The Meaning Of The Name Ermin

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The Meaning Of The Name Ermin
The Meaning Of The Name Ermin

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Ermin
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Synonyms for the name Ermin. Erminy, Erminio, Ermen, Armen, Armin.

The origin of the name Ermin. Hermin's name is German, Catholic.

The name Ermin has Germanic roots, comes from the ancient Germanic name Irmin - the name of the Germanic god of war. Translated means "strong", "holistic".

In European countries, the name Ermin sounds differently: Erminy, Erminio, Ermen, Armen, Armin. Female form - Irmina, Erminia, Ermina.

Description of the meaning of the name Ermin - see the name Armen or the name Herman.

Ermin's birthday

Ermin celebrates his name day on April 25th.

Famous people named Ermin

  • Armin Falk ((born 1968) German economist, one of the directors of the Institute for Labor Economics; Director of the Bonn Laboratory for Experimental Economics. Laureate of the Gossen Prize (2008).)
  • Armin Scholz (Schulz) ((born 1976) German professional bodybuilder)
  • Armin van Buuren ((born 1976) Dutch musician, DJ and music producer, playing in the trance style. DJ # 1 in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 according to DJ Mag. Host of his own radio show "A State of Trance "(Also denoted by the abbreviation ASOT), which is broadcast around the world, including on Radio Record in Russia. One of the founders of the largest electronic music record label" Armada Music ".)
  • Armin Fee ((born 1961) German football coach and former footballer)
  • Armin Meiwes ((born 1961) German murderer and cannibal, who in 2000 killed and ate Jurgen Brandes with his free consent. Convicted of life imprisonment.)
  • Armin Bacinovic ((born 1989) Slovenian footballer, defensive midfielder)
  • Armin Joseph Deutsch ((1918 −1969) American astronomer and science fiction writer)
  • Armin Müller-Stahl ((born 1930) German actor)
  • Armin Rosin ((born 1939) German trombone player. Rosin is one of the most notable contemporary trombone soloists. He made many recordings, including the Ballad of Frank Martin with an orchestra conducted by the author, and his 1973 disc of German trombone concerts of the era of romanticism became the first in history entirely dedicated to this instrument. More than forty modern compositions performed by Rosin were performed for the first time.)
  • Armin Scheiderbauer ((1924 - 2005) in Russian sources - Scheiderbauer; Austrian memoirist, World War II participant)
  • Ermin (saint, second abbot of the Lobb monastery (713 - 737). Saint Ermin was famous for wisdom and holiness, and also, according to legend, possessed the gift of prophecy.)
  • Erminio Masantonio ((1910 - 1956) Argentinian, former footballer, played as a striker. One of the top scorers in the history of Argentine football, in terms of total goals (256 goals) takes 3rd place in the history of the professional championship in Argentina and 92nd in the world.)
  • Erminio Rullo ((born 1984) Italian footballer, defender. Record holder for the number of won Italian youth championships - 3 titles.)
  • Erminio Americo de Brito, better known as Brito ((born 1914) former Brazilian footballer, center-back, Brazilian national team player)
  • Ermin Zec ((born 1988) Bosnian footballer, striker)
  • Erminio Costa ((1924 - 2009) a prominent neuroscientist who pioneered research on the role of serotonin in the brain, the effect of benzodiazepine anxiolytics on GABAergic neuronal activity, changes in the GABAergic system in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Herminio Costa's career in neurobiology lasted more than 60 years during this time he authored and co-authored over a thousand articles. Costa and colleagues investigated the possible epigenetic mechanisms of schizophrenia associated with a detectable decrease in reelin and GAD67 expression in the brains of patients posthumously.)

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