The Meaning Of The Name Aza

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The Meaning Of The Name Aza
The Meaning Of The Name Aza

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Aza

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Aza
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The short form of the name Aza. Azochka, Azza, Aza.

Synonyms for the name Aza. Azalea, Azadan, Azat.

The origin of the name Aza. The name Aza is Jewish, Muslim.

The name Aza has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Aza from the Hebrew means “firm”, “confident”. According to the second version, the name Aza is translated from Arabic as “consolation”.

Also Aza is one of the forms of the female name Azalea and the male names Azadan, Azaria and Azat. In addition, the name Aza is also a male name.

The female and male name Aza is mentioned in both Orthodox and Catholic calendar. The Orthodox worship the martyr Aza.

Aza lives many lives in her consciousness, which gives her confidence in herself. She invariably sets leadership and victory as the goal of her life.

Aza has the hardest time in her childhood and school years. Everyone treats her like a little girl, they don't take her seriously, they teach her how to live. Aza is not interested among peers. She wants to feel equal among the elders, or at least lead the younger. Over the years, this desire develops into arrogance and a desire to show that everyone around is stupider than she. During her school years, the girl becomes stubborn, often re-reads to her elders, does it out of spite.

At the same time, Aza is lazy and fussy. She is initially sure that everything should be given to her easily, therefore she takes from teaching only superficial knowledge that remains in her head only thanks to her phenomenal memory. Although Aza knows how to set goals and achieve them, she always remains a touchy and arrogant woman. To this can be added envy. Parents have a chance to correct these qualities through upbringing, to try to direct them to creativity.

Often Aza sees her goal not in everyday life or family, she sets high goals for herself, believing that the past and the future are subject to her, and she herself is endowed with the gift of clairvoyance. In her life, Aza strives to achieve high spiritual goals, thereby increasing his self-esteem.

Aza shows a penchant for the humanities. She is especially good at languages. She can become a good translator or diplomat. She can also make a career as a politician. Aza strives to be a leader among leaders and therefore chooses a prestigious university, and then a prestigious job. At the same time, money is far from decisive for Aza, much more important is her place, her own position and the people with whom she will have to work. If from her youth Aza was engaged in creativity, then in her adult years she can prove herself as an artist, journalist or writer. In addition, she can become a creative leader, such as an editor-in-chief or director.

First of all, Aza expects understanding and respect from her husband. The girl treats intimacy as something inevitable, with which she has to put up. In general, the family for Aza is not the most important thing. She prefers travel, strives to beautifully furnish her home. Disowning everyday life and family problems, Aza often hits religion. In everyday life, Aza is a housewife, but in communication she is flirtatious and attractive. She is often married more than once.

Aza strives to look older than her years and this must be taken into account when communicating with her. She wants others to think that she is smarter than many. Try to challenge this, and Aza will immediately show his temper, take offense at you and will be ready to immediately join the battle. Although Aza loves praise, she can get angry if someone starts praising her openly. This behavior offends and humiliates the girl. Aza absolutely does not know how to lose either in conflicts or in disputes, so he tries to avoid them. In this she is helped by some clairvoyance, which helps her understand people.

Aza's birthday

Aza celebrates his name day on November 3rd.

Famous people named Aza

  • Aza (Azalia) Likhitchenko ((born 1937) Soviet TV presenter, People's Artist of the RSFSR)
  • Aza Taho-Godi ((born 1922) Soviet and Russian classical philologist, Doctor of Philology, Professor)
  • Aza Luneva (singer)
  • Aza Petrenko (participant of the show "Battle of Psychics")
  • Aza Bataeva (Chechen singer)

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