The Meaning Of The Name Yaroslav (Yarik)

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The Meaning Of The Name Yaroslav (Yarik)
The Meaning Of The Name Yaroslav (Yarik)

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Yaroslav (Yarik)

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Yaroslav (Yarik)
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The short form of the name Yaroslav. Yarik, Slava, Slavik, Slavunya, Glory, Rosya, Yara, Yarda, Yarka, Yarek, Yarush, Slavek, Yarechek, Yarus, Yarko, Yarokh, Yarosh, Yash.

Synonyms for the name Yaroslav. Yarosh, Yarko, Yaslav.

The origin of the name Yaroslav. The name Yaroslav is Russian, Slavic, Orthodox.

The name Yaroslav is of Slavic origin. But there is no consensus on the interpretation of this name. The name Yaroslav means "bright", "strong", "glorious for his vitality." In pagan Russia, the concept of "yar" meant fertility, life-giving power. There is a version of the translation of the name Yaroslav, its constituents "yar" ("strong", "energetic", "hot") and "glory" ("glory"), as "possessing bright glory." In ancient Russia, Yaroslav could also be affectionately called Yarosh. This appeal has survived in modern times in the Czech Republic and Poland.

It is believed that the name Yaroslav came to us from the Norman language. The female form of the male name Yaroslav - Yaroslav.

Difficult stubborn character distinguishes Yaroslav among his peers. He manifests himself as an energetic, agile and naughty boy. During school years, teachers often complain about his behavior to parents. He is independent and does not at all like to follow the rules established by anyone.

In the team, Yaroslav always keeps himself courageously, steadfastly and never complains about the difficulties that arise. Even under severe pressure, his spirit can hardly be broken. Often it seems to others that Yaroslav simply has no weaknesses. He undoubtedly loves to receive compliments. In a team, such a person usually shows leadership qualities. He feels absolutely comfortable among his fellow bully. The teenager can be vain and not at all ashamed of it. From a young age one can feel authority in such a person. His opinion plays an important role in any company.

Ярослав никогда не ставит себя на один уровень со всеми. Обладатель этого имени эгоистичен и уверен, что он лучше других. В любой ситуации он способен выйти «сухим из воды». В этом немаловажную роль играют такие черты его сущности как умение быстро реагировать и при необходимости жестко действовать. Такие качества станут просто незаменимыми, если обладатель имени решит связать свою жизнь с предпринимательской деятельностью. Ярослав проявляет все усилия, чтобы его жизнь была на достойном уровне. Стоит отметить, что это у него получается очень неплохо. Он уверенно движется к своим целям, решая при этом любые сложные задачи. Такой человек всегда готов к новым свершениям, что делает ему громкую репутацию.

Among his comrades, Yaroslav always knows how to turn all attention to himself. By nature, he simply needs all eyes to be fixed on his personality. Despite all the outward severity, Yaroslav tries to work on himself and show kindness and tolerance.

The complex nature of such a person's character often prevents him from building real friendships. With him, not everyone will be able to find common interests or topics for conversation, so you should not impose your communication on him. It is better not to quarrel with Yaroslav, he can be quite vindictive and vindictive. Despite this, honesty and the ability to make fair decisions can always be noted in him.

Yaroslav is a sports man, he shows himself remarkably in oriental martial arts. He knows how to concentrate, show all his skills and win an undeniable victory.

As for family relationships, then only good things can be said about Yaroslav. He is always honest. The wife and children of such a person come first. Also, before making a choice in favor of his life partner, a man must understand that he is confident in her. Only in this case will the marriage be really strong, and family life will be happy.

For all the external sluggishness in Yaroslav's character, one can note tenacity and firmness in him. He is a rather secretive nature, rarely sharing his true thoughts with anyone. When communicating with the owner of this name, you should not take all his often ironic statements seriously. He is a friendlier person than he wants to appear.

Yaroslav's birthday

Yaroslav celebrates his name day on June 13, December 8.

Famous people named Yaroslav

  • Yaroslav the Wise ((c. 980 - 1054) Grand Duke of Kiev. Yaroslav Vladimirovich - the son of the baptist of Russia, Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich (from the Rurikovich clan) and the Polotsk princess Rogneda Rogvolodovna, father, grandfather and uncle of many rulers of Europe. At baptism he was named George. into the history of the "Russian Truth" compiled under Yaroslav, which became the first known set of laws in Russia.)
  • Jaroslav Hasek ((1883 - 1923) Czech satirist, playwright, feuilletonist, journalist, commissar of the Red Army. Author of about 1500 different stories, feuilletons and other works, of which his unfinished novel "The Adventures of the Brave Soldier Schweik" gained world fame.)
  • Yaroslav Geyrovsky ((1890 - 1967) Czech chemist, foreign member of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1966). Created polarography, designed (1925, together with the Japanese scientist M. Shikata) the first polarographer. Nobel Prize winner in chemistry (1959).)
  • Yaroslav Lebedinsky ((born 1960) French historian of Ukrainian origin. Specialist in the ancient military cultures of the steppes and the Caucasus, author of numerous publications on these topics. Also translated into French a number of books on the history of these regions. Since 1997, taught the history of Ukraine at the National Institute Oriental Languages and Civilizations (INALCO) in Paris. Co-author (together with Irina Dmitrishin) of the series of books "Ukrainian Presence".)
  • Yaroslav Iwashkevich, also known under the pseudonym Eleuter ((1894 - 1980) Polish writer, poet, playwright, translator, laureate of the International Lenin Prize "For Strengthening Peace Among Nations" (1970))
  • Yaroslav Smelyakov ((1912/1913 - 1972) Russian Soviet poet, critic, translator. Laureate of the USSR State Prize (1967).)
  • Yaroslav Golovanov ((1932 - 2003) Soviet and Russian journalist, writer and popularizer of science. Author of 20 books, more than 1200 newspaper and 160 magazine articles. Winner of two highest journalistic awards "Golden Pen." Honored Worker of Culture of the RSFSR (1982).)
  • Yaroslav Jan Pelikan ((1923 - 2006) American patrologist and historian of Christianity of Slavic origin, Lutheran pastor who converted to Orthodoxy)
  • Jaroslaw Kaczynski ((born 1949) Polish politician, Prime Minister of Poland (2006 - 2007). Twin brother of Polish President Lech Kaczynski, who died in 2010 in a plane crash in Smolensk.)
  • Jaroslav Dombrowski ((1836 - 1871) Polish and French revolutionary and military leader)
  • Jaroslav Yakshto ((born 1980) Lithuanian amateur boxer (ethnic Pole), medalist of the European Championship in 2004, multiple medalist of the International Boxing Championship among the military (CISM). Participant of the Olympic Games in 2004 and 2008.)
  • Yaroslav Baryshev ((born 1942) Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, laureate of the State Prize of the RSFSR named after K. S. Stanislavsky, People's Artist of Russia (1992))
  • Jaroslav Pekelsky ((1898 - 1978) Czech violinist, composer and music teacher. For more than three decades (1921-1955) second violin of the Ondřicek Quartet. Professor of the Prague Academy of Music (among his students, in particular, Vaclav Snitil and Boguslav Matoushek, noting in an interview Pekelsky's great professional and human influence on his formation).
  • Yaroslav Rakitskiy ((born 1989) Ukrainian footballer, defender. Became the champion of Ukraine in the seasons 2009/2010 and 2010/2011, the winner of the Ukrainian Cup in the 2010/2011 season and the owner of the Ukrainian Super Cup 2010. As a member of the youth national team of Ukraine U21 he participated in European Championship 2011 in Denmark.)
  • Jaroslav Shaitar ((1921 - 2003) Czech, formerly Czechoslovak chess player, leader of the Czechoslovak and international chess movement; grandmaster (1985) and international arbiter (1955). Member of the FIDE Presidium (since 1954), member of the FIDE Bureau (1970-1974), general Secretary of the Chess Federation of Czechoslovakia (since 1966). Chess journalist; editor of the chess departments of the newspaper "Mlada Fronta" (1945-1949 and 1951-1960) and the magazine "Cheskoslovenski Sport" (1968-1982). Engineer-economist.)
  • Yaroslav Rybakov ((born 1980) Russian high jump athlete, Honored Master of Sports of Russia. Three times silver medalist at the World Championships, World Indoor Champion 2006, World Champion 2009, bronze medalist at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing.)
  • Jaroslav Spacek ((born 1974) professional Czech hockey player. Role - defender.)
  • Yaroslav Osmomysl ((about 1135 - 1187) Prince of Galician (1153-1187), son of Vladimir Volodarevich. Mother (presumably) - Sophia of Hungary, daughter of King Kalman the Knizhnik (1070-1116).)
  • Yaroslav Ognev ((born 1969) Russian Internet producer, editor-in-chief of the Internet broadcasting of the Voice of Russia radio station)
  • Yaroslav-Frantisek-Julius Veshin (Czech and Bulgarian artist who lived and worked in Slovakia and Bulgaria. One of the founders of modern Bulgarian art of the XIX-XX centuries.)
  • Yaroslav Lopatinsky ((1906 - 1981) Soviet mathematician, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR (from 1965), Corresponding Member (from 1951))
  • Yaroslav Shved ((born 1949) director of the private agricultural enterprise "Mamaevskoe", Chernivtsi region, Hero of Ukraine)
  • Yaroslav Ternovsky ((born 1970) Russian public figure, politician, businessman)
  • Yaroslav Khabarov ((born 1989) Russian hockey player)
  • Yaroslav Khoma ((born 1974) former Ukrainian footballer, midfielder)
  • Yaroslav Borodin ((born 1986) sculptor, teacher of the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture I. S. Glazunov. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia.)
  • Jaroslav Grzhebik ((born 1948) Czech footballer and coach. Currently heads the youth team of his country.)
  • Jaroslav Plashil ((born 1982) Czech footballer, midfielder)
  • Jaroslav Gandlirzh ((1888 - 1942) Czechoslovak politician)
  • Yosef Jaroslav Kalina ((1816 - 1847) Czech poet of the national renaissance, naturalist, philosopher, translator and collector of folk literature. A collection of his poems was published in 1852, edited by Fr. Dukhi, who added a biography of the poet to this edition. at one time; a particularly strong impression was made by his ballad (1842). Many of Kalina's works have been translated into German.)
  • Jaroslav Irzhik ((1939 - 2011) Czechoslovak hockey player, right wing striker, one of the leaders of the national team of Czechoslovakia in the 60s of the XX century. Participant of nine world championships (1959, 1960, 1963-69), three Olympic tournaments (1960, 1964, 1968). For the national team of Czechoslovakia played 134 matches, scored 83 goals. In 1969 (with the permission of the Czechoslovak Hockey Union) became the second player from Europe (after the Swede Ulf Sterner) and the first hockey player from the "socialist camp" to play in the NHL. In May 2010 was included in the Czech Hockey Hall of Fame.)
  • Yaroslav Krestovsky ((1925 - 2003) Russian Soviet artist)
  • Yaroslav Galan ((1902 - 1949) Ukrainian Soviet writer and publicist)
  • Yaroslav Romanchuk ((born 1966) Belarusian politician)
  • Yaroslav Iwashkevich ((1894 - 1980) Polish writer and poet)
  • Yaroslav-Bohdan Rudnitsky ((1910 - 1995) Ukrainian Canadian linguist, lexicographer, specialist in etymology, folklorist, bibliographer, writer and publicist. One of the first Slavists of Canada, one of the founders of the theory of Canadian multiculturalism. Among his works are known "Etymological Dictionary of Ukrainian language "(1962-1982) and other works on linguistics.)
  • Jaroslav Nesvadba ((born 1982) Czech footballer, defender)
  • Jaroslav Panushka ((1872 - 1958) Czech artist - academician)
  • Jaroslav Netolichka ((born 1954) Czechoslovak football player, goalkeeper, Olympic champion in 1980)
  • Yaroslav Mogutin ((born 1974) contemporary Russian writer and artist. Author of seven books, won the Andrey Bely Prize. Professionally engaged in photography.)
  • Yaroslav Evdokimov ((born 1948) singer. Honored Artist of the Russian Federation and People's Artist of Belarus)
  • Jaroslav Drobny ((1921 - 2001) Czech athlete, one of the best hockey and tennis players in the world. In ice hockey - world champion in 1947, silver medalist of the 1948 Olympics in the national team of Czechoslovakia. Member of the IIHF Hall of Fame since 1997. In tennis - Three-time winner of the Grand Slam singles (under the flag of Egypt), champion of France in men's and mixed doubles in 1948 (under the flag of Czechoslovakia), the first racket of the world among amateurs. Member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame since 1983.)
  • Yaroslav Yaropolchich (Yaropolkovich) ((1070s - 1102/1103) Prince Beresteysky, the eldest son of the Vladimir-Volyn prince Yaropolk Izyaslavich)
  • Jaroslav Slavik ((born 1976) Slovak luge who played for the Slovak national team from 1990 to 2006. Participant of two Winter Olympic Games, winner of a bronze medal in the European Championship, multiple medalist of the national championship.)
  • Jaroslav Soukup ((born 1982) Czech biathlete. He started biathlon in 1999, member of the national team since 2004. Participant of four world championships and the Olympic Games in Vancouver.)
  • Jarkko Oikarinen ((born 1967) Finnish information technology scientist, programmer, best known for creating the IRC protocol and software for its implementation in 1988)
  • Jarkko Nieminen ((born 1981) is a Finnish professional tennis player. Winner of the 1999 US Open Junior Championship. Quarter-finalist of singles in three of the four Grand Slam tournaments.)

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