The Meaning Of The Name Edgar

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The Meaning Of The Name Edgar
The Meaning Of The Name Edgar

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Edgar
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Short form of the name Edgar. Ed, Eddie, Edo, Ned, Neddy, Edgardito, Degas, Dee.

Synonyms for the name Edgar. Edgardo, Eidgeir, Odger, Adger.

The origin of the name Edgar. The name Edgar is German, English, Catholic.

The name Edgar translated from the Old English name Eadgar, consisting of two parts "ead" (rich, happy) and "gar" (spear), means "rich warrior", "lucky warrior". There is a very rare female name used mainly in Italy - Edgard.

Catholics revered saints Edgard of Regensburg and Edgar the Peaceful (Peaceful) (942-975), King of England from the Wessex dynasty. For the name Edgar (Edgardo), Catholic name days will be indicated.

Edgar is a bright, versatile and very confident man. It is thanks to his excessive self-confidence that Edgar can get into an unpleasant story, but this will not prevent him from quickly finding a brilliant way out. Narcissism and some selfishness make Edgar splurge and try to be the subject of general attention.

Edgar is smart and intelligent. He has a talent for solving dozens of issues perfectly almost simultaneously. Curiosity and excellent memory allows Edgar to develop his opinion on many issues. In Edgar's character, objectivity coexists with subjectivity, and confidence with indecision.

A person named by this name has willpower sufficient for many, but for his extraordinary nature it turns out to be not enough. Sometimes Edgar's excessive excitability develops into nervousness, and then this person can become simply uncontrollable and unfair. Edgar is difficult to convince, especially since most often he is really right.

Edgar has excellent intuition, although he does not fully trust her. It happens that in the midst of work he is visited by doubts, but he is unlikely to show others. Edgar tries to rely on logic, he has an analytical and synthetic mindset. It is more expensive for yourself to enter into discussions with Edgar - most likely you will be buried under an avalanche of weighty arguments.

Edgar chooses his future profession carefully, in accordance with the choice they organize their studies, striving to achieve the chosen goal as quickly as possible. Edgar is best suited for leadership positions and professions as he is an excellent organizer.

Edgar is characterized by arrogance and straightforwardness, and this can interfere with his family happiness. People with this name rarely show affection. Kind feelings and tolerance for less intelligent people should be instilled in them from childhood.

Edgar is distinguished by high morality and impeccable behavior, which sometimes greatly annoys others. However, do not underestimate his loyalty in friendship and selflessness in relation to his comrades. Edgar seeks to satisfy his feelings, but at the same time does not lose control over them. A man with this name seeks to be in the spotlight, loves to receive guests. However, he does not always manage to find a middle ground between family and work and maintain a balance between tenderness and rigor. Edgar is somewhat out of touch with real life.

Edgar's birthday

Edgar celebrates his name day on June 8th.

Famous people named Edgar

  • Edgar the Peaceful ((943 - 975) King of England of the Wessex dynasty, reigning 959-975; saint of the Roman Catholic Church)
  • Edgar Allan Poe ((1809 - 1849) American writer, literary critic, editor, representative of American romanticism. He is best known for his "dark" stories. One of the first American writers who created his works in the form of short stories, he is considered the creator The genre of detective fiction in literature. His work contributed to the emergence of the genre of science fiction. In honor of him was created an award - the Edgar Allan Poe Prize (often the Edgar Prize), awarded annually by the Detective Writers of America Association.)
  • Edgard Zapashny ((born 1976) representative of the world famous circus dynasty Zapashny in the fourth generation)
  • Edgar-Germain-Hilaire de Ha or Edgar Degas ((1834 - 1917) French painter, one of the most prominent and original representatives of the impressionist movement)
  • Edgar Davids ((born 1973) Dutch footballer of Surinamese origin. Currently a free agent. He went to matches in special glasses, which he needs due to rare visual impairment (glaucoma).)
  • Edgar Etheling ((about 1051 - about 1126) the last representative of the Wessex royal dynasty, proclaimed (but not crowned) king of England during the Norman conquest of 1066. Later he actively participated in the Anglo-Saxon resistance to William the Conqueror, but was forced to submit and abandon his claims to the English throne.)
  • Edgar Rice Burroughs ((1875 - 1950) one of the most popular American writers of the era of pulp magazines; had a significant influence on the development of the genres of science fiction and fantasy in the 20th century)
  • Edgar Snow ((1905 - 1972) American journalist, famous for his books on China)
  • Edgar de (von) Val (creator of the international artificial language occidental (interlingue))
  • Edgar Thorne ((1860 - 1908) pseudonym, real name - Edward Alexander McDowell (McDowell, McDowell) was an American pianist and composer of the Romantic period. Together with John Knowles Payne, Arthur Foote, George Chadwick, Amy Beach and Horatio Parker, he The Boston Six is a group of composers who have made significant contributions to the formation of American academic music.)
  • Edgar Faure ((1908 - 1988) French politician, and statesman)
  • Edgar Schann ((1919 - 1984) Swiss oboist, won the International Performers Competition in Geneva (1941, 1946). In 1957, in the town of Lutry, he founded a cycle of Bach Concertos entirely devoted to the work of Johann Sebastian Bach, and was the artistic director of this cycle until 1980 when, for health reasons, he was forced to hand over the project management to Arpad Gerets; among the most regular participants in this cycle were such notable musicians as Karl Richter and Aurel Nicolet.)
  • Edgar Wallace Richard Horatio ((1875 - 1932) English writer, playwright, screenwriter, journalist. Better known as Edgar Wallace. Author of 175 short stories, 24 plays and a huge number of articles in periodicals. Founder of the literary genre "thriller." more than 160 films.)
  • Edgar Bruno da Silva (Brazilian footballer)
  • Edgar Villamarin (Peruvian footballer)
  • Edgar Kahn ((born 1936) famous American lawyer, human rights lawyer, scientist, public figure and publicist, fighter against poverty and for minority rights in the United States)
  • Edgars Liepinsh ((1929 - 1995) Soviet and Latvian theater and film actor, pop performer)
  • Edgar Collet ((1897 - 1932) Belgian chess player, 6-time champion of the country. Contributed to chess theory, including the opening of the queen's pawns and the Chigorin defense. Chess player of the acute combination style.)
  • Edgar Zevor ((1842 - 1908) French writer, son of Charles Marie Zevor)
  • Edgar Quinet ((1803 - 1875) French historian)
  • Edgars Masalskis (Latvian hockey player, goalkeeper of the Ugra club (Khanty-Mansiysk) and the Latvian national team)
  • Edgar Polome ((1920 - 2000) Belgian linguist and religious scholar, who worked most of his life in the United States, a specialist in Indo-European languages, including the Proto-Indo-European problem, as well as the paganism of the Germans)
  • Edgar Stoebel ((1909 - 2001) real name - Rene Teboul Yeshua; French artist)
  • Edgar Shane ((born 1928) American psychologist of Swiss origin, theorist and practitioner of management, founder of the scientific direction "Organizational Psychology", author of works on organizational culture. His achievements were highly praised in 1988, when Shane was awarded the honorary title of Consultant of the Year by a joint decision of the American Psychological Association and the American Society for Learning and Development.)
  • Edgar Schmüd ((1899 - 1985) American aircraft designer of German origin; best known as the designer of the P-51 Mustang and F-86 Saber fighters for the US Air Force)
  • Edgar Manucharyan (Armenian footballer, playing as a forward, player of Yerevan "Pyunik" and the Armenian national team since 2004)
  • Edgar Hess (Soviet footballer, striker and midfielder, master of sports of the USSR, football coach)
  • Edgard Reyes (Honduran footballer, right midfielder)
  • Edgar Medina (Mexican professional boxer, serving in the first lightest (Light Flyweight) weight category; is the reigning WBC world champion)
  • Edgar Baghdasaryan (Armenian film director, actor, producer and screenwriter, director of the "Armenfilm" film studio)
  • Edgardo Mendez (Uruguayan-Mexican football referee, best known for serving the 1990 World Cup final)
  • Edgardo Mortara ((1851 - 1940) Catholic priest of Jewish origin. He became famous due to the fact that at the age of six he was taken from his parents by the police and raised as a Christian. The case of Mortara caused a wide public outcry.)
  • Edgar Eby ((1865-1941) Danish tug-of-war, 1900 Summer Olympics champion; won the gold medal after his team took first place, beating the French in the only meeting)
  • Edgars Gauračs (Latvian footballer)
  • Edgardo Obel ((1969 - 2002) nicknamed - Russian; Argentine footballer, right-back. Estudiantes symbol of the 1990s.)
  • Edgaras Jankauskas (former Lithuanian footballer)
  • Edgardo Kozarinsky ((born 1939) Argentine writer, screenwriter, literary critic, film director)
  • Edgars Piksons (Latvian biathlete)
  • Edgardo Frodden ((1912 - 1996) Chilean politician, rector of the University of Concepcion (1969-1972), minister of education in the government of Salvador Allende)
  • Edgar Hilsenrath ((born 1926) German writer of Jewish origin, his most famous works are the novels "Night", "The Nazi and the Barber", "The Tale of the Last Thought" (known in Russian as "The Death Tale"). Awarded many prizes for his significant contribution to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide he was awarded the 2006 Presidential Prize of the Republic of Armenia.)
  • Edgar Olekhnovich (Belarusian footballer)
  • Edgar Longuet ((1879 - 1950) French physician and public figure, member of the French Resistance; grandson of Karl Marx)
  • Edgar H. Adams (American swimmer and diving, silver medalist at the 1904 Summer Olympics)
  • Edgar Bartenev (screenwriter, director, poet, prose writer; member of the Guild of Russian Filmmakers)
  • Edgar Vaalgamaa (Valgama), Edgar Volhansky ((1912 - 2003) translator and Livonian writer, clergyman; translated into Finnish the epic of Andrei Pumpur "Lacplesis", published in 1988 in Helsinki, also translated the Bible.)

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