The Meaning Of The Name August

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The Meaning Of The Name August
The Meaning Of The Name August

Video: The Meaning Of The Name August

Video: The Meaning Of The Name August

Short form of the name of Augustus. Ava, Aha, Gusta, Gusta, Gus, Gassi, Gutya, Goose.

Synonyms for the name Augustus. Augusta, Augusta, Agoshta, Aukusti, Augusta.

The origin of the name Augustus. The name of Augustus is Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Augustus is the feminine form of the male name Augustus, translated from Latin, meaning “majestic”, “sacred”. Derived from the Roman title of Emperor. The female name of Augustine is derived from the name Augustine, which is a cognate name for the male name August.

The name of Augustus was borne by many imperial and royal persons of Europe. In Europe, the name Augusta has various pronunciation options - Augusta, Augusta, Agoshta, Aukusti. Diminutive-caressing reference Aga is also used for the names Agatha, Agafya, Agnia, Agnes, Aglaya, Agapia. And Av's address is for the names of Avelin (Evelina), Aurelius, Aurora, Claudius and the male names Abel, Claudius, Savva, Octavian and others. Also, the name Ava is a completely independent name.

This name is mentioned in both Orthodox and Catholic calendars. The dates of the Orthodox name days of Augusta are January 8 and December 7, the rest of the dates indicated are Catholic name days.

August's girl is quite contradictory, her mood is changeable. Active, very independent, definitely courageous, can show domineering in an attempt to hide and protect her high sensitivity and vulnerability. Possessing high fragility, she can withdraw into herself when life becomes too difficult or painful for her, it is difficult to call her patient, so she simply cannot wait for the right moment.

Augusta can be shy, narcissistic and even a little selfish, but she is always accompanied by pride and arrogance. However, if she ever needs you, you can rest assured that you can count on August, no matter what. She has an analytical mind, she is able to think over her actions many moves ahead.

The owner of this name is a mixture of altruism and egoism, strength and fragility, team spirit and individuality, this is an unusual personality that cannot be given an unambiguous assessment, cannot be judged by first glance. She is able to take an active part in voluntary and humanitarian activities, and, at the same time, also be concerned about her own material well-being.

Augusta can sometimes be generous, receptive and really concerned about the troubles and problems of other people, then suddenly she becomes far from these problems, irritable, angry and possibly aggressive. That is why, as a child, it is important for her to take part in group games, activities, because this will allow her to develop a sense of solidarity and give her the opportunity to learn what independence and responsibility are at the same time. Probably, the girl will prefer to play with her toys rather than playing sports, since she does not particularly like physical exercises, but the spirit of adventure, risk is in her blood.

The personal, professional and, above all, the material aspects of success are very important to her, she is sensitive to everything that represents quality, beauty and wealth. In matters of the heart, Augusta is frank, honest and to the point - even domineering, but she is also a loving, loyal and affectionate girl. Her partner must be vigilant, having lost Augusta's trust, he will lose the love and admiration of his beloved.

August prefers to pursue a career in those areas that bring her tangible material benefits. She could take a leadership position, work in government agencies, because this will help her gain the necessary experience and find more profitable professions and positions, which is very attractive for her. Other possible career options include careers in finance, management, technology innovation, as well as in overseas travel, education, media, or medicine careers.

Birthday Augusta

Augusta celebrates its name day on January 8th, March 27th, December 7th.

Famous people named August

  • Augusta Maria Louise Catherine of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach ((1811-1890) German Empress and Queen of Prussia, was the wife of Wilhelm I. Thanks to her charitable work, her mind and taste fell in love not only with the people, but also with the royal court..)
  • Augusta Caroline Sophia Reiss-Ebersdorf ((1757-1831) after marriage - Duchess of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld; Countess from the Reiss clan of the younger line. She was the grandmother of many crowned persons (Queen Victoria, Fernand II of Portugal, Empress Charlotte II of Mexico), Leopolis, her son became the first king of Belgium.)
  • Augusta Cotlow ((1878-1954) American pianist, performer-prodigy, at the age of 10 already performed in Chicago, her work made a great impression on Harry Truman, President of the United States)
  • Augusta Miklashevskaya ((1891-1977) Soviet actress of drama theaters, received the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR in 1945. She was dedicated to the cycle of SA Yesenin "Hooligan's Love".)
  • Augusta Pchelnikova ((1830-1891) pseudonym, real name - Augusta Zeidler, nee - Rykhlevskaya; Russian writer, children's writer, published in magazines. Her moralizing poem for children "The Caught Bird" became a children's song.)
  • Augusta Ada King, Ada Lovelace ((1815-1852) surname at birth - Byron; English aristocrat, Countess Lovelace, English mathematician. Considered the first programmer, because she described the algorithm for calculating Bernoulli's numbers on an analytical machine while the machine itself has not yet been built. It was she who introduced the program terms "working cell", "cycle", and the programming language Ada was named after her.)
  • Agusta Eva Erlensdottir ((born 1982) Icelandic actress and singer, awarded the Edda Award for her portrayal of the eccentric Sylvia Noett (Knight) as an actress on television)
  • Augusta Jane Evans ((1835-1909) married - Wilson; American novelist)
  • Augusta Webster ((1837-1894) English playwright, essayist and translator)
  • Augusta Thomas ((born 1964) American composer)
  • Augusta Bunge ((1879-1989) American, who in 1989, having reached the age of 110, became a great-great-great-great-grandmother)

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