the exercise of certain power over others (police, army, politics). Or in the field of business and finance, as well as in such professions that require restraint, a certain amount of composure, the ability to make lightning-fast decisions (surgeon, stuntman, firefighter, trainer, athlete).

Birthday Adili

Adilya does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Adil

  • Adilya Shahtakhtinskaya ((1894-1951) Azerbaijani gynecologist, the first female specialist in this field of medicine. Received a doctorate in medical sciences, became a professor at the Azerbaijan State Medical University in 1933.)
  • Princess Adilah (one of the daughters of the King of Saudi Arabia (since 2005) Abdullah ibn Abdel Aziz Al Saud, who is the oldest current monarch of our time. She is one of the few Saudi princesses to defend women's rights in government.)
  • Adilya Vyldanova ((born 1994) Kazakh athlete, women's football, striker)
  • Adilya Zaripova (Russian journalist)
  • Adilya Safronova (Russian pediatrician, nutritionist, gastroenterologist)
  • Adilya Ayda ((1912-1992) was the first female diplomat of Turkey, historian, daughter of a Russian and later Turkish lawyer and statesman and public and political figure SN Maksudov. She wrote works on the history of the ancient Turkic peoples, Etruscans, about her father.)
  • Adile Emirova ((born 1933) Ukrainian philologist-linguist, Doctor of Philology, Professor of Simferopol State University. By birth - Crimean Tatar. Developed a new area of scientific analysis of Russian phraseology - communicative phraseology. Author of textbooks for universities, wrote about 200 scientific papers She is known not only at home, but also abroad, her works are quoted not only by domestic, but also by foreign scientists. The writer, writes poetry, stories, translates from Turkish. Winner of the medal "Veteran of Labor" and the title of Honorary title "Honored worker of education of the ARC "2004.)
  • Adile Sultan ((1826-1899) daughter of the Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II, poet)

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