The Meaning Of The Name Justinian

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The Meaning Of The Name Justinian
The Meaning Of The Name Justinian

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Justinian

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Justinian
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Short form of the name Justinian. Yustek, Yustya, Just, Tino, Tina.

Synonyms for the name Justinian. Justinian, Justinian, Justinian, Justinian, Giustinian.

The origin of the name Justinian. The name Justinian is Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Justinian has Latin roots, comes from the Roman cognomen, based on the Latin word "justus", meaning "fair." The cognomen itself literally translates as "belonging to Justin."

From this cognomen, the related male names Justin (Justin, Justin, Ustin) and Justus (Justin, Just) and their paired female names Justa (Justa) and Ustinya were formed. Paired female names for the name Justinian will be the names of Justinian, Justinian, Justinian, Justinian.

The dates of the Orthodox name day of Justinian are February 26, July 28 and November 27. The remaining dates indicated are the days of the memory of Justinian among the Catholics.

Justinian makes a lasting impression on those around him. He is prone to authoritarianism, has a direct and frank character. Justinian is very distrustful. He does not take anything for granted without sufficient evidence. At the same time, a man is curious, loves to take risks and gladly makes changes in his life.

In Justinian, it is as if there are two opposites. On the one hand, he seeks security and stability for himself, and on the other hand, in Justinian lives the desire to surpass himself, a constant desire for progress and change. The whole life of this man passes in the alternation of these two sides of his character. In an effort to feel novelty, to achieve something new, Justinian is able to make significant efforts and perseverance.

Money in the hands of this man alternates in the same way as desires. He can accumulate them for several months, then, unexpectedly for himself, to lower them in one day. Justinian appreciates his capabilities well, but lacks common sense. To assert himself, he works hard, although there are periods of inactivity. Justinian is inclined to believe that other people can do whatever he is able to do himself. This makes the man unnecessarily demanding of other people and leads to unnecessary conflicts.

In childhood, Justinian takes little regard with the authority of his parents, does not obey them. Often he is guided by a spirit of contradiction, but at the same time, the boy is quite worthy of trust, since he always remains sincere and straightforward.

Justinian is sociable, charming and open to new acquaintances. He attracts sympathy for his thoughtfulness, courage and belligerence. Justinian is a straightforward person and does not like either sentimentality or romance. Justinian is emotionally attached to his chosen one and is very jealous of her. In many ways, he is selfish and is sure that his wife must fulfill all his whims. He does not want to understand the complexities of a woman's soul, for this man life is simple.

Justinian is equally attracted to sports and scientific research. A tendency towards independence can provoke a quick professional start. Justinian is very ambitious and hungry for money. At the same time, he has entrepreneurial skills. Most often, the choice of a man falls on lucrative professions that give a certain power. He can choose a career in finance or banking, science or mining. Also, professional service in the army or in the police is attractive to him.

Name day of Justinian

Justinian celebrates his name day on February 26, July 16, July 28, August 23, November 27.

Famous people named Justinian

  • Justinian I, Justinian the Great ((483-565) full name - Flavius Peter Savvaty Justinian; Byzantine emperor since 527, ruled for almost 40 years. from the results of his reign was the creation of a code of laws, which came to be called the code of Justinian. Under him, the Cathedral of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople was rebuilt, which had previously been burned down, and is still admired by at least the Christian population of the planet.)
  • Justinian II Rinotmit (Rinotmet) ((669-711) Byzantine emperor, twice occupied the throne, became the last representative of the Heraclius dynasty)
  • Justinian, Saint Justinian, Justin, Stinan ((VI century) Welsh hermit, martyr)
  • Archbishop Justinian ((born 1961) in the world - Victor Ovchinnikov; is the Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as the Archbishop of Elista and Kalmyk)
  • Justiniano Posse ((1820-1865) Argentine politician)
  • Justiniano de Serpa ((1852-1923) Brazilian writer and politician)

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