The Meaning Of The Name Hercule

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The Meaning Of The Name Hercule
The Meaning Of The Name Hercule

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Hercule
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Synonyms for the name Hercule. Heracles, Iraklis, Ercole, Eraklio, Irakli, Hercules, Hercules, Heracles, Heracles, Herculan, Herculane, Heraclius, Heraclius.

The origin of the name Hercule. The name Hercule is Catholic.

The name Hercule is a French name, an analogue of the name Heraclius, which also sounds like Hercules, Iraklis, Ercole and Eraklio. This name has Greek roots, literally translated as "the glory of Hera." In Poland, this name is pronounced as Hercules (Hercules), Heracles (Heracles), and the names were derived from Herculan (Herculan) and Heraclius (Heraclius).

For the name Hercule, Catholic name days are indicated, Orthodox name days - see the name Irakli.

Hercule is a lovable guy who genuinely cares about other people and believes that love is all that matters. He is usually a pleasant, cheerful young man who wants to be helpful to others. He has a rather nervous character, he is overwhelmed by anxiety at any instability or non-standard, unusual in his life. Even the slightest "not as usual" is cause for concern. He is impressionable, imaginative, vulnerable to the harsh realities of life.

Hercule wants to be loved and loves to charm very much. He does not like to abandon the decisions he has made, he may become confused under circumstances when he does not know how to behave.

As a child, he is a very sensitive boy, with a great need for safety. This is important for his parents to know in order to be more attentive to his needs, to correctly set certain limits and boundaries, prohibitions and permissions. He needs affection and attention, otherwise it may well lead to a chaotic and unstable existence of the boy. It would be very good to encourage him to participate in various activities outside the home and family, for example, in sports clubs, which will allow him to develop his sense of solidarity.

This young man has great imagination and loves adventure, but Hercule nonetheless values order and stability highly, no doubt because safety is important to him. He loves nature and all living things, which prompts him to participate in groups and associations that share the same ideals.

In matters of the heart, he is sentimental and romantic, however, Hercule has trouble expressing his feelings due to his rather shy nature and the fact that he does not talk about his affection and can hide his true feelings. Therefore, he remains secretive and rather mysterious, to the point that he often complains that he was not understood. He is aware of his vulnerability and, as a rule, protects himself in order not to receive mental trauma.

The owner of this name has a big heart, so Hercule needs an activity that will make him feel useful to others. Therefore, he is more likely to be able to turn to the social, legal, medical profession. Or any profession related to government affairs, broadcasting, travel or sales.

Hercule's birthday

Hercule celebrates her name day on March 2, March 11, May 26, June 8, September 1, October 22.

Famous people named Hercule

  • Hercule de Rogan, Comte de Rochefort, Prince de Gemines ((1568-1654) English aristocrat, was the head of the Rogan family, the richest in Brittany, served as governor of Paris, ruled a number of other regions)
  • Hercule Florence ((1804-1879) French artist, painted from life and landscapes, also an inventor, spent most of his life in Brazil. A member of the Russian expedition to the mouth of the Amazon River, only 100 years later, already at that time, the Soviet authorities became interested in his drawings. He independently invented photography before patenting this novelty by Daguerre. The system for imitating birdsong, technology of printing on fabric are also his inventions.)
  • Hercule Savignen Cyrano de Bergerac ((1619-1655) French writer and poet, philosopher, became the prototype of the heroes of many works of other writers)
  • Osvaldo Hercules Garcia ((1908-1969) Peruvian statesman)
  • Hercules George Robert Robinson ((1824-1897) British colonial official, was the governor of various geographical areas (Fiji, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Ceylon, etc.))
  • Hercules Seghers ((c. 1589-c. 1638) Dutch painter, was also an engraver)
  • Ercole de Roberti ((c. 1450-1496) Italian artist, Michelangelo admired his talent)
  • Ercole Rabitti ((1921-2009) Italian footballer, later became coach)
  • Ercole Bottrigari ((1531-1612) Italian composer)
  • Ercole Ferrata ((1610-1686) Italian Baroque sculptor)
  • Domenico Ercole del Rio ((c. 1718-c. 1802) Italian chess player, author of a treatise on chess that influenced the passion for this kind of game in Italy)
  • Eraklio Zepeda ((born 1937) real name - Gerardo Unsueta Lorenzana; Mexican writer and politician)
  • Ercole Consalvi ((1757-1824) Italian cardinal (Roman curia), was a papal diplomat, adviser to Pope Pius VII, was twice Secretary of State of the Holy See)
  • Ercole Strozzi ((1473-1508) Renaissance Italian poet)
  • Ercole II d'Este ((1508-1559) Italian aristocrat, Duke of Ferrara, Modena and Reggio, continued his father's policy, a prominent philanthropist, patron of the arts)
  • Ercole I d'Este ((1431-1505) Italian nobleman, Duke of Modena, Ferrara and Reggio Emilia. Strengthened the power of Ferrara in Europe, was an expert in architecture and fine arts)
  • Ercole Dembovski ((1812-1881) Italian astronomer, was an amateur, built a private observatory, from where he made his observations, distinguished by accuracy and systematicity. A crater and an asteroid are named after the astronomer.)
  • Hercule Poirot (fictional literary character, invented by the famous English writer Agatha Christie. By occupation - a detective. Agatha Christie wrote 33 novels, 51 stories and one play about his investigations. Hero of numerous films, TV series, performances.)

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