The Meaning Of The Name Adeline

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The Meaning Of The Name Adeline
The Meaning Of The Name Adeline

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Adeline

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Adeline

Short form of the name Adeline. Adelya, Adelka, Adel, Delia, Ada, Adya, Adula, Adusya, Adusha, Adyusha, Adyunya, Lina, Alina, Adelita.

Synonyms for the name Adeline. Edela, Edele, Edell, Edelia, Adeline, Adele, Adela, Adele, Adele, Adele, Adeline, Andeline, Adeline, Adele, Adelaide.

The origin of the name Adeline. Adeline's name is German, Catholic.

The name Adeline is of Germanic origin. According to the first version, the name Adeline is derived from the ancient Germanic name Adela (Adela), which is the basis for some female names beginning with the element "adal" meaning "noble", as well as one of the short forms of such names.

According to the second version, the name Adeline is a form of the name Adelaide, which means "coming from a noble family."

In different European countries, the name Adeline sounds differently. In England, the girl will be called Edela, Edel, Edell, Edelia, in Germany - Adele, Adele, Adela, in France - Adele, Adele, Adelis, Adeline, as well as Andelin and Edeline, in Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway - Adela, Adele.

In Italy, the name Adeline is often used as a diminutive for Adele. Diminutive-affectionate references Alina, Adelita, Ada and Lina are also independent names. The name Adelita is used independently most often in Latin America. And the names Ethel and Alina are considered related names for Adeline.

In the Catholic calendar, the name day of Adeline is September 2 and October 20.

Little Adelina is a restless girl, she becomes a little more balanced only by the year. She develops well, starts walking early. Adeline, born in July, is obsequious and affectionate, but very vulnerable. Fearing resentment, she shuns her peers. She takes herself well, often helps her mother, plays with dolls, shows a craving for needlework.

One of Adeline's favorite activities as a teenager is reading. She prefers popular science and science fiction. Adelaide loves children, she is happy to babysit the neighbors' kids. At school he does not fully manifest himself. This is largely hindered by the girl's modesty and stiffness. At the same time, the girl has a good good voice and hearing, which gives her every chance to successfully graduate from a music school. For Adele, the support of her elders is very important.

Having matured, Adele ceases to need outside help so much, but still remains modest, shy and calm. If the parents notice Adeline's abilities, help her develop them, then the girl will achieve significant success. Adele will be able to achieve results in the sports field by becoming a swimmer, tennis player or gymnast.

A girl by nature has character, but she must develop fighting qualities in herself. Adelaide leaves a very neat, obliging and punctual worker. She will try not to let her colleagues down, she will strive to become a real professional in her field. However, Adele does not seek to make a career and can do so forever and remain only a good performer. It is worth noting that, after all, becoming a boss, Adeline shows herself perfectly.

A woman with this name gets along well with people, and her calm character and ability to win over her colleagues can serve her and her subordinates well. Adeline is respected by her colleagues and reckoned with her opinion. If necessary, Adele is able to quickly gather, concentrate and make the right decision. In general, this woman is very rarely wrong, and, being confident in her innocence, she can be very persistent. Often Adelaide gravitates towards the profession of a stewardess or fashion model.

Adeline is prone to narcissism. She always watches her own appearance with great attention. She loves to be surrounded by exquisite and beautiful things. Many girls with this name are fond of collecting images of antique works of art. A girl with this name has an unbending will and an ironic and balanced character. She finds a way out of a difficult situation without outside help. Not least her intuition helps her in this. Adeline sets out a goal for herself and, slowly, moves towards it, showing perseverance and perseverance.

Adelaide gets married more than once in her life, but she still lives out her life alone. The moment of Adeline's marriage may not be visible to others. A strong family union is preceded by a long period of meetings and friendship with her chosen one. The character of the girl changes somewhat with the advent of children. From calm and balanced, she can become a "lioness protecting her cubs." Among family troubles, Adele remains patient and hardy, ready to support her husband in difficult times. A woman with this name becomes an affectionate and loyal friend to her husband.

Adele, especially born in summer, has difficulty getting along with people, she is too insecure. The "winter" Adeline is more sociable, but she does not find a common language with everything, and it is easier for her to communicate with men. A girl with this name is more likely a homebody, does not like noisy companies. Adeline is friends with only one or two girls, helps them around the house, sits with their children, makes peace with their husbands. She is admired by her friends for her actions. Adele cooks well, welcomes guests with pleasure, lavishly sets the table.

Adelina's birthday

Adelina celebrates her name day on September 2, October 20.

Famous people named Adeline

  • Adelina Patti ((1843 - 1919) Italian opera singer (coloratura soprano), favorite vocalist of Giuseppe Verdi)
  • Adeline Gusso ((born 1936) French politician)
  • Adelina Adalis ((1900 - 1969) real name and surname - Adelina Efron; Russian poet, writer, translator)
  • Adeline Dzhuri ((1872 - 1963) ballerina, teacher-choreographer)
  • Adelina Sotnikova ((born 1996) Russian figure skater (single skating), became the world champion among juniors in 2011, has already won the title of champion of Russia four times. Winner of the gold medal of the 2014 Olympics in this sport. Sotnikova is called a "prodigy" in figure skating, due to the fact that already at the age of 13 she performed two extremely complex cascades in one program: triple lutz - triple rittberger and triple salchow - triple rittberger.)
  • Adeline Suluk ((1795 - 1867) before marriage - Leveque; wife of the President of Haiti Faustin-Eli Suluk. From 1849 to 1859 - during the reign of Suluk as Emperor of Haiti - Empress of Haiti.)
  • Adelina (Adelaide) Dzhuri ((1872 - 1963) ballerina, teacher-choreographer, Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1945))

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