The Meaning Of The Name Aglaya

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The Meaning Of The Name Aglaya
The Meaning Of The Name Aglaya

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Aglaya

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Aglaya
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The short form of the name Aglaya. Agha, Glasha, Aglasha, Aglanya, Agulya, Gulya, Agi, Aglaika, Aglaitsa.

Synonyms for the name Aglaya. Aglae, Egla, Egle, Aglaida.

The origin of the name Aglaya. The name Aglaya is Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Aglaya is of Greek origin. This name was borne by the youngest, the third charita in the mythology of Ancient Greece. The name of the daughter of Zeus literally means "clear", also translated as "beauty", "shine". In a figurative sense, the name of this charita was interpreted as "jubilation" and "joy". In the future, the meaning of the name Aglaya was somewhat transformed, and such translations as "graceful", "lovely" appeared. All these meanings emphasized the features of the ancient Greek charita of Aglaya.

In Italy, the name Aglaya will sound like Egle, Egla, in France - Aglae. This name can often be found among the Slavic peoples, although it is not considered a widespread name.

From the name of Aglaya, the derivative name Aglaida appeared. Affectionate address Aga is also used for the names Agniya and Augustus, and Glasha is also Lukerya and Glafira. There is a rare male name Aglai, which was formed from a female name, and which is not used among Catholics. For the name Aglaya, Orthodox name days will be indicated.

The owner of the name Aglaya is quite an emotional person, but she can easily conduct a conversation even with strangers if she feels that the environment is comfortable for her and does not create interference and confusion. In general, Aglaya prefers not to take the first steps for rapprochement and contacts, but her curiosity can move the girl, forcing her to take completely rash steps at times.

Aglaya stands out from the crowd due to her originality, eccentricity, which in childhood looks more like a child's whim or a desire to emphasize her importance. But in adulthood, this can manifest itself as an inferiority complex, especially in cases where her non-standardness will greatly distinguish her from others and cannot be perceived by them as the originality of Aglaya as a person.

Aglaya has a talent for languages and arts. But given the difficulty of communicating with this girl, those around her may perceive her as an absent-minded introvert, although Aglaya does not avoid communication in general, she needs a favorable environment for this, so it is simply impossible to have a heart-to-heart conversation with Aglaya while running in the rain.

Aglaya loves conversations and exchange of ideas, and also seeks to express herself in various ways - she tries her artistic abilities, oral creativity (writes poetry, prose), sings and dances. For her, such activities are equivalent to breathing. Curiosity is both her strong and weak side. It is precisely this that can push Aglaya to new steps, open new spaces, help to achieve success, but the same curiosity will not allow her to stop at a certain moment, which can lead to collapse in the end.

Her emotional life is rarely simple because Aglaya never shows her deepest feelings, even when she really wants to share them. This girl prefers to keep everything secret, forcing people to guess, so she risks being disappointed and disappointing to people around her, and deep down she will feel misunderstood.

Some of the best professions in which Aglaya can realize herself are creative professions - dancer, artist, actress, poetess, writer. But her excellent self-expression skills can also open up professions in the field of public relations and sales for Aglaya.

Aglaya's birthday

Aglaya celebrates her name day on January 1, April 4.

Famous people named Aglaya

  • Aglaya Shilovskaya ((born 1993) Russian actress, winner of the 2010 Natalia Gundareva Prize for Best Actress in the film … in the style of JAZZ)
  • Louise Aglaya Massard ((1827-1887) French pianist, music teacher)
  • Aglaya Morcheva ((born 1972) Bulgarian illustrator and animator, also an actress)
  • Aglaya Pope ((1904-1984) Greek artist, held several solo exhibitions, participated in the Venice Biennale of 1934 and 1936. Some of her paintings are in the Municipal Gallery of Corfu and private collections.)
  • Egla Harji ((born 1992) Albanian representative at the Miss World 2008 pageant)
  • Egle Shpokaite ((born 1971) Lithuanian ballerina, was prima for over 10 years at the Lithuanian Opera and Ballet Theater, choreographer and head of her own ballet school)

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