The Meaning Of The Name Justus

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The Meaning Of The Name Justus
The Meaning Of The Name Justus

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Justus
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Short form of the name Justus. Yust, Yusta, Yustya, Yusa, Yusya, Yus.

Synonyms for the name Justus. Just, Justus, Just, Justo, Giusto, Yost, Justus, Justu, Justu.

The origin of the name Justus. The name Justus is Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Justus comes from the Roman personal or generic nickname "Iustus", which also sounded like "justus", which means "just". From the same cognomen came the related names - Justin (Justin, Ustin) and Ustinian (Justinian).

Do not forget that each of these names has European counterparts, which may sound very similar to the ear, but may be related to different names. So analogs of the name Justus will be the names Justus, Justus, Justus, Justo, Giusto. The name Eustace (sounding similar to Justus, but having a difference in spelling) is an analogue for the name Eustathius (Eustachy, Ostap).

Each of the names derived from this cognomen acquired female forms. The name Justus - Justin, Justinian, Justin, the name Justin - Ustinya, Justin, Justin, Justin, the name Ustinian - Justinian, Justinian.

The dates of the Orthodox name day of Justus are January 17, July 27, November 12. Catholic name days of Justus are the rest of the dates mentioned.

Justus gives the impression of a cold and aloof person. He surrounds himself with an aura of mystery, rarely opens up completely. It is difficult to understand this man, but it is worth remembering that a sensitive and shy nature is hidden behind the mask of coldness. Justus looks cynical because of his eternal concern for his personal safety.

It is very difficult to motivate Justus. Most often, he is lazy, prefers a carefree and quirky lifestyle. A man dreams a lot, from which his intuition and imagination develop significantly.

In fact, he has a rather controversial nature, which makes him manifest himself in different ways in front of other people. One day this is an intelligent and thoughtful boy, perhaps a little not yet mature, and on the other, Justus completely changes, becoming extremely nervous and unpredictable. Originality in Justus can reach marginality, lead to internal rebellion or aggression, and turn into a feeling of persecution. It will be much easier for this man to live if he turns to spirituality.

In childhood, Justus is difficult to understand. He is easily influenced by his mother and needs a balanced and loving environment. It would be very difficult for a boy to live away from parental care, this would make him hostile to the world around him.

Gaining the trust of Justus is not easy because he doubts everything. Among acquaintances, a man tries to be extraordinary. He is attracted by everything fashionable, new and avant-garde. Justus strives for change and adventure. Naturally, he is not immune to risks. Especially in the area of the senses.

Justus does not like simple relationships, he needs strong emotions. Inside an emotional person, this man rarely shows his feelings, especially when it comes to love. In addition, he does not seek to bind himself with relationships - freedom is too dear to him.

In life, Justus chooses his own original or new path. He abhors restrictions. Often he chooses professions that give maximum freedom or use new knowledge and technologies. He can choose the career of a programmer, advertising professional or sportsman.

Name days of Justus

Justus celebrates his name day on January 17, February 25, February 28, May 28, July 2, July 9, July 14, July 21, July 27, August 6, September 2, October 14, October 18, November 2, November 10, November 12, December 14.

Famous people named Justus

  • Justus van Gent, Jos van Wassenhove ((second half of the 15th century) Dutch artist, worked on the murals of the Cathedral of Saint Bavo (Ghent), Palazzo Ducale, painted a series of portraits "Famous People")
  • Justus Hermann Lipsius ((1834-1920) German philologist)
  • Justus Jonas ((1493-1555) German theologian)
  • Justus Dotzauer ((1783-1860) German cellist, played in the very first composition of the Gewandhaus Quartet, before his retirement was a member of the Dresden court orchestra. He is best known as a music teacher, author of collections of exercises. including chamber and symphonic compositions.)
  • Justus Dahinden ((born 1925) Swiss architect, also teacher, wrote several books on architecture)
  • Justus, Justus (Samaritan leader of the 484 uprising under the Byzantine emperor Zeno (474-491))
  • Justus Ferdinand Poggenberg ((1840-1893) American botanist, fern and seed plant. He became one of the founders of the New York Botanical Garden. He carefully studied the flora of Canada and the United States.)
  • Justus Möser ((1720-1794) German lawyer and historian, also publicist)
  • Justus von Liebig ((1803-1873) German chemist, founder of agrochemistry. Organic chemistry as a science owes its development to this scientist, he also made significant changes to the teaching system of this subject. Improvement of the apparatus for burning organic compounds, which was named after him - Liebig furnace, - one of his merits, he belongs to the study of almost all the most important organic acids, the discovery of the first carbon-containing bases that can be artificially prepared. Liebig discovered the law of the limiting factor - the well-known Liebig barrel. He was a good speaker.)
  • Justus ((died 293) Christian holy martyr from Trieste, revered as the patron saint of Trieste)
  • Justus van Egmont, Just d'Egmont ((1601-1674) Flemish portrait painter, was a pupil of Rubens and court painter in Paris. His works are in the Vienna Museum and the Schleissheim gallery.)
  • Just Géraldi ((1808-1869) French singer (bass), was a vocal teacher, wrote songs and romances)
  • Just Fontaine ((born 1933) French footballer)
  • Justo Villar ((born 1977) Paraguayan footballer, goalkeeper)
  • Justo Figuerola ((1771-1854) Peruvian politician, scientist)
  • Justo Gallego Martinez ((born 1925) is a Spaniard, building a cathedral dedicated to the Virgin of Pilar with his own efforts. The uniqueness of the building is that the plan of the cathedral is constantly revised by Martinez, for its erection, secondary raw materials are used, there is no crane, it is built on monetary and material donations, as well as at Justo Martinez's own funds.)
  • Justo Sierra Mendes ((1848-1912) Mexican politician, writer)
  • Justo Tejada ((born 1933) Spanish footballer, was a striker)
  • Giusto Fernando Tenducci, nicknamed Senesino ((1736-1790) Italian castrato singer, performed at the Royal Theater (London), toured. As a composer, he left behind two operas and instrumental works. He was a vocal teacher under W. A. Mozart.)
  • Giusto de Menabuoi, Giusto of Padua ((c. 1320-1391) Italian artist, his most famous works are the Last Judgment fresco (Church of the Abbey of Viboldon), paintings of the chapel and basilica in Padua)

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