The Meaning Of The Name Yunus

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The Meaning Of The Name Yunus
The Meaning Of The Name Yunus

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Synonyms for the name Yunus. Yunys, Yunus.

The origin of the name Yunus. The name Yunus is Muslim.

The name Yunus is a Muslim name, it is the name of one of the prophets. It corresponds to the Christian Old Testament prophet Jonah, translated from Hebrew means "dove". Depending on the place of use, the name can sound and be written in different ways: Yunis, Yunus. In European countries, the name Yunus corresponds to the name Jonas, Yonas, Jonas, Honas, Yonash.

Yunus never ceases to strive for the truth. He is a supporter of the ideals of equality and brotherhood, ready for self-sacrifice. However, guided by higher considerations, a man can go on very cruel acts.

Yunus's character clearly shows protest and inner strength. A man has a critical mind, capable of not perceiving everything. Although in the work of Yunus, diligence is not occupied, he does not tolerate useless work. At heart, this man is a generous person, capable of empathy. In his activities, he will always strive to rise to a qualitatively new level, but at the same time he should remember that there is something unattainable in life.

Yunus has common sense. In life, he wants to win a solid financial position. Usually this is a generous man, but in moments of irritation he can become overbearing and capricious. It is very important for Yunus to find his own path and his vocation. Moreover, he has every chance of achieving success in his plans, especially if a man learns to inspire confidence in himself.

It is highly likely that Yunus will become a high-ranking official or a prominent political figure. Also, fame to a man can bring his scientific and philosophical views, of course, if he chooses science and philosophy as his field of activity. In this case, the whole society will look forward to the fulfillment of his words. However, the desire to act and the ability to quickly change decisions, so characteristic of a man, sometimes hinder him in the successful implementation of planned affairs and adversely affect the conduct of a profitable business.

Yunus quickly realizes that honesty should come first, not ambition. Honest impulses of a man do not go to waste, and noble deeds help him achieve what he wants. Yunus is a creative person who prefers to create alone.

Optimism and cheerfulness are the basis of this man's life. He honorably performs the work entrusted to him, does not demand undeserved remuneration for this. At the same time, this is a rather smug person, sometimes putting on a mask of impassivity. Sometimes this feature makes others see Yunus as a hypocrite.

Yunus's birthday

Yunus does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Yunus

  • Yunus Emre ((1240-1321) Turkish poet, is considered the founder of Turkish versification, one of the first to use the spoken Turkic language in writing poetry)
  • Yunus Desheriev ((1918-2005) philologist, a recognized expert in the study of languages ​​in the Caucasus, a researcher who collected a colossal linguistic material of the Dagestan and Nakh groups of the Iberian-Caucasian languages. Author of numerous monographs, scientific works in this area.)
  • Yunus-bek Evkurov ((born 1963) Russian military and statesman, was the head of Ingushetia for four years, Hero of the Russian Federation (2000). Winner of numerous awards, including orders: Order of Alexander Nevsky, Imperial Military Order of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker I degree, Order of Courage and other medals and military awards.)
  • Yunus (Yunis) Bikbov ((1883-1942) leader of the Bashkir national movement, statesman of the Bashkir government in 1918-1919)
  • Yunus, Yunus bin Meta, Yunus (Islamic prophet sent to his people corresponds to the biblical prophet Jonah)
  • Yunus Khan, Yunus Khan ((1415 / 1416-1487) Supreme Khan of Mogolistan in the period 1468-1487)
  • Yunus Mirgaziyan ((born 1925) birth name - Mirgaziyan Zakirovich Yunusov; Tatar writer, publicist. He began to write professionally after retirement, before that he worked as a researcher in various ministries and maritime organizations, all the time went to sea. He is considered the first seascape in Tatar literature. From under his pen came out such works as "Zanzibar Behind Blue Clouds", "The Iron Elephant", the trilogy "Science of Wanderings", the stories "The Salty Wind" and "At Dawn across the Bosphorus", "The Fate of the Albatross" and many others. Winner of the State Prize of the Republic of Tatarstan named after G. Tukai.)

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