The Meaning Of The Name Yuri (Yura)

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The Meaning Of The Name Yuri (Yura)
The Meaning Of The Name Yuri (Yura)

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Yuri (Yura)

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Yuri (Yura)
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The short form of the name is Yuri. Yura, Yurik, Yuranya, Yurasya, Yurakha, Yurasha, Yusha.

Synonyms for the name Yuri. Jiri, George, Yurieu, Georges, Jorgen, Jorn, Yori.

The origin of the name Yuri. The name Yuri is Russian, Slavic, Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Yuri is the Russian form of the Greek name Georgiy, meaning "farmer". And this version is traditional, basic. In this context, the name Yuri has many European analogues - these are all forms of the names Georgy and Egor, although they are all used independently and independently of each other.

According to the second version, the name Yuri is a Slavic name. According to one opinion, the name Yuri is related to the concept of "high place", therefore, it may have a translation "high" in the meaning of important, honorable - "highly respected". There is also an opinion that the name Yuri could have appeared from the verb "yurit", i.e. hurry, hurry, be agile, fast, playful. Therefore, in this case, the interpretation of the name Yuri can be much more. It is possible that after the appearance of Christianity in Russia, the Slavic pagan name was given a new life.

There is also a version that the name Yuri has Latin roots. This name comes from the Latin "jura", which means "to swear", "to take an oath", therefore the name is also interpreted as "faithful".

The European spelling of the name Yuri - Yuri - is also a Japanese and Korean female name. In Japan, this name means "lily" (identical to the female names Lilia and Liliana), in Korea, different variations are possible depending on the hieroglyph used.

Yuri as a child are very quiet boys. They are somewhat withdrawn, often living in their own world. They are very fond of calm, quiet activities - fishing, plant breeding, caring for animals, collecting. Yuri is focused, thoughtful and not quick to make decisions.

Yuri does not like to attract the attention of others, but people themselves are drawn to him, since the owner of this name is not devoid of charisma. People feel in him a strong, strong-willed personality.

His neatness, pedantry and natural beauty help him find loyal friends. In marriage, Yuri is faithful and loves children. But all the initiatives in family life, all innovations in Yuri's usual habitual lifestyle always come from his wife. This also applies to travel on vacation, and the purchase of a car or house, visiting or receiving guests. Yuri is a very homely owner, he loves comfort and order.

Yuri always chooses a very responsible profession for himself. Often Yuri become prominent politicians or stars of cinema, music and literature.

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Yuri's birthday

Yuri celebrates his name day on February 17.

Famous people named Yuri

  • Yuri Gagarin (cosmonaut)
  • Yuri Dolgoruky (Prince of Suzdal and Grand Duke of Kiev, son of Vladimir Monomakh)
  • Yuri Vsevolodovich (Grand Duke of Vladimir)
  • Yuri Levitan (All-Union radio announcer)
  • Yuri Grigorovich (ballet dancer, choreographer, teacher (born 1927))
  • Yuri Nikulin (circus performer, film actor (1921-1997))
  • Yuri Bashmet (outstanding Russian violist, conductor, People's Artist of the USSR)
  • Yuri Senkevich (traveler, doctor, TV presenter (born 1937))
  • Erjan Ramberg (Swedish theater and film actor)
  • Yrjö Lindegren ((1900 - 1952) Finnish architect)
  • Yuri Olesha (writer, author of the book "Three Fat Men" (1899-1960))
  • Yuri Vizbor (playwright)
  • Jorgen Mohr ((1640-1697) Danish mathematician)
  • Jorgen Leth ((born 1937) Danish poet and film director)
  • Yuri Lotman (literary critic, culturologist, historian (1922-1994))
  • Yuri Luzhkov (Russian politician, second mayor of Moscow (1992-2010), dean of the Faculty of Large Cities Management at the International University in Moscow)
  • Yuri Andropov (Soviet politician)
  • Yuri Antonov (Soviet and Russian singer)
  • Yuri Zhivago (protagonist of Boris Pasternak's novel Doctor Zhivago)
  • Yuri Bogatyrev (theater and film actor, People's Artist of the RSFSR)
  • Yuri Yakovlev (theater and film actor)
  • Yuri Timoshenko (pseudonym - Tarapunka; Soviet pop artist and film actor)
  • Yuri Roerich (scientist-orientalist)
  • Yuri German (writer, playwright, screenwriter)
  • Yuri Vizbor (bard, film actor, journalist, writer, screenwriter)
  • Yuri Katin-Yartsev (theater and film actor, teacher)
  • Yuri Solomin (theater and film actor, People's Artist of Russia)
  • Yuri Rytkheu (Chukchi Soviet writer)
  • Yuri Khoy, Yuri Klinskikh ((1964-2000) Soviet singer and musician, founded the Gaza Strip group, for which he wrote songs and music)
  • Jorn Utzon ((1918-2008) Danish architect, designer of the Sydney Opera House)
  • Jorgen Jonsson (Swedish ice hockey player)
  • Göran Högosta (Swedish ice hockey player)
  • Jyrki Seppä (Finnish hockey player)
  • Juri Jaakkola (Finnish public figure)
  • Jori Hulkkonen (Finnish DJ)
  • Matti Juryanya Joensuu (Finnish writer, author of detective novels)

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