The Meaning Of The Name Azalea

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The Meaning Of The Name Azalea
The Meaning Of The Name Azalea

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Short form of the name Azalea. Aza, Azochka, Azka, Zalya, Zala.

Synonyms for the name Azalea. Aza.

The origin of the name Azalea. The name Azalea is Muslim, Greek.

The name Azalea translated from Greek means "flowering bush". The name comes from the name of the flower of the same name - azalea. The peculiarity of this plant is that it is a completely nondescript dwarf shrub, but it completely transforms during flowering.

But there is another version that the name Azalea is of Arabic origin and translates as “comforting”, “calming”.

It should not be confused with another consonant female name - Azaria. Diminutive Aza is also an independent name.

Azalea's thoughts are invariably connected with everyday life and work, and she devotes her life to fulfilling her duty. Only by having a favorite job, involving the girl's personal responsibility, can Azalea be a leader and can feel a sense of satisfaction.

Azalea remembers duty both at work and at home. She is a leader who realizes herself in the responsibility that she is able to take on. Despite the strong and strong-willed nature, Azalea is extremely tolerant of others. She will not ask or order, but rather will do everything on her own.

Azalea has an ability for science and pedagogy. She will do well with humanities and university teaching. The girl has a strong sense of responsibility, and, despite the fact that she is a person of mood, Azalea can order herself to do her duty in any conditions. In fact, Azalea is capable of doing any job in which it will be in demand.

The norm of life for a girl with this name is family. She appreciates and loves stability in everything. The spouse picks herself wisely. Azalea is well versed in men and does not admit rude and boorish ones. She firmly follows her principles and spiritual requirements. Azalea reveals her femininity only in the family, being next to a regular partner. At the same time, a woman's chosen one should accept her life principles, appreciate her sense of duty and tolerance.

Azalea becomes a good mother and wife. Although she loves praise, she will not ask for it out of modesty. Azalea does not separate the concept of family and work. Both are the basis of the stability of her life. She strives to achieve lofty goals and great responsibility. This is what allows her to fully appreciate herself.

Azalea diligently avoids quarrels and conflicts. She herself does not hold any grudge against anyone, does not seek revenge on anyone and never envies.

Azalea's birthday

Azalea does not celebrate its name day.

Famous people named Azalea

  • Azalia Dolgova ((born 1937) Soviet, Russian scientist-lawyer, criminologist, Doctor of Law, professor. Member of the Expert Council of the State Duma Commission on Combating Corruption. President of the Russian Criminological Association.)
  • Aza (Azalia) Likhitchenko ((born 1937) Soviet TV presenter, People's Artist of the RSFSR)
  • Azalea Banks (aspiring rap singer, her song "Bambi" sounded at the Terry Mugler fashion show in Paris)
  • Azalia Zinnatova (Zinnat) (singer)

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