The Meaning Of The Name Agunda

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The Meaning Of The Name Agunda
The Meaning Of The Name Agunda

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Agunda
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Synonyms for the name Agunda. Akuanda, Gunda.

The origin of the name Agunda. The name Agunda is Ossetian.

The name Agunda is an Ossetian name. This name was borne by the heroine of the Ossetian Nart epic, the daughter of the ruler of the Black Mountain Sainag-Aldar. Agunda had no equal in beauty and grace: a thin and slender figure, long eyebrows, ivory-white teeth. A legend is associated with her name.

The most prominent sledges vainly sought her hand, and only young Atsamaz could enchant her by playing the golden pipe. Coming out to him with a grin on her lips, she insulted Atsamaz, and he broke the pipe on the stones. After collecting all the debris, with the help of her magic wand, she was able to restore the pipe to its original appearance again. Atsamaz was able to marry Agunda only after he paid in the form of kalym with hundred one-year-old deer. The name Agunda corresponds to the name Akuanda in the Adyghe Nart epic and the name Gunda in the Abkhaz language.

But there is another legend in the Abkhaz language. Gunda the Beautiful (Gunda Pshdza) is the only, radiant sister of the 99 brothers-heroes of the Narts, according to some sources she was a sister to God. She is the bride of Hu-azhvarpis, was kidnapped by Narjkhyou, but both heroes died in a duel because of her, and she herself turned to stone. Alternatively, it turned into foam and evaporated. Gunda the Beautiful could take the form of an unusually beautiful white horse. Perhaps that is why it was sometimes called the mighty fifth. In battles, she used a dogwood war stick. She had tremendous physical strength. Therefore, in the Abkhaz language, the name Gunda (Agunda) means "a beautiful, strong white horse".

Reckless Agunda haunts others from birth. She demands attention, throws toys around her and doesn't want to put them away for anything in the world. Each time little Agunda comes up with new activities, one more interesting than the other.

Agunda does well at school thanks to her lively mind, but she is rarely an excellent student because of her restlessness. Nevertheless, teachers love her for her cheerful, kind disposition, and even physics teachers give her good grades.

The character of the matured Agunda does not change much - she is still very inventive, has a wonderful imagination and intuition, and does not tolerate routine at all. It is easier to do something very complex the first time than something completely simple the second time. Therefore, she chooses mostly creative professions.

Agunda, who got married early and gave birth to a child, can indulge in her child without much enthusiasm, preferring to continue to have fun. However, if Agunda gives birth at a more mature age, she is happy to take care of the child, giving him maximum attention.

Name days of Agunda

Agunda does not celebrate its name day.

Famous people named Agunda

  • Agunda Kulaeva (opera singer (mezzo-soprano), laureate of the Boris Christoph International Competition for Young Opera Singers (Sofia, Bulgaria, 2009, III prize))
  • Agunda Kokoiti-Hodovaya (choral conductor)
  • Agunda Tandueva (costume designer)
  • Agunda Alborova (journalist)
  • Gunda Niemann-Stirnemann ((born 1966) nee - Kleemann; legendary German speed skater, three-time Olympic champion, 8-time world champion in the classic all-around, 11-time world champion at separate distances, 8-time European champion in the classic all-around)

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