The Meaning Of The Name Avdotya

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The Meaning Of The Name Avdotya
The Meaning Of The Name Avdotya

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Avdotya

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Avdotya

The short form of the name Avdotya. Avdonya, Avdotka, Avdotyushka, Avdokha, Avdosha, Avdul, Avdusya, Dusya, Dunya, Donya, Don, Dosha, Soul.

Synonyms for the name Avdotya. Ovdotya, Outi, Evdokia, Oute.

The origin of the name Avdotya. The name Avdotya is Russian, Ukrainian, Orthodox, Greek.

The name Avdotya is the folk form of the name Evdokia. Translated from Greek means "favor." In Ukraine and Belarus, you can often hear the variant - Yavdokha (Evdokha). Sometimes the name Avdotya is written and pronounced through "o" - Ovdotya. In Finland, this name was adapted to their language, and it began to sound like Outi (Oute).

For the name Avdotya, the name Evdokim is considered a paired male name. These name days are identical to those of the name Evdokia.

Description of the meaning of the name - see the name Evdokia.

Avdotya's birthday

Avdotya celebrates its name day on January 11, February 5, February 8, March 1, March 2, March 14, March 20, April 20, May 30, July 20, August 13, August 17, August 18, August 26, August 27, September 24, September 28, November 16, December 23.

Famous people named Avdotya

  • Evdokia (Avdotya) Meshcherskaya ((1774 - 1837) in monasticism - Evgenia, nee - Tyutcheva; abbess, founder of the Boris-Gleb Anosina convent)
  • Avdotya Plyushchikha, Avdotya Vesnovka, Avdotya Kaplyuzhnitsa, Avdotya Podmochi Threshold, Avdotya Whistler, Evdokia Plyushchikha (popular name for the day of memory of the Holy Martyr Evdokia, which the Orthodox Church celebrates on March 1/14)
  • Avdotya Strelnikova ((1739 -?) Was one of the first Russian ballet dancers. She was considered one of the best soloists of the Russian ballet, organized by Fusano and later Lande, whose student she was. Participated in the ballets Locatelli and Sacco (Orpheus and Eurydice, Foxal in London "," Apollo and Daphne "). Since 1748 she was in the service of the Imperial Theaters.)
  • Ouchi Alanko-Kahiluoto ((born 1966) Finnish politician)
  • Avdotya (Evdokia) Chernysheva ((1693 - 1747) nee - Rzhevskaya; general's wife, nicknamed "Avdotya boy-baba", given to her by Peter I; Countess, one of Peter the Great's mistresses, according to Vilboa, "by her erratic behavior had a harmful influence on the health of Peter "; mother of the Chernyshev brothers - prominent figures of the reign of Catherine II)
  • Avdotya Vorobyova ((1768 - 1836) nee - Volkova, in some sources - Yankovskaya; opera artist (soprano))
  • Avdotya Elagina ((1789 - 1877) nee - Yushkova, by first marriage - Kireevskaya; mother of I. V. and P. V. Kireevsky, mistress of the famous social and literary salon, translator)
  • Avdotya Glinka (Russian poet, prose writer, translator, wife of F. N. Glinka)
  • Evdokia or Avdotya Golitsyna ((1780 - 1850) nee - Izmailova, known by the nicknames "princesse Nocturne" ("night princess") and "princesse Minuit" ("princess of midnight"); princess, one of the most beautiful women of her time, mistress of literary salon. Until 1809 - the wife of Prince S. M. Golitsyn, the owner of the Kuzminki estate.)
  • Avdotya Mikhailova ((1746 - 1807] actress, artist of opera (soprano) and drama, one of the first Russian dramatic actresses in time; mother of actress E. V. Mikhailova)
  • Veronica Mavrikievna and Avdotya Nikitichna (comic pop duo of actors Vadim Tonkov and Boris Vladimirov, which existed in the USSR from 1971 to 1985)
  • Avdotya Panaeva ((1820 - 1893) Russian writer, memoirist)
  • Avdotya (Dunya) Smirnova ((born 1969) screenwriter, TV presenter, film director, author of numerous articles and essays)

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