The Meaning Of The Name Ava

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The Meaning Of The Name Ava
The Meaning Of The Name Ava

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Ava

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Ava

Synonyms for the name Ava. Eve, Eyva, Aava, Afa, Efa, Eva, Hawa, Avelin, Evelyn, Augusta, Augustine, Avia, Abner, Aurelia, Avreya, Aurora, Aviafa, Aventine.

The origin of the name Ava. Ava's name is German, English, Catholic.

The name Ava has various origins. According to the most modern version, this name can be considered American, but its use is also found in Europe. The name Ava appeared in the rankings of American female names in the late 20th century and was gaining popularity at lightning speed. So in 1998, the name, having made a sharp leap, rose from 618 to 350, and in 2005 it became the fifth in the list of popular American female names. For 2017, the name Ava is already in third place and is gaining more and more popularity among Americans.

The name Ava is popular not only in the USA: in Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, this name is in the top ten most popular female names. It is possible that the popularity of the name Ava is a fashion trend. For almost 50 years in the United States (from 1900 to 1945), the name occupied 418-842 places in the rating, by 1984, interest in this name was almost completely lost, it took a record 988 line of the rating. But suddenly in 1997 it reached the 618th position, and the next year it took 350. After 6 years, the name Ava was already in the top ten among female names.

There is a possibility that one of the factors of the growing popularity in English-speaking countries, and in particular in the United States, may have been the name of the daughter of the famous guitarist of the American rock band "Bon Jovi", who gave that name to his daughter, born in 1997. And another famous couple, actor Ryan Phillip and actress Reese Witherspoon, both starred in the 1999 film Cruel Intentions, and also named their daughter Ava, fueled interest in this name.

It is also possible that the revival of interest is associated with the name of another famous actress - Ava Gardner. It is with her personality that the surge of interest in the name Ava in the 50s of the twentieth century in the United States can be associated. Then this name rose to 376 lines, but it was also quickly forgotten by the early 70s.

The name Ava was known in the United States until the beginning of the 20th century. This name was carried in the famous American family of millionaires with the surname Astor. That was the name of the wife of John Jacob Astor IV, née Willing (a direct descendant of the famous participant in the US War of Independence, Benedict Arnold the Fifth), and they named their daughter Ava Alice Astor, who in the future became Princess Obolenskaya, by the same name. All owners of the name Ava were socialites.

The name Ava is originally of German origin. The name Ava is one of the modern recordings of German Awa, which has various recording options (Avo, Awa, Auwo, Ouwo, Ouvo, Owo, Ovo, Ova), which does not have an exact meaning, but there are a lot of pronunciation variations - Ava, Afa, Avo, Auvo, Ovo, Ovo, Ava. The element "aw / av-" was used in some German names in the 8th-9th centuries, for example, Avagisa, Avuldis, Awanpurc, Auwanildis, where it could mean "running water" or from the Gothic awō - "grandmother".

The name Ava was borne by a Catholic saint, daughter of Pepin II, king of Aquitaine in 838-852 (Aquitaine is a historical region in southwestern France). Ava's Catholic Name Day is April 29th.

It is possible that the name Ava became the basis for the Breton name Aveline, which later became the English name Evelyn. In this case, the name Ava has an identical meaning - "living", "vital force", "life".

It is also likely that the name Ava is one of the variations of the pronunciation and recording of the name Eva, or the old name was given a new meaning and interpretation (as in the USSR, some old names were given a “new”, revolutionary meaning - Iskra, Rada, Karina). The name Eva in some countries is pronounced as Efa, Eva, Hava, Ava (Eva, Hava).

In modern pronunciation, the name Ava can have variations - Ava, Aava, Ava, Afa. The pronunciation of the name like Ava sounded in the movie "Avatar" (2009), which was worn by the mother goddess, who embodies life on the whole planet.

Also, the name Ava can now be used as a diminutive appeal to many names - August, Augustine, Avia, Abner, Aurelius, Avreus, Aurora, Aviatha, Aventine. It is possible to use both as a short reference to male names - Abram, August, Avdey, Abel, Aurelian and others.

The owner of the name Ava is a pleasant and attractive woman who knows how to charm and wants to please, to be loved in return. Emotionally, she is a rather sensitive, responsive and attentive girl, ready to make a lot of efforts to maintain peace and harmony in her own world. Ava loves beauty not only from the sidelines, admiring works of art, but also tries to take care of her appearance, which usually turns out flawlessly - she surrounds herself with beauty, down to the most subtle details.

Hypersensitivity is one of the weakest aspects of her character, which, combined with her active imagination, can lead to emotional outbursts and manifestations of aggression. Ava expects her family to provide her with the safety and protection she needs for her emotional balance and well-being. She is a simple and sociable person who enjoys life, for her communication is one of the types of pleasure that is available to her, so she communicates with ease, charm, diplomacy and humor.

This girl has some fragility, shyness, addiction; at the same time, the latter pushes her to great and even tremendous achievements. Ava can try to achieve her own goals by developing her strengths such as patience, perfectionism and a certain determination, which manifests itself in a personal interest in achieving results. And this does not mean that everything will ultimately be smooth and successful. The second option is also possible - she may decide to take refuge in her inner world of dreams and imagination, where laziness and indecision will prevail. It is possible that Ava will find solace in the hands of her lover, thus compensating for the lack of her own ambitions.

As a child, Ava can be somewhat temperamental and excessive in her desires, although she usually shows shyness. The girl is very impressionable and dependent on the environment. We need to teach this girl responsibility and independence as early as possible. It is the parents who can help her feel safe by always telling her the truth and not embellishing the events. Care should be taken not to be overly protective of protectors, because this child knows how to soften the parents, and they may be tempted to indulge her every time, implementing her whims in order to avoid drama, tears or tantrums. This would be a huge mistake and would only contribute to the exacerbation of latent tendencies and its further infantilization. Ava requires a lot of love and affection. She can find othersmuch less healthy ways to get your parents' attention.

The owner of the name Ava loves to communicate, is always ready to cooperate. Love for Ava is a very important part of this woman's life, the most important emotional component. Family is the key to her life. There are two different possibilities: either she becomes an ideal housewife, an emotionally mature mother; or she really rejects motherhood and remains somewhat immature, relying too much on other people.

Since Ava is a very impressionable woman, her home environment can have a significant impact on her future. If she favorably affects her, then Ava can achieve outstanding professional achievements in the humanitarian field or in creativity. Otherwise, the owner of this name will be engaged in various consultations, most often related to childcare, medicine, health care and social services. Ecology, aesthetics, art (painting, acting, literature) and craft (embroidery, weaving, etc.) may interest her. Less often, but it is possible that areas requiring precision and accuracy may attract Ava (finance, management, logistics).

Ava's birthday

Ava celebrates her name day on April 29.

Famous people named Ava

  • Frau Ava ((c. 1060-1127) Austrian nun, religious poet)
  • Ava Kolker ((born 2006) is a young American actress and model. Known for her participation in the TV series "Riley Stories." She starred in the films "Scary Movie 5", "Kate McCall's New Attempt", "Miss Meadows", "Astral 4: The Last Key.”Won the 2016 Young Entertainer Awards for Best Actress (9 Years and Younger).)
  • Ava (Ava) Lavinia Gardner ((1922-1990) American actress, Hollywood star of the 40s and 50s of the twentieth century. Person from the list of the greatest movie stars in Hollywood history. Was nominated for an Oscar.)
  • Ava Fabian ((born 1962) American fashion model, also actress and restaurateur)
  • Ava Marie Duvernay ((born 1972) is an American film director, screenwriter. She created her own studio, was a marketer in more than a hundred films. She also released documentaries.)
  • Hayley Karlin, aka Ava Lee ((born 1985) English singer (reggae))

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