The Meaning Of The Name Eusebio

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The Meaning Of The Name Eusebio
The Meaning Of The Name Eusebio

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Eusebio

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Eusebio
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Short form of the name Eusebio. Ezebi, Eusebito, Sebito, Chebo, Chebito, Euseb, Seb, Sebek, Seboushek.

Synonyms for the name Eusebio. Evsei, Eusebio, Eusebios, Eusebios, Eusebius, Eusebius, Ezheb, Ovsey, Avsey, Eusebius, Eusebio, Oisebius, Euseb, Ezeb, Eusebio.

The origin of the name Eusebio. The name Eusebio is Catholic.

The name Eusebio is the Italian version of the name Eusebios, which comes from the ancient Greek name Eusebios, which later came to sound like Eusebios. Translated means "pious".

There are European analogues of this name. In the Czech Republic - Eusebius, in Hungary - Ezheb, in the Ukraine - Ovsey, in Greece - Evsevios, Eusebius, in Serbia - Eusebius, in Germany - Eusebius, in France - Euseb, Ezeb, in Italy the name can also be pronounced like Eusepio. There is a female version of the name - Eusebius, Oisebia.

In the Orthodox and Catholic calendars, the name Eusebius is mentioned, from which all analogues of the name originated. For the name Eusebio, the Catholic name days of Eusebius will be indicated, the Orthodox name days will be indicated in the description of the name Eusebius.

Description of the meaning of the name - see the name Evsey.

Eusebio's birthday

Eusebio celebrates his name day on March 5, April 24, April 28, June 21, August 1, August 12, August 14, August 17, August 25, September 8, September 21, September 26, October 4, October 22, November 5, December 2, December 15, December 16.

Famous people named Eusebio

  • Eusebiu da Silva Ferreira, also simply Eusebiu, Eusebio ((1942-2014) great Portuguese footballer, striker role. Became the very first great footballer born in Africa. His list includes a large number of awards and victories in various championships, also included in the top ten the greatest footballers of the twentieth century according to IFFIIS and World Soccer.)
  • Eusebiu Oscar Shade ((born 1932) Brazilian cardinal)
  • Eusebiusz (Eusebius) Slovak ((1772 / 1773-1814) Polish poet and playwright (historical themes), translator of ancient authors)
  • Eusebiusz "Ebi" Smolyarek ((born 1981) Polish footballer, striker, was a player of the Polish national team. From 2005 to 2007 he became the best footballer of the year in Poland.)
  • Pierre Augustin Ezeb Giraud de Saint-Fargeau ((1799-1855) French geographer, bibliographer, compiled gazetteers and guidebooks)
  • Count Eusebi Guell y Basigalupi ((1846-1918) Catalan industrialist, philanthropist and politician. Supported the endeavors of the famous architect Antoni Gaudi, whose works were included in the UNESCO list.)
  • Ezeb Renaudot ((1646-1720) French theologian and orientalist)
  • Eusebio Ramon Tejera ((1922-2002) former Uruguayan footballer, defender of the Uruguayan national team, became world champion in 1950)
  • Eusebio Sacristan Mena ((born 1964) former Spanish footballer, midfielder and current coach. Opened a football school in Valladolid for children 6-12 years old. Repeated winner of UEFA cups, Spanish Super Cup and Spanish champion.)
  • Eusebio Caceres (Spanish track and field athlete specializing in long jump)
  • Eusebio Francesco Cini, Eusebio Francisco Quino ((1645-1711) Italian missionary, became one of the first explorers of the Southwest of the modern territories of the USA and Mexico, where he founded more than 20 settlements and cities. Was a monk of the Jesuit Order, actively converted Indians to Christianity. he received the royal cosmographer for mapping a huge area, which became known as New Spain, and he also proved that California is a peninsula. The memory of Eusebio Kino remained in the name of the Mexican wine variety and in the form of a statue on the Capitol building in the United States.)
  • Eusebi Arnau and Muscourt ((1863-1933) Spanish and Catalan sculptor, took part in the construction of many iconic buildings in Spain (the Palace of Catalan Music, Casa Leio Morera, Hospital San Pablo, etc.). His work has been awarded various awards and prizes.)
  • Eusebio Alfredo Acasuso Colan ((born 1952) former Peruvian footballer, role - goalkeeper. Multiple medalist and winner of the American, Peru and Bolivian championships.)
  • Eusebio di Francesco ((born 1969) Italian footballer)

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