The Meaning Of The Name Adele

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The Meaning Of The Name Adele
The Meaning Of The Name Adele

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Adele

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Adele
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Short form of the name Adele. Adelya, Adelka, Delia, Ada, Leah, Adya, Adula, Adusya, Adusha, Adyusha, Adyunya, Adelka, Adla, Adina, Adka, Adeline.

Synonyms for the name Adele. Adela, Edela, Edel, Edell, Edel, Edelia, Adele, Adeline, Adelia, Adelis, Adeleys, Adeline, Adele.

The origin of the name Adele. The name Adele is German, Catholic.

The name Adele is of German origin. According to the first version, the name Adele is one of the pronunciation variants of the ancient German name Adela, which is the basis for many female names and means "noble".

According to the second version, the name Adele is a short form of many female names beginning with "Adel-", for example, Adeline, Adelaide, Adelfina, Adelia. There is also a male name Adele, a pronunciation option is Edel.

Among Muslims, the name Adil is used, which should not be confused with the European name Adel, although among the Tatars the name of Adil and Adel are identical, but different in spelling and pronunciation.

The name Adele does not appear in the Orthodox calendar. For the name Adele, Catholic name days will be indicated.

Description of the meaning of the name Adele - see the names Adeline or Adelaide.

Adele's birthday

Adele celebrates her name day on December 24th.

Famous people named Adele

  • Adelaide (Adele, Adela) Aquitaine ((died 1004) Queen of France, wife of Hugo Capet)
  • Adela of Normandy ((about 1064 - about 1137) daughter of William the Conqueror, mother of the English king Stephen of Blues)
  • Adela (Adula) ((about 660 - 735) abbess, Holy Catholic Church, commemorated December 24)
  • Adela of Flanders ((about 1064 - 1115) in the first marriage the wife of the Danish king Knut IV Saint, in the second - the Apulian duke Roger I Borsa)
  • Adela Noriega ((born 1969) Mexican actress)
  • Adelaide (Adele, Adela) Savoy (Morienne) ((1092 - 1154) Queen of France, wife of Louis VI)
  • Adele Champagne ((about 1140 - 1206) Queen of France, wife of Louis VII, regent of France, daughter of Thibault II the Great, Count of Champagne and Matilda of Carinthia)
  • Adele Faccio ((1920 - 2007) Italian politician)
  • Adelina da Palma Carlos ((1905 - 1992) Portuguese politician)
  • Adele Kutui ((1903 - 1945) Tatar Soviet writer)
  • Adele Marcus ((1906 - 1995) American pianist and music educator)
  • Adele Dixon ((1908 - 1992) British singer and actress)
  • Adele Eva Goldberg ((born 1963) American linguist and cognitive psychologist, one of the most prominent representatives of the trend known as the grammar of constructions)
  • Adele Adkins ((born 1988) also known as Adele; English pop-jazz / soul singer, announced in 2007 as "the new Amy Winehouse", but a year later recognized as a continuer of the traditions of Etta James and Dusty Springfield. Adele was awarded two awards Grammy for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.)
  • Adele Bloch-Bauer ((1881 - 1925) daughter of the General Director of the Vienna Banking Union, Moritz Bauer. Known for the portrait "Golden Adele" in 1907 by Gustav Klimt, considered one of the most significant works of Viennese Art Nouveau.)
  • Adele Hugo ((1830 - 1915) daughter of Adele and Victor Hugo. Prototype of the main character of the film by Francois Truffaut "The Story of Adele G.")

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