The Meaning Of The Name Edward (Edik)

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The Meaning Of The Name Edward (Edik)
The Meaning Of The Name Edward (Edik)

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Edward (Edik)

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Edward (Edik)

Short form of the name Edward. Eduardik, Ed, Eddie, Edik, Edya, Edunya, Edu, Du, Dado, Dino, Ted.

Synonyms for the name Edward. Edward, Edward, Ede, Eetu, Eyjard, Edard.

The origin of the name Edward. The name Edward is German, English, Catholic, Armenian.

The name Edward (or Edward) has ancient Germanic roots. In a literal sense, this name is based on the words "property-minded." Most often it is translated as "the guardian of wealth, prosperity, happiness", "the sacred guard." According to the version of the origin of the name from the Old English name Eadward, the name consists of two parts: "rich, happy" and "army".

Dino's affectionate treatment is also a name in its own right. Used for other names as well (Ricardino, Claudino, Leonard, Davidino, Ronald, Geraldino and many others).

Edward is undoubtedly a tough and confident man. Edik knows what he wants from life. He can adapt to difficult conditions, make quick decisions and find a way out of any situation. The quickness of his mind is aimed at achieving specific goals. You cannot captivate Edik with anything else.

Edward is stubborn, persistent and patient. If his parents managed to captivate their son with something, then, quite possibly, the boy will become a doc in this area. To achieve his goals, he will most often choose the easiest path. But if Edik has already taken up a career, then be sure that he will reach the very heights. And no matter what occupation he chooses - medicine, science, administration - he will be successful everywhere.

Edward is a pragmatist to the core. This is its advantage and disadvantage. He lacks sensuality in relationships, many consider him dry and cold in communication. Edward has a hard time convincing his friends that he is not using them, but is friends with them. Only by putting himself in the place of others, Edward is able to become less materialistic and more alive, more sensual and close to many.

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Edward's birthday

Edward celebrates his name day on January 5, March 15, October 13.

Famous people named Edward

  • Edward Boeing (aircraft designer)
  • Eduard Bagritsky (poet (1895-1934))
  • Edward Radzinsky (writer, historian, playwright (born 1936))
  • Edward Gibbon ((1737 - 1794) English historian)
  • Edward Jenner ((1749 - 1823) English physician who developed the smallpox vaccine)
  • Eddie Murphy (American film actor)
  • Eduard Uspensky (Russian children's writer)
  • Eduard Shevardnadze (Georgian politician (born 1928))
  • Edward Ellington (American jazz pianist, composer (1899-1974))
  • Edouard Manet (French artist)
  • Eduard Buchner (German chemical scientist, Nobel laureate)
  • Eduard von Hartmann ((1842 - 1906) German philosopher)
  • Edouard Manet ((1832 - 1883) French impressionist painter)
  • Eduardo De Filippo ((1900 - 1984) Italian theater actor, director, playwright)
  • Eduard Hanok (Belarusian songwriter)
  • Eduard Meyer (German ancient history specialist, Egyptologist and Orientalist)
  • Eduard Rüppel (German zoologist)
  • Edouard Claparede (Swiss psychologist, representative of functionalism)
  • Odoardo Tabakchi ((1836 - 1905) Italian sculptor)
  • Edoardo Sanguinetti (Italian writer and translator)
  • Eduard Vilde (Estonian writer (1865-1933))
  • Edvard Grieg (Norwegian composer, pianist, conductor (1843-1907))
  • Eduard Asadov (Soviet poet)
  • Eduard Artemiev (Soviet and Russian composer in the genre of electronic music, People's Artist of Russia)
  • Édouard Schure (French writer, philosopher and musicologist, author of novels, plays, historical, poetic and philosophical writings)
  • Ed Milliband (British politician)
  • Ned Kelly (full name - Edward Kelly, Australian bandit, who later became one of the heroes of Australian folklore (1854 - 1880))
  • Edo Ronchi (Italian politician)
  • Eduardo Chillida ((1924 - 2002) Spanish sculptor)
  • Eduardo Alves da Silva (Brazilian footballer)
  • Eetu Muinonen (Finnish footballer)

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