The Meaning Of The Name Shamil

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The Meaning Of The Name Shamil
The Meaning Of The Name Shamil

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Shamil
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Synonyms for the name Shamil. Shamuel, Shimon.

The origin of the name Shamil. The name Shamil is Tatar, Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Shamil has several versions of its origin. According to the most widespread version, the name Shamil of Arabic origin is translated as "all-embracing, all-embracing", meaning "having absorbed all the positive qualities." Among the Turkic peoples, this name will be translated as "legendary hero".

According to another version, the name Shamil is the form of the name Shamuel, used in Dagestan. In turn, the name Shamuel is a variant of the pronunciation of the Hebrew name Samuel, meaning "God heard." Or is it a variant from the Hebrew name Shimon (Simon, in Russian - Semyon), formed from an even more ancient name Samy, which has exactly the same meaning - "God heard." Under King Solomon and his son Rehoboam, the biblical prophet Samey (Shameya) lived, he kept records of the reign of Rehoboam.

Shamil manifests himself as an energetic and agile child. He is sociable and observant, asks a lot of questions. For the sake of achieving the goals set, he shows stubbornness and resourcefulness. As a child, a boy can often surprise others with extravagant acts and fearlessness. He can be rude towards people around him, but having managed to control himself, he can win respect in the team.

Such qualities as independence and stubbornness prevent the adult Shamil from making a military career. Holders of this name can be excellent explorers or pioneers.

Shamil, whose birthday is in winter, is characterized by such qualities as irritability and capriciousness. However, they are not vindictive. Born in spring, they are neat and independent. It is difficult to influence or impose your opinion on them.

Shamil's family life is developing happily. He loves his children, is a good educator and a wonderful father for them. Sometimes it becomes moderately strict with them.

Men with the name Shamil are often unsure of their abilities. They are often overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety and anxiety. They believe in omens. They try to avoid quarrels, they will not argue over trifles, they always try to get away from problems.

At the same time, in a team, at work or in the family, Shamil reveals himself from the strongest side. He is perfect for team action, patient. He needs to feel reliable support from the environment.

Shamil's birthday

Shamil does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Shamil

  • Shamil ((1797 - 1871) the leader of the Caucasian highlanders, recognized as an imam in 1834. He united the highlanders of Western Dagestan and Chechnya, and then Circassia into a theocratic state - the imamate - and until the conclusion of an armistice during the storming of Gunib in 1859, Prince Baryatinsky energetically fought against Russian power He was transported to Kaluga, and then to Kiev, and finally received permission, promised back on Gunib, to make the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, where he died.)
  • Shamil Tarpischev (tennis player, coach, figure of Soviet and Russian sports)
  • Shamil Dzhikayev ((1940 - 2011) Russian and Ossetian scientist, poet and public figure. Candidate of philological sciences, professor. People's poet of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania. Author of six poetry collections and three plays ("Outcast Angel", "Tsomak", " Sanaty Sem ").)
  • Shamil Khisamutdinov ((born 1950) Soviet wrestler of classical (Greco-Roman) style. Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1972). Honored Trainer of the USSR (1978). Olympic champion in the first welterweight (1972), world champion (1973, 1975), European champion (1973, 1974), bronze medalist of the European Championship (1976), USSR champion (1971 - 1974).)
  • Shamil Lakhiyalov (Russian and Azerbaijani footballer, forward)
  • Shamil Sabirov (Soviet amateur boxer, Olympic champion, European champion, USSR champion (1980, 1983), winner of the Spartakiad of the Peoples of the USSR in 1983. Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1980))
  • Shamil Asildarov (Russian footballer, forward)
  • Shamil Burziev ((1985 - 2010) Russian footballer, midfielder)
  • Shamil Isaev (former Soviet and Russian footballer, played midfielder and striker)
  • Shamil Valitov ((born 1955) Soviet and Russian economist, Doctor of Economics, Professor)
  • Shamil Abryarov ((born 1960) poet, writer, bard, publicist, translator)
  • Shamil (Shamil-Khazrat) Alyautdinov ((born 1974) imam-khatyb of the Moscow Memorial Mosque, Islamic theologian and preacher, author of numerous books on Islamic topics)
  • Shamil Zainalov ((born 1946) Russian statesman and politician)
  • Shamil Shagidullin ((1968 - 2011) Kazakh and Russian theater and film actor)
  • Shamil Karazhaev (Russian armwrestler, six-time world champion with right and left hands, multiple champion of Europe and Russia; Honored Master of Sports in armwrestling (1998))
  • Shamil Alyautdinov ((born 1974) is a Russian Islamic theologian, runs the Moscow Memorial Mosque. He has written many books and articles on Islamic topics, many of which have become bestsellers.)
  • Shamil Abdrashitov ((1921 - 1944) Hero of the Soviet Union, participant of the Great Patriotic War, lieutenant)
  • Shamil Aliev ((born 1943) academic and public figure of Dagestan and Russia in the second half of the 20th and early 21st centuries; one of the leading Russian developers of rocket weapons and space technologies)
  • Shamil Bariev (popular theater and film actor. Honored Artist of the TASSR (1986). Laureate of the Republican Prize named after M. Jalil (1988). Leading actor of the Tatar State Academic Theater named after G. Kamal, theater teacher, director, public figure.)
  • Shamil Khamatov (actor)
  • Shamil Basayev, Abdallah Shamil Abu-Idris ((1965 - 2006) member of terrorist organizations, active participant in the separatist movement in Chechnya)

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