The Meaning Of The Name Aurora

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The Meaning Of The Name Aurora
The Meaning Of The Name Aurora

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Aurora

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Aurora

Short form of the name Aurora. Aurora, Ava, Ara, Rora.

Synonyms for the name Aurora. Aurora, Aoror.

The origin of the name Aurora. The name Aurora is Catholic.

The name Aurora in Latin means "dawn", "morning dawn". In Roman mythology, the name Aurora was the name of the goddess of the dawn. In Greek mythology, the goddess Eos corresponds to her. Usually she was depicted as a winged, often on a chariot drawn by winged or non-winged horses, in a red and yellow dress, sometimes with a solar disk over her head, with a halo or a crown of rays around her brow, or with a torch in her right hand, sometimes also with vessels (dew) in hand.

The name Aurora may sound differently in different countries. So in France I will call Aurora Aurora, in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Finland - Aurora. Diminutive forms of the name Aurora: Aurora, Ava, Ara, Rora. Semantic analogs for the name Aurora will be the names Zarina, Zarema, Zoryan and Zukhra. The short name Ava is also an independent name.

Aurora is especially shy and secretive, she is hypersensitive and emotional. For her, internal emotional peace is of paramount importance, therefore, on the part of her, she may often be considered overly cautious and even suspicious. She has a great imagination and wonderful and intuition, which is not always beneficial for her, because it makes a lot of nervousness and anxiety every day.

To protect herself from outsiders, Aurora can begin to withdraw into herself, think a lot before acting. In doing so, she will succeed in life, slowly but surely. Aurora does not like to attract attention, she feels uncomfortable if she is forced to speak in public or if she has a special attitude.

Aurora will learn to manage her emotions and feelings, but the owner of this name will change jobs quite often. From the outside, it will look like a desire to assert itself, to make the job perfect, but in fact it may turn out that Aurora seeks to hide her laziness and weakness, self-doubt. Aurora is very vulnerable, in order to motivate her, especially weighty arguments are needed, therefore, most often, this girl will choose a more calm, passive position.

As a girl, Aurora seeks to avoid companies, dreams a lot, she has her own inner world, into which she does not want to let anyone in. But this girl will always have friends, she will sincerely love them, thanks to them, she will learn to take responsibility and take care of her family and loved ones. For Aurora, love will be a real stimulus, without love it is very difficult for her to find her place in life.

Aurora will never advise you to do something mean, her advice is filled with inner harmony, a sincere desire to help. She is willing to give up her own desires for the happiness of others.

Aurora tries to find herself a place of work where she will be calm and stable (writer, artist, ecologist). She can also give preference to such professions that will be associated with communication or children, or related to nature, animals.

Aurora's birthday

Aurora does not celebrate a name day.

Famous people named Aurora

  • Aurora Karamzina ((1808 - 1902) full name - Eva Aurora Charlotte Shernval, from 1836 she bore the surname Demidova, from 1846 - Karamzina; Swedish aristocrat, public figure, maid of honor at the imperial court of Finland)
  • Aurora Demidova ((1873 - 1904) Russian aristocrat, granddaughter of Aurora Demidova-Karamzina, wife of the Serbian prince Arsen Karageorgievich, mother of Prince Pavel Karageorgievich, regent of Yugoslavia)
  • Countess Maria Aurora von Königsmark ((1662 - 1728) Swedish aristocrat of German origin, mistress of Augustus the Strong, mother of Moritz of Saxony, later abbess of the Abbey of Quedlinburg. Voltaire considered her, along with Catherine II, "the most famous woman of two centuries.")
  • Georges Sand, Aurora Dupin, Aurora Dupin ((1804 - 1876) pseudonym, real name - Amandine Aurora Lucille Dupin; French writer, great-great-granddaughter of Aurora Koenigsmarck and Augustus the Strong, Baroness Dudevant)
  • Aurora Nilsson ((1894 - 1972) Swedish writer)
  • Auror Clement ((born 1945) French film actress)
  • Aurora Sanseverino ((1667 - 1726) Italian aristocrat, poet)
  • Aurora Bautista ((born 1925) Spanish film actress)
  • Aurora Robles ((born 1980) Mexican supermodel)
  • Aurora Miranda ((1915 - 2005) Brazilian singer and film actress)
  • Aurora Clavel Gallardo ((born 1936) Mexican theater and film actress)
  • Aurora ((born 1973) pseudonym, real name - Irina Yudina; Russian TV presenter, actress, fashion model)
  • Auror Kuehne ((born 1985) famous French skier, participant of the Olympic Games in Vancouver. Universal, with equal success competes in sprint and distance races.)

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