The Meaning Of The Name Agapius

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The Meaning Of The Name Agapius
The Meaning Of The Name Agapius

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Agapius
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The short form of the name Agapia. Agapitka, Agapka, Gapa, Aga, Agania, Ganya, Agasha, Gasha, Gaponka, Gapochka, Gapulya, Gapunya, Gapusya, Gapka, Gasya, Gashunya, Gashka.

Synonyms for the name Agapius. Agafya, Agapa, Gapka, Agatha.

The origin of the name Agapius. The name Agapia is Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Agapia is the feminine version of the male name Agapius, the version of this name Agapit is more often used. This name comes from the Greek "agape", which means "love", therefore the name Agapia can be translated as "beloved."

In Greek, "agape" (sometimes also "agape", "agapi") means one of the four types of love. Four ancient Greek words - eros, filia, storge, agape - are all "love". The ancient Greeks with this word denoted love for one's neighbor, sacrificial, gentle, selfless. It arises not as love for a beloved (beloved person), but as a manifestation of love for a person as a whole.

Also, the name Agapia is considered the folk form of the female name Agafya (Agafia), which is more often used in Russia. In Ukraine and Belarus, the form of the name is in greater use - Agapa, Gapka, less often Agatha. The name Agatha is used mainly in European countries.

The female name Agapia has related female names Agatha and Agafya, as well as the male names Agathon (Agafonik, Agapon, Gapon) and Agap. The names Agapia and Agafya are considered related, since they are very similar in hearing and pronunciation, but also independent names, since they are formed from different Greek words. The semantic analogue is the Slavic name Love.

In Russian, the diminutive forms of the name Agapia are used: Agapitka, Agapka, Gapa, Aga, Aganya, Ganya, Agasha, Gasha, Gaponka, Gapochka, Gapulya, Gapunya, Gapusya, Gapka, Gasya, Gashunya, Gashka.

Among the Orthodox, the martyr Agapia of Aquileia is revered, and among the Catholics there are several martyrs with the name Agapia. The Orthodox name days of Agapia are April 29, the rest of the dates indicated are the Catholic name days of Agapia.

Little Agapia is a very affectionate girl, she will do everything to please her parents. Agapia is very emotional, highly sensitive and receptive. She takes to heart any even insignificant bad news, most worries about her family and loved ones.

Agapia tries to be very active, dynamic, independent, striving to do the most important things, to get a lot of responsibilities. She seeks to bring harmony and peace to the world around her, she is ready to sacrifice everything, to make all the necessary efforts to realize this goal.

She, with her appearance, encourages everyone around, emphasizes the importance and need for harmony. Agapia knows how to organize perfectly, she would make a great diplomat, but because of her impulsiveness and emotionality, the owner of this name makes a lot of mistakes.

In family life, Agapia maintains coziness, comfort and realizes her understanding of harmony. Family harmony is fundamental to her, and disagreements can be disastrous for the family. Agapia often sees the family in a very idealistic way, which in practice is difficult to implement, sometimes it requires the impossible. She is then tempted to run away from the constant stress. Agapia may be interested in art, dance, or music.

She will be able to gather all her will and courage into a fist, readily and energetically rush into battle, to solve complex problems. But she can give up because of fatigue, from the inability to prove obvious and important things to others. But if Agapia has undertaken obligations, then under no circumstances will they refuse to fulfill them. She will not be frightened by either the unknown or the difficulties, she will move towards achieving the desired goal.

Agapia is a perfectionist, demanding exactly the same amount from others as she does from herself. Order is very important to her. Agapia can even be proud of her successes, be ambitious and to some extent authoritarian.

Agapia constantly rushes between the desire for personal success and the ideal family. Her preoccupation with perfection makes any of these goals difficult to achieve. Therefore, it often happens that Agapia makes her choice of profession under the influence of her family, trying to please her parents. Therefore, her choice is not what she really wants, but in accordance with the wishes of the parents. Agapia prefers professions where she could realize her vision of harmony, could devote herself to people. These are medical professions, psychologists, professions that require precision or a sense of aesthetics.

Agapia's birthday

Agapia celebrates name day on January 25, February 15, April 3, April 29, December 28.

Famous people named Agapia

Agapia of Aquileia (Thessalonian or Illyrian) (holy Christian martyr of the 4th century, martyred with her sisters Irina and Chionia)

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