The Meaning Of The Name Agatha

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The Meaning Of The Name Agatha
The Meaning Of The Name Agatha

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Agatha
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Short form of the name Agatha. Agat, Agati, Agatka, Agha, Agi, Agoti, Agasha, Agusha, Gata, Gasha, Tatusya, Aggi, Aggi, Taggi, Gate, Agatella, Agatina, Tina, Agapitsa, Pitsa, Agatula, Agatitsa, Gapa.

Synonyms for the name Agatha. Agathia, Agafya, Agathea, Agapia, Agate, Agate, Agota, Agapi, Agati, Ageda, Agueda, Agapa, Gapka, Gata, Ogot.

The origin of the name Agatha. The name Agatha is Catholic, Greek.

The name Agatha comes from the Greek "agathos", which is translated as "good", "kind" in the sense of "good". The name Agatha is most often used in Europe; in Russia, a related version of the name Agatha, derived from the same root, was more common - Agafya, Agafia. Although in recent years the name Agatha has appeared among the names by which newborn girls in Russia began to be called.

It is also believed that the name Agatha is the feminine form of the male name Agathon, from which the name Agathia also originated. Since there is a variant of the origin of the name Agathon from the name of the semiprecious stone agate, it is quite possible that the name Agatha is the female form of the name Agat, Agathon, one of the variants of the pronunciation of the name Agathon. In ancient times, it was believed that agate is a stone of health, prosperity and longevity, therefore the meaning of the name Agate corresponds to the ideas of ancient people about well-being and health.

The name Agatha has related names - male Agap, Agapius, Agapit and female Agapia, which come from the Greek “agape” - “love”. The name Agathia (Agafya, Agatha) comes from the Greek "agate", "agafi" - "kind", "good". The slight difference in the pronunciation of the words brought them closer and closer together, since the original "agathos" was also pronounced in a different manner.

It is possible that the name Agatha and Agathia are identical, that is, it is one and the same name, only with a different pronunciation. And it is also possible that these are two related names formed from the same word, like the names Aksinya, Oksana and Xenia, or Ulyana and Julia, or Jeanne, Yana and Ioanna.

In different European countries, the name Agatha will sound differently, but in most countries the name Agatha is used. In Germany, Denmark, the girl will be called Agatha, in France - Agat, in Hungary - Agota, in Greece - Agapi, Agati, in Spain - Agapa, Agueda, in Ukraine - Agapia, Agafia, in Belarus - Agapa, Gapka, in the Czech Republic - Gata, in Norway - Ogot, Agate.

The diminutive forms of the name Agatha used in different European countries: Ag, Agat, Agati, Agatka, Agatochka, Agatti, Aga, Agi, Agoti, Agasha, Agusha, Agafa, Agafya, Agafi, Aggi, Aget, Gapa, Gata, Gasha, Tatusya, Aggi, Aggi, Taggi, Gate, Aguedita, Ga, Gatinya, Tinya, Tata, Agatinya, Agatella, Agatina, Tina, Tinuccia, Titina, Tinella, Agedeta, Agapitsa, Pitsa, Agatula, Agatitsa, Gaponka, Gapochka, Gapunya, Gapusya, Gapka, Gasya, Gasha, Gasunya, Gaska, Agaska, Agusya, Agusya, Gaska, Agunya, Agusya, Agus, Yaga, Yashka, Agichka, Gatka, Gatichka, Gati, Gatush, Gatushka, Agatye, Agye, Agun, Agt, Gatje, Gateke. Appeals Agat, Tina are also independent names.

In Orthodoxy, Saint Agathia of Sicily, Agatha of Sicily, a martyr who lived in the 3rd century, who died during the reign of the Roman emperor Decius, is especially revered. Among the Catholics, Saint Agathia is the patroness of Malta, the Italian cities of Palermo and Catania, as well as San Marino. Her prayers are credited with the ability to prevent the eruptions of Mount Etna. For the name Agatha, Catholic name days will be indicated, since the name Agatha is not used in Orthodoxy.

Agatha has not at all such a gentle character, as can be assumed based on the translation of her name. In fact, she is persistent and firm in desires, strongly strives for independence. The character of Agatha largely depends on the patronymic and time of birth, there are few common features among different Agates. One Agatha can be open to the world, observant and receptive, while the other is immersed in herself and indifferent to the world around her.

Most often, Agatha is very restrained, and she seeks to keep both joy and grief in herself. From the outside, it is almost impossible to determine what feelings possess her. The exception is Agatha, born in January. All her emotions are reflected on her face. True, often this is just a mask designed to hide the girl's indecision and doubts tormenting her.

Agatha is a talented speaker. Her speech is reasonable and never comes down to idle chatter. In her words, there is a call to the real case. This girl finds herself in the center of events, quickly becomes a leader, strives for action. Agatha's words are rarely at odds with deeds.

Agatha has a keen sense of justice. This helps her to skillfully manage finances. Agatha loves to prove to others that she is right and does it quite successfully. Despite the fact that Agatha often convinces only by the strength of her authority, friends and colleagues take all her words for truth. But Agatha can be wrong, but it is almost impossible to make her change her erroneous opinion.

A woman with this name is ambitious, she has a great desire for new knowledge and learning. She values comfort and order and requires it to be observed in the workplace and at home. Agatha knows how to use her time effectively, she is not one of those people who put everything off until tomorrow. It happens that Agatha incorrectly measures her desires and capabilities, but, nevertheless, always achieves her goal.

Agatha strictly follows all the norms accepted in society. She is a real dogmatist. Often she has a penchant for various rituals and ceremonies, which tires her loved ones a lot. Even a visit can turn into a whole ritual for Agatha's family.

All Agates are united by love for the hearth. Any girl with this name seeks to build a cozy family nest. True, the "February" Agatha has a lot of family troubles, the reason for which is the girl's intransigence.

Agatha is not easy to be friends with when it comes to a girl born in February. She is harsh and straightforward, unable to make concessions. Agatha prefers to receive guests herself than to visit someone.

When communicating with Agatha, it is worth remembering that she is characterized by demonstrative behavior. Therefore, it is better not to provoke it, but to use logical arguments. Only in this case there is a chance that she will accept your arguments.

Agatha's birthday

Agatha celebrates her name day on February 5, September 20.

Famous people named Agatha

  • Agatha Christie ((1890 - 1976) full name - Agatha Mary Clarissa Mallowan, née Miller, better known by the surname of her first husband as Agatha Christie; English writer. One of the most famous authors of detective prose in the world and is one of the most published writers throughout the history of mankind (after the Bible and Shakespeare). Christie has published more than 60 detective novels, 6 psychological novels (under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott or Westmacott) and 19 collections of stories. 16 of her plays were staged in London. Books by Agatha Christie have been published with a circulation of over 2 billion copies and translated into more than 100 languages. She also holds the record for the most theatrical performances of a work. Agatha Christie's play "The Mousetrap" was first staged in 1952 and is still shown continuously.)
  • Agata Turchinskaya (Turchinska) ((1903 - 1972) Ukrainian writer and poetess)
  • Agatha de La Fontaine (de La Fontaine) ((born 1972) French film actress)
  • Agatha Barbara ((1923 - 2002) Maltese statesman and politician, President of Malta (1982-1987). She was the first and to date the only woman president of Malta)
  • Agata Mruz-Olszewska ((1982 - 2008) Polish volleyball player)
  • Agata Rustica ((born 1948) Italian journalist and public figure)
  • Agatha Roca ((born 1968) Spanish actress)
  • Agatha (real name - Maria Fernanda Pereira de Sousa; Portuguese pop singer)
  • Agatha K. Sangma ((born 1980) Member of the Indian Parliament)
  • Kim An Gi Agatha or Agatha Kim ((1787 - 1839) saint of the Roman Catholic Church, martyr)
  • Lee So Sa Agatha or Agatha Lee ((1784 - 1839) saint of the Roman Catholic Church, martyr)
  • Agata Mruz-Olszewska ((1982 - 2008) Polish volleyball player, center blocker, player of the Polish national team. Winner of the gold medal at the European Championships (2003 and 2005).)
  • Agatha Lin Zhao ((1817 - 1858) saint of the Roman Catholic Church, martyr)
  • Agata Muceniece ((born 1989) after marriage - Priluchnaya; Russian actress and model. The most famous role - Daria Starkova in the television series "Closed School".)
  • Agata Budrina ((1927 - 1999) Russian art critic, local historian and museum worker, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation. Agata Grigorievna discovered in Kudymkar the archive of the Permian Komi artist-avant-garde PI Subbotin-Permyak. In 1981 On her initiative, a house-museum of the artist was opened in Kudymkar, and an anniversary exhibition of his works and a memorial evening were organized in Perm. Agata Budrina also discovered the archive of the artist V. A. Obolensky, took part in the creation of an art gallery in Tchaikovsky, provided methodological assistance in creation of an art department in the Solikamsk Museum of Local Lore.)
  • Agatha Bakker-Gröndal ((1847 - 1907) Norwegian pianist and composer. Since 1875 - member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music.)
  • Ogot Didriksen ((1874 - 1968) Norwegian actress)
  • Ogot Valle ((born 1945) Norwegian politician)
  • Agda Holst ((1886 - 1976) Swedish artist)
  • Ageda Dicancro (Uruguayan sculptor)
  • Agota Krishtof ((born 1935) Swiss writer of Hungarian descent)