Meaning Of The Name Adelaide

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Meaning Of The Name Adelaide
Meaning Of The Name Adelaide

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Video: Meaning Of The Name Adelaide

Short form of the name Adelaide. Adelaide, Adela, Adelka, Adele, Delia, Ada, Adya, Adula, Adusya, Adusha, Adyusha, Adyunya, Ida, Aida, Ada, Edela, Della, Eddie, Heidi, Haida, Aletta, Elke, Alida.

Synonyms for the name Adelaide. Edelaide, Adelheide, Adelheid, Adele, Adeline, Adeleide.

The origin of the name Adelaide. The name Adelaide is German, Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Adelaide is of German origin, it is a reduced version of the ancient German name Adelheide, which consisted of two words - "adal" (noble) and "heid" (genus). Therefore, the name Adelaide is translated as "from a noble family." The name Adelaide was borne by many European aristocratic persons.

The name Adelaide has related names - Adeline, Adele, which often become either derived from the name Adelaide, or diminutive forms of this name. The names Alice, Alicia originated from the same name. The short forms of Hell and Hades are also separate names.

In Orthodox saints, the name day of Adelaide is December 16. The Catholics revered Saint Adelaide of Burgundy, the patroness of widows, princesses, prisoners, large families, brides, foster parents and women who remarry. For the name Adelaide, Catholic name days will be indicated.

Description of the name Adelaide - see the name of Adeline.

Adelaide's birthday

Adelaide celebrates its name day on February 5, December 16.

Famous people named Adelaide

  • Adelaide (Adele, Adela) Aquitaine ((died 1004) Queen of France, wife of Hugo Capet)
  • Adelaide of Normandy ((about 1026 - about 1090) Countess of Omalskaya, half-sister or half-sister of William the Conqueror)
  • Adelaide (Adele, Adela) Savoy (Morienne) ((1092 - 1154) Queen of France, wife of Louis VI)
  • Adelaide ((died 1109) in Catholic baptism - Adelheid, real name - Evpraksia Vsevolodovna; daughter of the Kiev prince Vsevolod Yaroslavich, granddaughter of Yaroslav the Wise and sister of Vladimir Monomakh, second wife of the German emperor Henry IV)
  • Adelaide of Toulouse ((died 1200) daughter of Raymund V, Count of Toulouse)
  • Adelaide of France ((1732 - 1800) French princess, daughter of Louis XV)
  • Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen ((1792 - 1849) German princess, wife of King William IV of Great Britain, queen consort of Great Britain and Ireland)
  • Edelaide (Adelaide) Phillips ((1833 - 1882) American opera singer (contralto))
  • Adelaide (Adelaide) Ristori ((1822 - 1906) Italian theater actress)
  • Adelaide Negri ((born 1950) Argentine opera singer (soprano))
  • Adelaide Ferreira ((born 1960) Portuguese rock singer)
  • Heidi Brühl ((1942 - 1991) German singer and actress)
  • Heide Schmidt ((born 1948) Austrian politician)
  • Elke Winkens ((born 1970) German actress and ballerina)
  • Adelaide ((970 - 1015) Abbess of Willich, Catholic saint)
  • Adelaide of Aquitaine (1st Queen of France 987-996)
  • Adelaide Bolska (Russian opera singer (lyric soprano) and vocal teacher)
  • Adelaide (Adelheida) of Burgundy (Queen of Italy and Empress of the Holy Roman Empire, Catholic Saint)
  • Adelaide of Hungary (wife of Vratislav II)
  • Adelaide Gertsyk (Russian poet, prose writer, translator)
  • Adelaide Louise Teresa Caroline Amelia of Saxe-Meiningen (Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (Queen Consort) in 1830-1837)
  • Adelaide of Normandy (Countess of Omal in 1053-1080)
  • Adelaide Ristori (Italian actress)
  • Adelaide of Savoy or Adelaide of Morienne (9th Queen of France in 1115-1137)
  • Adelaide of Savona (in the first marriage - the third wife of Roger I of Sicily, in the second - the third wife of King Baldwin I of Jerusalem, mother of Roger II and regent in his minor years)
  • Adelaide Sigida (Russian journalist)
  • Victoria Adelaide Maria Louise (Royal Princess of Great Britain - 9th Queen Consort of Prussia in 1888, 2nd Empress Consort of the German Empire in 1888)
  • Victoria Adelaide of Schleswig-Holstein (Duchess of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha from 1905-1918)
  • Henrietta Adelaide of Savoy (Elector-Consort of Bavaria in 1651-1676)
  • Marie Adelaide Theresa Hilda Antonia Wilhelmina (Grand Duchess of Luxembourg 1912-1919)
  • Maria-Adelaide of Luxembourg (Princess of Luxembourg)
  • Maria Adelaide of France (French princess from the Bourbon dynasty)
  • Adelaide of Hungary ((circa 1040 - 1062) is the only daughter of Andras I from the Arpad dynasty. There is no consensus among historians as to whether her mother was Anastasia Yaroslavna, daughter of Yaroslav the Wise, or another, the first wife of Andrash, about whom no information remains.)
  • Adelaide Cole Chase ((1868 - 1944) American artist)