The Meaning Of The Name Yakov (Yasha)

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The Meaning Of The Name Yakov (Yasha)
The Meaning Of The Name Yakov (Yasha)

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Yakov (Yasha)

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Yakov (Yasha)
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The short form of the name Yakov. Yasha, Yanya, Yanik, Yasya, Yakovka, Yakunya, Yakuha, Yakusha, Yashata, Yashunya, Yashuta, Yashonya.

Synonyms for the name Yakov. Jacob, Jacob, Jakub, Jakobus, Hakob, Yakovos, Jakab, Yago, Jago.

The origin of the name Yakov. The name Yakov is Russian, Jewish, Orthodox, Catholic, Jewish.

The name Jacob (Jacob) is a biblical name, literally translated from Hebrew means "following on the heels." According to the Bible, Jacob was Esau's twin and was born after him, holding on to the heel of his older brother. Jacob is revered in all Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

In Western languages, two forms of the name Jacob are used (Jacobus and Jacomus), which gave related names. In England - James and Jacob, in Italy - Giacomo and Jacobbe. Yakub, Iago, Jacob, Jacob, Jacobo, Jacques, Jaime, Hakob - these are all analogues of the name Jacob. And from the corresponding male names, female variants of the name appeared - Jacqueline, Jacquez, Jacob, Jacob, Jacobin.

Among the Orthodox, the apostles James Zebedee (James the Elder) and James the Righteous are especially revered. For the name Jacob (Jacob), Orthodox name days will be indicated, Catholic name days can be found next to the name James.

Little Jacob grows up as a very restless child. Already in adulthood, Jacob's character can be called difficult, although this man has an extraordinary mind, calculating and knows how to foresee events. By his temperament, this is a pronounced choleric, he is cunning and has the gift of persuasion. It is practically impossible to convince him himself, he trusts only irrefutable arguments. But even if he admits you are right, he will not say so.

Winter representatives are distinguished by a particularly explosive and unbalanced character. Autumn Jacob is inclined to engage in entrepreneurship or commerce, as he shows cunning, prudence and puts money in the first place.

Summer men are distinguished by their cheerful disposition, responsiveness, kindness and energy. Despite their calmness and poise, they can also be pissed off. Spring Jacob is also cheerful, has a good sense of humor, pleasant to talk to and ambitious.

In choosing a profession, Jacob always trusts only his own decision and does not like to listen to other people's advice. He can quickly navigate in any situation and make the right choice. He always tries to choose a profession where he needs to react quickly in difficult situations, for example, he can become a politician, a pilot or an athlete. The main thing for him in his work is the lack of uniformity. He is very mobile and easily adapts to everything, in his assessments he is basically always objective and has good intuition. Such men are destined to do something important and significant.

On the career ladder, he moves unevenly, ups and downs await him. To achieve his goal, Jacob is ready for almost anything, sometimes he skillfully uses other people for this. At the same time, this is a rather principled person, he values friendship and camaraderie at work, does not tolerate betrayal and ugly actions. Jacob is always dedicated, but demands the same from others.

In family life, Jacob is unpredictable and can sometimes sow panic in the circle of his household. The reason for this lies in his need for strong feelings, and this is often a lot of trouble. One cannot help but love him, as he is a self-confident man, hospitable, attentive and tactful owner. Jacob cares and loves his family very much, she is the only resting place for him. This is a very intelligent man, so it is always interesting to be with him. Sometimes he can show despotism and stubbornness, which complicates communication with him.

In communication, Jacob can show excessive categoricality, which can at times go to extremes. He has a tendency to condemn people if their behavior does not coincide with his ideas about justice. He should remember that his opinion may not always be true. Jacob needs to develop restraint, kindness and the ability to forgive people for their weaknesses.

Yakov's birthday

Jacob celebrates his name day on January 10, January 14, January 17, January 26, February 4, February 11, March 12, March 17, April 3, April 6, April 12, April 13, April 17, April 19, April 21, April 23, April 24, April 28, May 4, May 13, May 18, May 27, June 4, June 5, June 12, June 26, July 7, July 13, July 29, August 22, August 25, August 25, 26 August, 29 August, 12 September, 28 September, 15 October, 17 October, 22 October, 23 October, 26 October, 3 November, 5 November, 13 November, 14 November, 24 November, 2 December, 5 December, 9 December, December 10, December 23, December 26.

Famous people named Jacob

  • James Zebedee, James the Elder ((d. 44) apostle of Jesus Christ, mentioned in the New Testament, elder brother of John the Theologian)
  • Jacob, "brother of the Lord", Jacob the Younger, Jacob the Righteous ((d. 62) one of the 70 apostles of Christ, the first bishop of Jerusalem)
  • Jacob (Jacob) I Scottish ((1394 - 1437) King of Scotland from the Stuart dynasty)
  • Jacob (Jacob) I English, Jacob (Jacob) VI Scottish, James I of England, James VI of Scotland ((1566 - 1625) King of England, Ireland and Scotland from the Stuart dynasty, son of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots)
  • Jacob (Jacob) II English, Jacob (Jacob) VII Scottish ((1633 - 1701) King of England, Ireland and Scotland from the Stuart dynasty)
  • James (Jacob) VI Scottish, he is also James I of England ((1566 - 1625) King of Scotland, James I was the first sovereign who ruled simultaneously both kingdoms of the British Isles; Great Britain as a single power did not legally exist then, England and Scotland were sovereign states that had a common monarch)
  • Jacob Bruce ((1669 - 1735) real name - James Bruce; Russian statesman and military leader of Scottish origin, associate of Peter I)
  • Yakov Bulgakov ((1743 - 1809) an outstanding Russian diplomat, whose activities on the eve and during the Second Turkish War of Catherine II contributed a lot to the acquisition of Crimea by Russia)
  • Yakov Polonsky ((1819 - 1898) Russian poet, prose writer)
  • Yakov Pavlov ((1917-1981) hero of the Battle of Stalingrad, Hero of the Soviet Union. Was the commander of a group of soldiers who defended a 4-storey residential building in the center of Stalingrad in the fall of 1942. This house was called "Pavlov's House." And the house itself and its defenders became The streets in his hometown Veliky Novgorod, Valdai and Yoshkar-Ola are named after Yakov Pavlov. In 1980, Yakov Pavlov was awarded the title of “Honorary Citizen of the Hero City of Volgograd.”)
  • Yakov Sverdlov ((1885 - 1919) Russian revolutionary, Bolshevik, chairman of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee)
  • Yakov Iskra-Ostryanin (Ostryanitsa) ((died 1641) hetman of the Zaporozhye unregistered Cossacks, one of the leaders of the peasant-Cossack uprising of 1638 in Ukraine (the so-called Ostryanin uprising))
  • Yakov Stepovoy ((1883 - 1921) real name - Yakimenko (Akimenko); Ukrainian composer)
  • Yakub Kolas ((1882 - 1956) Belarusian writer)
  • Jacob Borovichsky ((died 1540) of the Holy Russian Church, Borovitsky and Novgorod miracle worker, holy fool)
  • Iakov Blonnitsky ((1711 - 1774) Russian philologist)
  • Jacob (Jacob) Korobov (Novgorod mayor)
  • Yakov Seleznev (professional Russian hockey player, defender, world champion 2007 (junior team) bronze medalist world champion 2008 (youth team))
  • Yakov Potemkin ((1781 - 1831) Lieutenant General, Adjutant General)
  • Yakov Ananyin (the first Nizhny Novgorod provincial architect)
  • Yakov (Hakob) Manandyan ((1873 - 1952) Armenian historian, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Armenian SSR)
  • Yakov Segel ((1923 - 1995) Soviet actor, director and screenwriter)
  • Yakov Eshpai ((1890 - 1963) real name - Ishpaykin; Soviet and Russian composer, musicologist-folklorist, choirmaster and teacher)
  • Jacob Bernoulli ((1654 - 1705) Swiss mathematician)
  • Yakov Kukles ((1876 - 1943) Russian oboist and performer on the English horn, artist of the Bolshoi Theater and Persimfans Orchestra, Honored Artist of the RSFSR)
  • Yakov Gordin ((1853 - 1909) famous Jewish playwright; pseudonyms - Yakov Mikhailovich, Yan, Ivan Kolyuchiy)
  • Yakov Sinai (Soviet and American mathematician, full member of the RAS and RANS)
  • Yakov Kharon ((1914 - 1972) Soviet cinematographer, sound engineer, writer)
  • Jacob Gerd ((1799 - 1875) birth name - James Arthur Gird; organizer of the first school of mutual learning in Russia; founder of the so far known Russian dynasty of scientists with the surname Gerd)
  • Yakov Perelman ((1882 - 1942) Russian, Soviet scientist, popularizer of physics, mathematics and astronomy, one of the founders of the genre of popular science literature and the founder of entertaining science, author of the concept of "science fiction")
  • Yakov Khovansky ((1869 - 1915) mining engineer, actual state councilor, director of the Mining Department)
  • Hakob Dzhugaetsi (Armenian miniature painter of the late 16th early 17th century, the most prominent representative of the Julfa school of miniature)
  • Hakob Nazaretyan (Russian specialist in cultural anthropology and psychology of mass behavior, as well as the author of a number of publications on the theory of society development, the general theory of evolution and the so-called Big history - the history of mankind in the context of the history of the Earth and the Universe)
  • Hakob Megapart ((15th - 16th centuries) Armenian pioneer printer, had his own publishing mark; thanks to his activities, the Armenian language became the first language of book printing among the languages of the peoples of Asia and the CIS)
  • Hakob Hakobyan (Armenian poet)
  • Hakob Vardovyan ((1830 - 1898) pseudonym - Gully Hakob; Armenian and Turkish director, entrepreneur, actor, theatrical figure. Founder of the Turkish theater)
  • Yaakko (Yakov) Rugoev ((1918 - 1993) Soviet writer, poet and prose writer, People's Writer of Karelia)
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau ((1712 - 1778) French writer and philosopher)