The Meaning Of The Name Emin

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The Meaning Of The Name Emin
The Meaning Of The Name Emin

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The short form of the name Emin. Em.

Synonyms for the name Emin. Evin, Ivin, Amin.

The origin of the name Emin. The name Emin is English, Muslim.

The name Emin has several versions of its origin. In Europe, this name is common in Ireland and comes from the Gaelic "eimh", meaning "fast." Another pronunciation and spelling of this name in the vastness of Great Britain is Evin and Ivin. According to another version, the name Emin has Arabic roots, can be pronounced like Amin, and translates as "reliable", "thorough", "true", "honest". Paired female name - Emina, Amina, Emine.

Little Emin gives almost no trouble to his parents. A cheerful, cheerful boy remains surprisingly calm and flexible. As a rule, Emin remains the same until adolescence.

Everything changes dramatically when Emin becomes a teenager. A calm, attentive boy turns into a real "head off" with unbridled energy and the ability to perform the most unexpected, and, at times, rash actions. The soul of the company, the king of parties, was the cheerleader - it's all about him. Having survived his youth, Emin becomes a calm and reasonable young man with very good business skills.

People named Emin often pursue careers in business - as owners, directors, marketing and sales specialists. They are very patient leaders, ready to endlessly tinker with a weak employee, trying to teach him to do better and better.

Emin's family life is going pretty well. In the role of a father, he enjoys spending time with his children, playing with pleasure even the most "children's games". Emin is happy to share the success of his children with the people around him.

Emin's birthday

Emin does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Emin

  • Emin Pasha ((1840 - 1892) real name - Eduard Schnitzer; German colonial leader, traveler and explorer of Africa)
  • Emin Rafael oglu Agayev ((born 1973) Azerbaijani footballer, former player of the Azerbaijani national team)
  • Emin Garibov ((born 1990) Russian gymnast)
  • Emin Rzagulu oglu Jafarkuliyev ((born 1990) Azerbaijani footballer)
  • Emin Mahir oglu Mustafayev (Azerbaijani footballer, player of the Azerbaijani youth team)
  • Emin Khachaturyan ((1930 - 2000) Soviet conductor and composer of Armenian origin, nephew of Aram Khachaturyan. People's Artist of the RSFSR (1975). Conducted by the Moscow Regional Symphony Orchestra (1957 - 1960), then the orchestra of the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR. In 1961 - 1979 he was the main conductor of the State Symphony Orchestra of Cinematography, has recorded music for many films. Since 1986 he directed the TV and Radio Orchestra of Armenia and the Yerevan Chamber Orchestra. Since 1991 Professor of the Department of Opera and Symphony Conducting at the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory. Among the students: conductors Tigran Sargsyan, Tigran Hakhnazyan and others. Has numerous stock records commissioned by the All-Union Committee of Radio and Television, published by the firm "Melodia" and others. Author of scientific works published by the publishing house "Soviet Composer".
  • Emin Sabitoglu ((1937 - 2000) real name - Emin Sabit oglu Mahmudov; Azerbaijani composer, author of many famous Azerbaijani songs and music for films, People's Artist of Azerbaijan)
  • Emin Fatullaev ((born 1977) a member of the Russian television project "Comedy Club" (from 2005 to 2006). Known simply as "Emin." He performed in the duet "Non-Russian size". One of the screenwriters of the film "A Very Russian Detective")
  • Emin Amiraslanov ((born 1982) Azerbaijani footballer, role - midfielder)
  • Emin Atabala oglu Imamaliyev ((born 1980) Azerbaijani footballer, midfielder)

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