The Meaning Of The Name Emil

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The Meaning Of The Name Emil
The Meaning Of The Name Emil

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Short form of the name Emil. Emilia, Mila, Ema, Elya, Emilchen, Em, Milou, Amelius, Amel, Millet.

Synonyms for the name Emil. Emilian, Emil, Emilien, Emiliano, Emilio, Emilian, Emilian, Emilian, Emelyan.

The origin of the name Emil. The name Emil is Catholic.

The name Emil (Emilius) comes from the Roman generic name Aemilius, which comes from the Latin word "aemulus" meaning "rival", "unyielding", "zealous, passionate." Also, the name is sometimes translated as "diligent". In Persian, the name Emil means “enemy”.

The name Emil corresponds to paired female names - Emilia and Emily. In Russian, the name Emil corresponds to the name Emelyan (Emilian), and the female name is Emilia.

Other forms of the name are common in Europe - Emil (England), Emilien (France), Emiliano, Emilio (Spain, Italy), Emilianu (Portugal), Emilian (Romania, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic), Emilian (Bulgaria). The name Emil itself was widely used in Europe, including Russia.

For the name Emil, Catholic name days will be indicated. Orthodox name days - see the name Emelyan.

With little Emil, usually neither parents nor teachers have problems. True, he is somewhat slow, and he treats his studies carelessly, although not without abilities. But the boy is calm, agreeable, neat. Musical abilities are early discovered in him, and if parents give them the right direction, their son can turn into a professional musician.

Born in winter, Emily has a very, very difficult personality. They are impulsive, one might say, even explosive. Although they try to restrain themselves in front of strangers, in moments of such "explosions" it is better to stay away from them, especially considering that many Emilies are endowed with remarkable physical strength. They are especially intemperate with their wives, with whom they are able to quarrel over trifles and reach a state of passion. At the same time, winter men are talented, have an analytical mindset, and show great abilities in the exact sciences. They are obligatory and true to their word themselves and can hardly bear being deceived. If this happens, they will forever lose confidence in the person.

Summer Emily is charming people. They are emotional, but their emotionality is somewhat different from that of the winter ones. Summer Emil is a bright person. He is very sociable, surrounded by friends, he needs an audience. Sensuality awakens early in him, nevertheless, he is more faithful to his wife than it might seem. Family men from such men turn out to be quite good, although their wives still should never lose their vigilance!

Loves freedom and independence, rarely listens to advice from outside. Autumn Emilies are used to drawing on their own experiences. They tend to try rather than ponder. They are very fond of adventure and travel, it is not their nature to sit still! They are gamblers and adventurers, the thirst for risk and excitement accompany their entire path in life. Emil's native element is bargaining, in any trade, few can compare with him. It is worth remembering that they do their best to avoid responsibility.

Emil's birthday

Emil celebrates his name day on May 22, May 28, December 6.

Famous people named Emil

  • Emile Zola ((1840 - 1902) French writer)
  • Emil Kio ((1894 - 1965) real name - Emil Girshfeld; Soviet illusionist)
  • Emilio Salgari ((1862 - 1911) Italian novelist, adventure novelist)
  • Emil from Lönneberg (literally Emil in Lönneberg; literary character invented by Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren. Emil Svensson is a "little tomboy and stubborn", funny, curious and resourceful five-year-old village boy who loves to be naughty. various comical alterations.)
  • Emily Lenz ((1804 - 1865) Russian physicist of German origin)
  • Emil Gilels ((1916 - 1985) Soviet pianist)
  • Emil the Meek ((1892 - 1963) real name - Emmanuel German; Russian Soviet satirist, poet)
  • Emil Fischer ((1852 - 1919) German chemist, Nobel laureate)
  • Emil von Sauer ((1862 - 1942) German pianist and composer)
  • Emile Verhaarn ((1855 - 1916) Belgian Symbolist poet)
  • Emilio Cavalieri ((1550 - 1602) Italian composer)
  • Emilio Sanchez ((born 1965) Spanish tennis player)
  • Emilio Vilarrubi, Emilie Vilarrubi ((1886 - 1980) Catalan classical guitarist and composer)
  • Emilio Garrastazo Medisi ((1905 - 1985) President of Brazil (1969 - 1974))
  • Emil Constantinescu ((born 1939) President of Romania (1996 - 2000))
  • Emil Škoda ((1839 - 1900) Czech engineer, founder of the Škoda engineering company (now Škoda Holding))
  • Emil Hass Christensen ((1903 - 1982) Danish film actor)
  • Emil Hegle Svendsen (Norwegian biathlete)
  • Emil Gudmundur Jonsson ((1902 - 1986) Prime Minister of Iceland (1958 - 1959))
  • Emile Bernard ((1868 - 1941) French neo-impressionist artist, one of the theorists of symbolism in art)
  • Emil (Emmanuel) Braginsky ((1921 - 1998) Soviet and Russian screenwriter, Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1976). Laureate of the USSR State Prize (1977))
  • Emil Gabrielyan ((1931 - 2010) Armenian medicine worker)
  • Emil Sutovsky (Israeli chess player, grandmaster (1996), European Champion (2001), also plays the sports version of "What? Where? When?")
  • Emil Golub ((1847 - 1902) Czech physician, explorer of South Africa)
  • Emil Pretorius ((1883 - 1973) German graphic artist, set designer, art critic, bibliophile, statesman)
  • Emile Ogier ((1820 - 1889) French playwright)
  • Emile Michel Cioran ((1911 - 1995) in French pronunciation - Sioran); Romanian and French thinker-essayist)
  • Emil Yanvarev ((1931 - 2005) Russian poet, member of the Writers' Union of Ukraine, honorary citizen of Nikolaev, laureate of the N. Ushakov prize)
  • Emil Paur ((1855 - 1932) Austrian conductor)
  • Emil Lederer ((1882 - 1939) Austrian and German economist)
  • Emil Lange ((1841 - 1926) German architect, son and student of L. Lange)
  • Emilian Adamyuk ((1839 - 1906) outstanding Russian ophthalmologist)
  • Emilian (Emilian) Dobrescu ((born 1933) Romanian economist and chess composer, full member of the Romanian Academy, author of many books and articles on economics)
  • Emilian (Emil) Karas (former Soviet and Moldovan footballer)

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